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  1. 2. How did you “gotcha” geocaching name? myheine and knowschad were already taken
  2. all is well...please close the thread! Carbo Diem!
  3. 2themaxx checking in! My gotcha day was Jan.1, 2010...usually the shelter I was living at doesn't allow adoptions on holidays, but they trust drneal, and let me go home with him and Heineken. My life didn't start out so well...I was one of 5 dogs in the family, along with some catz, and a bird. I was often forgotten, and left to fend for myself. By the time the shelter came to rescue me, I had pulled out any of my hair that I could sink my teeth into...it was the only way I could get rid of the fleas that were biting me, and stop some of the itching. After a good flea dip, and some proper care, the people at the Elk County Humane Society got rid of all of the bugs, so my hair could grow back in. If you look at the picture below, you'll see that by the time drneal and Heineken adopted me, all my hair grown back in, except for the hair at the very tip of my tail (and that's back now too!) I first met drneal when he was out checking on a geocache he had set up at the humane shelter...he had gotten a message that the geocache had been stolen (it wasn't really stolen, drneal likes to make his geocaches just a little different from most, and the person that sent him the message, thought it was gone.) Anyway, while drneal was checking on the geocache, I heard him from inside the shelter...they let the dogs and cats that they are taking care of take turns being loose in the main office. I jumped up onto a chair beside the window (quite a feat with dachshund legs,) to see who was outside. drneal saw my face, and thinking I was a schauzer (i'm actually a schnoxie!) came in to see me. We met, and he immediately drove home to get Heineken, so we could meet. Heineken was very shy, but we seemed to get along okay. drneal arranged to pick me up New Year's day (that way we had a long weekend to get acquainted...it was a Friday, so that gave us an extra day.) On Monday, he made the adoption permanent, and I had my forever home. I like being spoiled, and playing with Heineken, and sleeping with drneal and Heineken on the bed at night. Sometimes we go places in his house on wheels...I didn't like that at first, but now I'm used to it. Mostly I like chillin on the couch! As my brother Heineken said in his post, this really isn't intended to be a cointest entry...and that's the long and the short of it!
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