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  1. Enter these characters "x1<y2>z3" into Personal Cache Note and click SAVE. The middle four characters disappear!!
  2. I access email via Chrome. Last week when I clicked "Download now"; Chromes downloaded the file but warned me it might be unsafe; I clicked "accept" and file was downloaded/available. After another Chrome update; now when I click the "Download now" link; I see a new tab open and close. When I ask Chrome to reopen last closed tab; I see its the PQ download page. This suggests that the PQ download page was accessed; yet no file was downloaded. Anyone else see the same behaviour? I know I can go to the PQ download page and manually download a file; but that's a LOT more clicks than just clicking link in email. How to fix this? Chrome Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  3. Steps to reproduce this BUG: a) Navigate to *ANY* bookmark list that contains caches that either you have found or you DNF'd or some of each. b) Sort by Distance by clicking the word "Distance" at top of column. c) Refresh page All caches now show "normal" icon; no smilies; no DNF's.
  4. I encountered this issue today with coordinates in message; read a prior post about periods in coordinates; reworded my message to avoid using coordinates and it was sent without issue.
  5. When I access this BM list; there are *MANY* caches that show the "ordinary" icon for mystery/unknown cache (without yellow smiley in corner) even though I have found many of them. https://www.geocaching.com/plan/lists/BM27MQ8 I sorted the list by distance and chose option to show 50 caches per page. The page reports that 19 caches have not yet been found; yet I have found all of them!
  6. Thanks Moun10Bike; it's on ignore list - sorry for the noise.
  7. This is weird...https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?origin=Ontario,+Canada&ot=1&g=69&kw=Week&owner[0]=carnigrewalSearch "Ontario" with filters owner="carnigrewal" and cache name contains "week".There should be 18 caches; but only 17 are listed. One cache is missing...GC8GGRX The GREWAL Day Of The Week Wading Challenge
  8. See attached screenshot. Total caches found appears three times; two of them (17888) are WRONG!! 17889 is correct. Check my statistics page to see calendar also reports 17889 find; which matches my personal counting system.
  9. Someone offline told me that a 3-digit code must be entered via app. What if I don’t have a smartphone?
  10. Level 1 = Detective Level 2 = Evidence Level 3 = Jewels Level 4 = 35 caches Are there more levels?
  11. Click "View Larger Map" centers on wrong location! For any geocache; enter some new coordinates. Click "View Larger Map". The map will center on posted coordinates; not corrected coordinates!
  12. After receiving notification that a cache had been archived; I visited the cache page and clicked "View Larger Map". The map page appears with the pop-up --- Sorry, we couldn’t find "GC6Q5VA". What a silly restriction!!
  13. The release notes (above) includes the following: Search the world – This removes all location constraints from your search. For example, “Show me all of the Webcam Caches worldwide.” This sounds like an interesting feature; but it does not seem to work. I tried a search for "Show me all of the Webcam Caches worldwide" and map zooms in on a traditional GC1ZR73 in Maine!
  14. Make some changes to a Pocket Query; when you click "Submit Information"; you see a page containing: Pocket Query Thanks! Your pocket query has been modified and currently results in 99 caches. You can preview the search here. There is a link in the green text; but it appears to be "normal" text when using Chrome. Unless you know it's there; you never see it.
  15. Edit the description for a BM List; or edit any cache in a BM list. When you save changes you see a page containing: Create New Bookmark List Thanks! Your bookmark has been changed. You can visit the Bookmark List to see your changes. or You have edited your bookmark list. You may visit your bookmark list page or make changes to the details for this list. There are one or two links in the green text (depending which edit you made); but they appear to be "normal" text when using Chrome. Unless you know there are links there; you never see them.
  16. How do I switch to Leaflet on new map?
  17. On the geocaching home page I enter "Ontario"; then select "Ontario, Canada regional search" from the drop-down list. I am presented with a map; On the left side, I click "Filters", then click "Deselect all types"; then enable "Events". Now what do I click to refresh the map? I think "Done" is a stupid name for button; since I have not yet found what I'm looking for and therefore not "Done". Anyway, I click "Done" and page says "No matching results". Surely there are some events in Ontario?
  18. My scoring and souvenirs are now PERFECT! Thanks for quick resolution to issues during this promotion.
  19. Sorry; max 15 points per find. I forget where I read this.
  20. Excellent! One issue is not yet resolved. I found 50 Mystery caches yesterday. Some where logged before issues were corrected. The scoring for all EXCEPT ONE have been fixed (GC78J4T); my first find of the day. This mystery is still reporting only 5 points. This is not a big deal for me because I have all 10 souvenirs; but it occurs to me that research into this issue might identify others still reporting incorrect scoring.
  21. Interesting. I logged 8 of 50 mystery caches found today (only 5 points each)> This gives me 40 points which should produce 4 souvenirs; but only 3 have been awarded.
  22. I'm in agreement with amineko! This issue IS NOT YET FIXED. I logged a MYSTERY a few moments ago; only got 5 points.
  23. Hi all, I have a friend that has only a casual interest in geocaching and is not a premium member. They find the constant nagging in this app to become a premium member makes the app unusable. My friend is using the classic app now; but apparently those days are numbered. Are there alternative apps for the iPhone out there; hopefully free?
  24. fbax

    Tequila: 81 Proof

    I have not read all messages in this thread in several years; but I vaguely recall that CO has a PQ file with original DT ratings. I can provide website space for sharing this file if CO is agreeable. If that does not happen; perhaps a public BOOKMARK could be created and shared? I don't have time this weekend; but might start something like that. Has anyone already made their own list of these caches. For myself; I still need 5 caches: 4.5/4.5 and 5.0/2.5 thru 5.0/4.0; I have no idea if the ones I have really qualify or not! Using cutoff date for Original USA,CA cache; add 2.5/4.5, 3.0/5.0 and 4.5/1.0 to the list. As for people watching this thread; I believe the default is to get email for each post if you posted message yourself. You need to come back and click "Stop watching topic" for this to stop.
  25. I first encountered this problem a few years ago; just noticed it still has never been fixed. Here are the steps to reproduce this issue: Log a "Found it" for a cache. Wait some period (not sure how long; perhaps a week or more). Realize that the FOUND was really a DNF and change your log entry. Access the map view for this cache; you will still see a smilie on the map. Wait another long period of time; smilie does not revert to "not found". I have a cache where original FIND was 2016-Jul-27; but still shows smilie on map-view.
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