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  1. i agree that the "new" app clearly isn't as accurate as the old app or any other GPS-related app i've used. this is either done on purpose or is a bug.
  2. so the fix just happened to coincide with a new version of the app being released. can you elaborate on what the issue was that stopped the app uploading a log with a photo attached?
  3. the release notes made no mention of fixing this bug. it mentioned fixing a different bug, so why are the release notes not mentioning this bug?
  4. when creating a found log with a photo attached, then log never gets sent. it gets stuck in the "unsent log" section, with a note saying it will send when there is a network connection. except even when there is a network connection (be it mobile or wifi) it never sends. the only way to get the app to send the log is to delete the photo from the phone camera roll. the log then sends. any logs that don't have photos attached send fine on both mobile or wifi connections. so clearly there is a bug when there is a photo attached to a log. this is reproducible every single time.
  5. you weren't able to hide and submit a cache with the old app either. submitting a new cache has never been possible on any mobile app. it's always been done via the website.
  6. well you better start teaching them about yards then, otherwise when they start driving on the motorways they will no idea what the 300/200/100 yards signage means.
  7. they can't (or won't) even get the screen to stay awake whilst navigating to a cache, so is anyone surprised that other "basic" features still aren't implemented? they are too busy adding "features" that no-one wants to be bothered with fundamental usability issues.
  8. this is a nonsense "soltuion" though, and i would not class this as a solution at all. GS are seriously telling us that if we want the change the units the app uses then we need to change the global phone settings. ludicrous. however, the geoaching app clearly doesn't have it right anyway, as my phone is set to UK, yet the geocaching app has decided that even though my region is set correctly then it will ignore that display kilometers and meters, which the UK does NOT use.
  9. bear i mind i pointed this flaw out back in 2015 when the app first launched, and a "standard" response. as a paying customer GS should respond to all issues regardless of how they are presented. also, this is not a "i think this app should do this because it's a good idea", it's a "this is an app that fails with of the basic requirements of a navigation app, and one that the previous app did". as a platform developer myself, i would have long since lost my job if my application failed to do basic task 18 months after initial launch.
  10. maybe you should re-read my post. i clearly said the app could say the cache is disabled, but still provide access to the listing. afterall, the website doesn't block you from looking at a disabled listing. i could just as easily right down the details and use a standard GPS and go find your disabled cache. stop trying to be obtuse. and at no point did i say a cache should be archived.
  11. lets not confuse disabled with archived. a cache is often still find-able even though the listing is disabled (for example when a CO forgets to re-enable it, or it has disabled because of some DNFs logs but it is actually still in place). all the app has to do is say the cache is disabled but still give access to it.
  12. from June 2015???? and they called it a "feature request" in that thread, when in fact i would call it a "bug". something an app should do but doesn't is a bug. especially when the app it replaced did it.
  13. i take it GS are simply going to ignore this then. not even the decency to respond!
  14. why not simply load them just like any other cache. the fact that it is disabled is no reason to not load it. for example, a cache could be disabled but someone still finds it. GS seems to be trying to find solutions for problems that don't exist, or for problems that have been obtusely created for some reason.
  15. i also have a Pixel and the app doesn't crash for me when using the navigate to location feature.
  16. the app doesn't store an map data, so any time you are using it is constantly pulling map data.
  17. so we still have a very basic feature/function missing from this "new" app. when navigating to a cache the app does not keep the screen awake, so you have to keep unlocking the device to see where you are in relation to the cache. this is a very basic function of what is essentially a navigation app. i mean, seriously, what sort of developers do you have that missed this?? even if the developers did miss it, who signed off any release of the app with this "feature" missing? oh, and while i'm at it.... you still haven't sorted the measurement units for the UK. the app forces km/m, when in the UK we use miles and feet.
  18. works fine for me. i used it yesterday and it worked as it should.
  19. the app doesn't need a network connection of any kind to load i just enabled airplane mode. then opened the app and it opened just fine.
  20. sounds like you need to disable the caching system then if it results in wrong results. how can a system be put in place that results in giving wrong co-ordinates for a game that solely relies on accurate co-ordinates!
  21. clustering - a feature that no one asked for, is forced upon us, and with no option for the end-user to disable it.
  22. "real geocachers".... I've heard it all now. I'm a premium member and also had the old paid app, and have never used a third party app. Does that qualify me to be a "real geocacher"? Just remember, everyone had zero finds at one point. The elitism from some people is quite amusing.
  23. But the same app is what paid geocachers also use. It's the same app. There is no "muggle" app.
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