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  1. Ready set, come on lets go ,two sets are ready to be sold!!!!
  2. Nice coinage, would like two sets. Thanks GeoTub
  3. Excellnet idea! I am trying to stop spending $$$ on GeoCoins, you are making my mission difficult. Count me in GeoTub
  4. Love the concept, I will take two screws please.
  5. GeoTub

    Bc Geocoin

    Can I get some coinage three(3) please?
  6. GeoTub


    Renegade Knight: Can you please go to the waypoint and read the description, and confrim my entry? Thanks GeoTub
  7. Hello: I wish to find cach GCKWX1. In the descrition it states " Using correct Numerology system for translating letters into numbers............. I don't know what this means. Please help Thanks In Advance GeoTub
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