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  1. Some people like the tough puzzles, others like the tough terrain, some like both. The tougher it is the fewer emails you’ll be getting.


    Definitely run it by Jeremy first though. He still personally reviews every new cache in his spare time.

  2. Sounds ok, just don’t be disappointed or surprised if few cachers participate. The game has devolved to a park-and-grab style of cache hunting, most people spend very little time at the cache site.

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb and possibly step on a few toes here.




    If anyone wanted that garbage they’d just go to the dollar store and buy it themselves. Really, I’m going to spend $10 in gasoline for $1 worth of plastic or pot-metal junk? All that stuff just builds up in the cache until the lid won’t close and then the container leaks.


    The best swag? Odd, cool, or personal items that are hard to come by. Military/police/fire dept patches, trade show items, really anything the average person might find interesting. The current favorite it seems are the sig items.



  4. The cache owner is a *edit*. The goal of the TB is to travel not to populate his/her cache container. Had they deleted my log for that, they'd find their cache missing. B)


    You would have been right to grab one or 15. You are facilitating the game by moving them.


    I know the rule is "take only as many as you leave", and we have NEVER broken that rule.


    That is not a rule.

  5. The King Burger kid’s meal has a mini version of Cranium Cadoo. I got one today (note to self, rhinoplasty) and it’s way cool. These would make awesome swag, something I would like to find. There are no sharp edges either so dimwit children not under direct parental supervision and prisoners on work release won’t use it inappropriately.

  6. I'd probably save it for a milestone, though.

    Ok, I still don’t understand the thought process. If you’re going to save the “good” or “fun” caches for a milestone, why not just hunt the good or fun caches all the time and ignore those that aren’t?

  7. Stolen from Today's Cacher Magazine:


    Sometimes I want to go back

    Back to the beginning when it was new and new to me.

    Way way back, before, when a new cache brought excitement

    and anticipation

    Do you remember?

    I remember

    Back when it was all just harmony and lyrics

    Before it became rock and roll and big business

    Before the background noise masked the laughter

    Geocachers had interesting places to hide their treasures

    and we marveled at the views

    When one cache in a day was sufficient, and three was exhausting

    Previous to that film canister secreted in the rubble of a shattered building

    Before an unexceptional tree on an equally nondescript half-acre lot

    was the objective

    Once upon a time, when 100 finds made you remarkable

    and 500 made you a fanatic

    In those days when there was more community and less schism



    You discovered a park right there in your town

    The stunning vista atop a mountain you had little reason to ever climb before

    Sitting in the cool damp forest in front of an unopened cache box, enthralled

    Slogging down the beach, the cold wind enraged,

    and icy rain on the back of your neck

    Sunshine on your face as you reemerged from the park’s tree line

    Another hard earned notch in your belt

    Did you wear a knowing grin while others wondered what you were doing?

    Those days, you know?

    When common sense was the primary guidance

    When I didn’t have to second-guess

    Or be second-guessed

    When fun wasn’t complicated

    When we were equals to our children in the passion of our sense of wonder


    Are those days gone, is it all rock and roll now?

    Has the hobby become the bottom line?

    And does the bottom line need protecting at any cost?

    Is mirth still part of the hunt, or is there no time for such frivolities?

    The quantity fanatics cry for easier and easier ways

    to call themselves geocachers

    “Change it”

    “No, no, this way is better”

    “Make it safe, proper, and uniform”

    The plants have more rights to the trails than you or me, in the eyes of some

    Agonize over the choice of container, swag, and placement

    Don’t do this because someone might do that

    Let blunt reaction replace common sense

    Someone is eating all the nuts and chips, telling us to be happy

    with just the vanilla

    The jagged edge is smoother now, less dangerous, and less adventurous


    I remember

    Geocaching will change but the geocacher will not

    A game is a game and a game is to be played

    I’ll hunt the easies on my lunch hour, and the toughies on the weekends

    I’ll find some appeal in all caches regardless of the rating

    Even if the hider was unaware of any such charm

    I remember, you see?

    I know what it was

    I will not forget that a game that isn’t fun today shouldn’t be played

    until tomorrow

    And never by those who cannot allow themselves merriment

    They will not change me

    I will flirt with the sharp edge of the tenet with awareness

    and acceptance of the risk

    I will place adventure above anodyne and diversity over mediocrity

    I will remember that the death of my sense of wonder

    will mark the day I become “old”


    I believe that was writen by Criminal, good job Crim :D

  8. You might also consider:


    Go geocache but only locate the containers, don’t open it or sign the log.  Then go back together and finish them up.

    You're kidding right?? :)


    I was trying to be diplomatic. My gut instinct in that situation (control issues) would be to run run run away. Been there, done that, and it sucks.

  9. As long as this control issue manifests itself only in geocaching you should be OK. Now, if you can’t go play softball with your friends, visit your old buddies, or you’re not “allowed” to go out drinking either, it might be best to have an honest discussion with her about her insecurities. It might seem cute now, but trust me, it only gets worse. :)


    You might also consider:


    Go geocache but only locate the containers, don’t open it or sign the log. Then go back together and finish them up.

  10. In January of 1952, a search-and-rescue B-17 crashed deep in the rugged terrain of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. Five of the 8 crewmembers survived the harrowing descent down a mountainside.


    AF 44-85746A was an SB-17G, a search-and-rescue variant of the venerable B-17 flying fortress. It was returning from a search mission to locate survivors from a Korean airlift plane that had gone down near Sandspit, B.C. In extreme turbulence and heavy blizzard conditions, the crew experienced sporadic failure of navigation and radio equipment. The plane was tossed up and down 800 feet by the severe winter weather.


    Suddenly, the plane's port wing clipped trees near the top of a ridge. The plane was slammed to the ground, ripping out the lower cockpit area and tearing off wing control surfaces. The plane bounced, crashing back to earth on its belly, knocking off engines and stripping away the external life boat slung underneath. The pilot was tossed out a hole in the cockpit and part of the plane slid over top of him, pressing him into the snow. The co-pilot was thrown into the turret compartment and made his way to the bomb bay. The flight engineer had been standing behind the co-pilot and was thrown to the floor of the cockpit and knocked unconscious.


    AF '746 then slid like a toboggan down a 2,000 foot steep slope, spewing man and machine in her wake as fire erupted through the cockpit.


    More info and photo's available here.


    There is a cache up there and I hope to get up there this spring and find it.

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