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  1. Thanks for that, makes a lot of sense, I have put PM on my wanted Christmas list Cheers Got a 'new' GPS, or an old one not registered? Worth a read: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?p...page&id=183 Register a Garmin via the site and get 30 days Premium Membership (Others have registered older Garmins, so long as it hasn't been registered previously, and got the 30 day trial!) Will look into it tomorrow, I didn't realise older ones were eligible. Thanks
  2. Thanks for that, makes a lot of sense, I have put PM on my wanted Christmas list Cheers
  3. Maybe a silly question, is it purely the CO of the site or do geocaching.com have any input?. Quite a few of which I have done in my area have suddenly become Premium, including one very prolific cachers output of which I was part way through a series! Rather stymied on the series now, as you have to collect data from each cache to proceed. Just curious. Thanks
  4. If the data is transferred, the drivers and cable are working. It's most likely a problem with 7-digit waypoints. The Etrex H can only display 6 digits. Best thing is to use GSAK and configure the "Send to GPS" menu in a way so the first two digits (the useless GC) are omitted. This is done by using the special tag "%drop2" GermanSailor Thanks I will try that. 7-digit waypoints transfer OK to my Garmin 205 running watch OK! Steve
  5. Apologies if this has been mentioned. Recently purchased a Garmin Etrex H for my start into Geocaching, purchased a cable separate to transfer direct from PC. Cable is not a Garmin serial one, but a GPS to serial convertor http://uk.ebid.net/for-sale/usb-cable-for-...ps-26132626.htm It works perfect except the last digit off the Geocache code is missed of during transfer, my daughter has the same set up and this also happens to her. Is this a software problem associated with the cable? It came with drivers etc. Thanks Steve
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