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  1. Well, I might get there a bit easier than ghettomedic :-) /René
  2. And make sure you keep your bookmark-list private, unless you want to share the notes with all of us [] /René
  3. Thank you for the update. /René
  4. But it is only on the single log page, not on the full cache page: GC13D2T /René
  5. And if you are using field-notes this shouldn't be a concern as the date and time is taken from the field-notes file. It appears that I misread you post, I was just concerned that the second part of ZSteve's clarification would be impacted by this fix. ProsperoDK/René
  6. This is a known issue and we hope to have it corrected for the next release. Please don't do that. I believe this behavior have changed back and forth in other releases ending with the way it is now. Moun10Bike, could you look into the history of the way this works before changing it again. The logic behind it being if you log your caches from a multi-day trip then you only have to change the date once for each day of the trip that you found caches on. Otherwise you would have to change the date for each and every cache that you log. I prefer the way it is sticky now, it's probably handled by a cookie that times out in a mater of hours or only works in the current session. ProsperoDK/René
  7. That is a great improvement, I know of a lot (my self included when I made my first cache) that have been confused by this one when they created a cache but wasn't finished with the editing yet and thus hadn't checked the "This cache is active" checkbox. /René
  8. Mine is almost like this, but instead of the RAMmount GPSr cradle I have it combined with the Garmin GPSr cradle. That was after a recommendation from this forum. I have used that for 3+ years in 2 different cars and have been extremely satisfied with it. The whole setup is somewhat heavier that the Garmin setup, but I feel that it helps when you are on bumpy terrain as the GPSr is held more steady. Here's some pictures. /René
  9. I just realized that the version numbering that I gave where this took effect was in relation with a GPSmap 60 C(S)x not an eTrex Legend/Vista HCx. The correct version number for the HCx where this took effect is 2.40. /René
  10. Not necessarily, if you can live with them having the same icon you can probably have more, but if you want them to each have its own icon then you have the limit at 64 custom icons. /René
  11. I think that you have hit the limit on custom POI Bitmap that was added in Unit software 3.50 So when you just use one GPX-file all works fine, but if you use all your files (> 64 Custom bitmaps) then you see the problem. /René
  12. I posted this list in the Danish geocaching forum, and got some other good suggestions for addition to the list: 51. Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed 52. Down in a hole - Alice in Chains 53. Ain´t no mountain high enough - Andrew Strong 54. Day Tripper - The Beatles 55. Try walking in my shoes - Depeche Mode 56. Edge of the World - Faith no More 57. Good times, bad times - Led Zeppelin 58. Sitting on the dock of the bay - Otis Redding 59. Don´t give up - Peter Gabriel 60. Land of Confusion - Genesis 61. Against all odds - Phil Collins 62. High hopes - Pink Floyd 63. I find that I´m not there - Porcupine Tree 64. It´s a miracle - Roger Waters 65. It´s tricky - Run DMC/Beastie Boys 66. Message in a bottle - Sting 67. Too far gone - Tiamat ProsperoDK/René
  13. Thank you for that workaround. It was exactly that problem with a recurring membership through PayPal that was allowed to expire (due to a change of credit-card) that had happened to me. But thanks to a gift to myself, yay I'm on track again. /René
  14. On normal asphalted roads, none, on gravel or dirt roads it might vibrate just slightly, but because of the weight of the arm it doesn't intensify itself as if it hit a resonance frequency. The slight vibration is not enough to make it a problem seeing the display. ProsperoDK/René
  15. As with the others here I can only recommend the RAM-mount. I have this combo: A 3.25" twist-lock suction cup mount with an adaptor plate and the Garmin GPSr cradle which I had recommended to me here in the forums over the RAM-mount cradle. Which looks like this in the car: ProsperoDK/René
  16. Geocaching in Denmark is not organized in a formal association but there are several useful pages for the danish geocachers. The main danish geocaching page: http://www.geocaching.dk/ The danish geocaching forum: http://webfora.dk/geocaching Most danish geocachers speak English so you are welcome to ask and we will strive to help you Activity logs for the danish geocachers: http://www.gclogs.dk/ The online geocaching magazine for Denmark: http://www.geocacheren.dk/ The danish geocaching wiki: http://geowiki.wegge.dk/index.php Crumlins waypoint editor: http://www.crumlin.dk/wpe/ Crumlins geodetic calculator: http://www.gclogs.dk/calculator/index_da.html Guide to the calculator: http://www.gclogs.dk/calculator/brugsanvisning.htm In all the places where you register please use your geocaching.com nickname. Welcome to geocaching in Denmark ProsperoDK/René
  17. It's on the individual cache page, center large button just below the coordinates. Label on button says "GPX eXchange File". I just tested it's download and import into GSAK. Works just fine. Glens911 are probably using FireFox like me, where the large buttons are gone. Opening the page in IE (v.7 in this case) shows the buttons. /René
  18. Google Static Maps may be what you are looking for, however that only works with the road map, not the satellite images so may be of limited use in the forest or other non-urban area. /René
  19. After working with Jakob Vels and testing this cache now loads if you strip out all <table></table> <tr></tr> <td></td> tags. We are testing with the following cache: GCPE5R that is also using tables in the description. /René Edit: GCPE5R also works with the table tags stripped out.
  20. I think that it was mentioned in one of the threads about the new Colorado 400t that Topo 2008 was packaged differently on that units to get around the 2025 segment limit. /René
  21. I've been very happy with this RAM-mount combo: It's a combination of a RAM-mount Suction-cup mount and RAM-mounts Universal Adaptor plate for Garmin cradles and then the Garmin Automotive Mounting Bracket for the GPSmap 60 Series. The different parts are seen on this last picture: /René
  22. With regards to the ability to click on a POI on the screen by moving the cursor over it, that didn't get fixed on the 60C(S)x until after several iterations of firmware updates which step by step made POI's easier to use, but it did get fixed eventually so I think it's safe to assume that it will get fixed on the Colorado too. By the way, the 60C(S)x and other units have the ability to turn off some of the maps sets so the units doesn't spend time drawing maps that lies underneath other maps, you could turn off entire map sets or individual tiles, something like that might make the Colorado more responsive and perhaps faster to start. ProsperoDK/René
  23. 44 characters in the name and 88 characters in the desription. /René
  24. I haven't had that problem with my 60CSx, but what I do when I turn it on inside my apartment (on the ground floor of a 3 story brick building) is immediately when it gets to the satellite page is to press menu and then use with GPS of. ProsperoDK/René
  25. I think the easiest way would be to delete your Geocache Browser network link from "My Places" in Google Earth and then click on the Download Geocache Browser link on your account page again to install it in Google Earth. /René
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