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  1. As we got out of the car this afternoon to start searching for a nearby cache, my 7-year old grabbed his Geomate.jr and turned it on. Within about 30 seconds he was off following the arrow. I was still playing around with my iPhone App and looking at all the nice satellite images, compass direction, cache description, ect. when he yelled out that he had found it. It's simple, it's user friendly and it's a great value.




    You make me think of my kids. I take forever to do a text message and it takes them seconds. Talk about feeling all thumbs. Sometimes I feel that the fancier stuff doesn't alway make it better than the most simple things.

  2. Have fun with it even without the update kit! One does not need the latest and greatest and most expensive GPS to enjoy geocaching.


    Thanks. After reading through the first couple of pages of this thread I figured that I couldn't go wrong with this as my first purchase. And later if I decide to go more upscale then it would work perfect for the kids to still use.


    Have a great day. :D

  3. I am not sure if this question has been answered but I just bought a geomate from amazon to get started. Newbie here. I was wondering what version it will be. Will it have the database of stuff up to 4/09 or will it have stuff more recent on it. I was debating on spending the $$ on an update cord but didn't know if I would need it.


    Have a great day. :D

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