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  1. When you edit a waymark (e.g., to replace a broken Weblink with one that works), you might find that nothing happens when you click the Update Waymark button. Look near the top of the page to see whether it's demanding that the date be in m/d/yyyy [sic] format. If so, scroll back down the page to find the existing date of installation of the place being waymarked. You'll probably find that the month begins with zero (e.g., 04 for April). Remove the leading zero, give as a reason something like "leading zero not allowed when editing", and the Update Waymark will now work! In other words, you can (and perhaps must!) use a leading zero on a month when you create a waymark, but you cannot have a leading zero when you edit.
  2. That URL has been superseded by https://geotrailsw.com/Waymarking/ It still claims to be in beta mode.
  3. Yeah, I've recently learned that, too. But I never give up hope, because I don't want to be hopeless!
  4. If you enter a 9-digit Zipcode as the search parameter, hoping to get results centered on your own neighborhood (for example), the search will actually operate relative to the center point of the 5-digit Zipcode. (I've no idea where it gets that lat/lon.) The quirk is that instead of telling you what it did, the results list claims to be centered on the 9-digit Zipcode that you supplied. (Example: "Search Criteria: All Waymarks Within 10 mile(s) of 63122-nnnn" is actually centered on a point in 63122 that is more than a mile northeast of what I expected.) This isn't a big deal, but it is misleading. Yes, I'm picky. But as a systems analyst/programmer for decades, I know that being picky is what makes the difference between really good software and barely acceptable software.
  5. Referring back to the original problem that began this topic (and not to the deviations that should have been separate topics), here are the results of my testing of page navigation links on a My Visits list that was 5 pages long: 1) Clicking on a page number within square brackets always works correctly. But unlike similar navigation systems on other Websites, the current page number appears to be a live link (which it isn't) instead of plain text. 2) From page 1, all items outside the left bracket do nothing, which is correct (though they continue to look like links, which is incorrect). 3) From any page after the first, "prev" goes to page 1, which is wrong unless you were at page 2. 4) From any page after the first, the single and double left arrows go to the first page, as they should. 5) From the last page, all items outside the right bracket do nothing, which is correct (though they continue to look like links, which is incorrect). 6) From any page except the last, "next" goes to page 2, which is wrong unless you were at page 1. 7) From any page except the last, the single and double right arrows go to the last page, as they should. These results apply to both the page navigation links at the top of a list and those at the bottom of a list, and they explain why one correspondent thought it impossible to get to the third page ("next" doesn't work from the second page). Whether these results apply to other kinds of lists, or to lists longer than 10 pages (hinted by an earlier reply in this thread), I do not know. But this information should be sufficiently diagnostic to enable a competent programmer to fix the problem quickly.
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