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  1. You make me think of my kids. I take forever to do a text message and it takes them seconds. Talk about feeling all thumbs. Sometimes I feel that the fancier stuff doesn't alway make it better than the most simple things.
  2. Thanks. After reading through the first couple of pages of this thread I figured that I couldn't go wrong with this as my first purchase. And later if I decide to go more upscale then it would work perfect for the kids to still use. Have a great day.
  3. I am not sure if this question has been answered but I just bought a geomate from amazon to get started. Newbie here. I was wondering what version it will be. Will it have the database of stuff up to 4/09 or will it have stuff more recent on it. I was debating on spending the $$ on an update cord but didn't know if I would need it. Have a great day.
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