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  1. We had our 1st year anniversary on Sat Nov. 5th. We celebrated by finding 22 caches. Our total is 137 with 3 hidden. We have cached in 3 states. We live in Houston, and the number of caches in this area is mindboggling. Several times a week, a new cache pops up less than 5 miles from our house. We've only found about half in a 5 mile radius. There are at least that many or more in the 5-1o mile radius, and so on. We could cache just in Houston for a really long time. We pick parts of town with interesting sites, just to get away from home sometimes. Congrats on one year!!
  2. I knoticed that you have 2 finds. Have you worked out your problem now? Just a note to anyone having the same problem and looking ofr answers. Be sure you are set to the WGS84 map datum. Mine got reset by the tiny fingers in my family to some other datum and for a couple of days I had 100% no finds. Not to mention I found myself looking in places that had no way of supporting a cache. It was VERY frustrating to say the least.
  3. This is loosely Geocaching related. I was watching the movie Raising Helen with my wife which did not hold my attention very well. During one of my ADD moments I found myself looking at the bushes and shrubs thinking… “Hey that would be a good place for a cache.” Eventually I found myself wondering how many Geocaches or their location have inadvertently been put on the big screen by unknowing production companies. Has anyone ever seen their cache or cache location in the movies? I’m sure there are those who have gone to movies sites and placed caches after the movie was made, but my question pertains to caches that have become stars with out being placed after the fact.
  4. Wow I am glad I have read these responces. I am wondering though what if a sound or tune actually was part of the clue/solution to the find would that be acceptable?
  5. Peronsally I love micros. I like it when there is a purpose to them or a unique hide involved. Our first and currently only Cache is a micro hidden with the intent to give some one some thing do in bad weather, which we have had a lot of over the past week or so. The comments thus far have been good. My favorite micro was hidden ona dead end street next to a minor overgrowth of trees and brush. I searched those trees and brush hard but to no avail. I stepped out of the brush for a breather. I was leaning on the dead end road sign to tie my shoes. whe I got up I looked at the sign. On the back of the sign mounted with packing tape in a horizontal fassion so that it was paralell to the ground but just over my head was the 35mm film canister. I liked the defiance of the law of gravity employed. I'm still fairly new, but I enjoy both ammo boxes and Micros. I am currently intrigued by the reverse cache idea. g_team CG
  6. Weather baloons only kill the gluttonous animals, there by protecting the food suply.
  7. It's our second day at this and we tried one in the dark tonight. It was fun and made for a challengeing find. We chose one that was hidden in a park that wa sopen till 10:00pm. The park was well lit. the challenge came in the fact that the area where the cashe was was not well lit. Things i leanred. 1. even in Houston you might want to bring a light jacket after Sundown. 2. Kids liked it wife did not. 3. EVERYBODY needs thier own light. 4. Naysaying runs high after dark. 5. SPiders spin massive webs at night. If I do a night search again (which I probably will) it will either be solo or I'll use it for one on one time with one of my kids. Happy night time hunting The G_Team
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