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  1. I'd also recommend staying away from the film cannisters. Their not that water proof and over the long haul they just don't stand up to the elements, at least not around my neck of the woods. Opt for the match holder or if you know anyone that is diabetic, ask them for their used test strip containers. They are about the same size as a film cannister(slightly smaller), have an attached flip cover and more importantly keep the elements out alot better. Plus they don't cost you a thing!
  2. Thanks for the heads up Mtnhermit. I just picked up a kingston 1GB card for only $9.99 for my Garmin Ique 3000! Hard to beat Newegg. That's where most of my hard earned money goes.
  3. Coza, You are a life saver! Your help did the trick. I've spent the last two days unsuccesfully trying to do this. I already had Gsak and cachemate, but I just didn't know how to export the waypoints. Thanks again for the help.
  4. I just purchased a Garmin IQue 3000 and can't figure out how to download cache waypoints to it. Specifically, how do I download cache waypoints to it so when I'm using the gps navigation the caches show up on the map and in "my Locations"? Can this be done even at all. I assume it can be done, that way when i'm out caching I can simply click on "My Locations" and select the nearest cache and automatically route to it. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks for the help! I forgot to select the plugins for installation when I did a hot sync. Got them in and the search worked perfectly.
  6. O.K., I finally made the leap to paperless caching. I just purchased a Garmin IQue 3000 and have installed Cachemate on it and have exported a pdb file to it with all my pq caches(just over 3,600 caches). Here's my problem. When I run cachemate, it list all my caches, I'm guessing in alphabetical order. Playing around with it, I selected <search <nearest caches and in the next window I selected < from GPS. When I do this I get an error message stating that there are "no plugins of the type required for this function are installed." Am I wrong in assuming that trying this function it will relist my caches nearest to my present location based on my current gps coordinates? If that is what this search function does, where do I get the plugins I need. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Disregard this post. Evince is still there. Oooops!
  8. On one of my puzzle caches I used the Evince coord's verifier to assist cachers trying to solve the puzzle cache. I just checked my cache page and it's gone. I also checked a few other puzzle caches that I knew the owners had the same feature and their's is missing also. What happened. Did I miss something? Thanks.
  9. From what I read, you shouldn't have a problem with coord's. As previously mentioned, 17' will most likely result in a successful find. When I place a cache I'll set my GPS down where I've hidden the cache and let it sit there and wait until I get what I believe to be the best accurate reading I will get. On one of my caches I was having a hard time getting an accurate reading so I moved a little ways to a clearing where I could get a good signal and projected the waypoint. I of course mentioned this in the cache description. I think the most important thing to do is once you have decided on the actual coordinates that you test them several times from alternating directions from the cache. If your tests take you to the cache, you know you've done your job right! Where I cache, generally you are looking at anywhere from 15-25 feet accuracy unless you are standing on top of a mountain.
  10. As I value the opinions of others in the caching community, I’d like to thank all those who took the time to express their thoughts in regards to this topic. However, to a certain extent I must disagree with some of the concerns which were stated. First, it was noted that cache page background music was basically useless, usually poorly done, or rarely needed to solve or find a cache. While for the most part that may be true, it is my opinion that in certain cases the addition of this feature can greatly enhance the overall caching experience. After all, why do we cache? Is it to just quickly download a set of coordinates so we can race off to find a cache and therefore increase our find total? Or, do we do it to visit new places, share an experience, or to learn something new? I’d like to think that most cachers fall into the later category. With that in mind, a few of my caches are historical in nature and relate to events that took place during the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Extremely historical locations dealing with significant events that helped forge the fate of our great Nation. On one of my caches I’ve added a small sound clip of Fife and Drum music to the cache page and the controls that allow the viewer to turn it off. Is the Fife and Drum music needed to find the cache? No. But, I feel it helps present the historical theme that I’m trying to convey. As for concerns about clogging bandwidth and having cache page music suddenly blare out while viewing caches at work, I can only argue this: First, while there may be some using dial-up, I would bet the majority of people are using a high speed connection. And second, if some are concerned about having music suddenly blare out while surfing the cache pages while on Company time, then obviously it is a no no. Even so, simply turning down/off the volume can easily help one avoid any embarrassing moments. In reality, I think we are talking about a very small percentage of caches. At least in my area. In a 100 mile radius that includes over 1,700 caches, there are only about a half dozen that contain background music. To automatically label it as being incredibly rude is a little over the top and harsh in my opinion.
  11. Hello, A couple of the caches I've done have had cache pages that when loaded play background music. Does anyone know if this is still allowed with new cache listings? I tried doing it on one of my caches using the <BGSOUND SRC=> HTML tag and it didn't work. Maybe I didn't do it the right way. I Put the sound file I wanted to use on my personal home page and cut and pasted the page address into the HTML tag and it didn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Manco46er
  12. Hey Kyle, I put an invisible shield on my Garmin 60cs a couple of month ago. The shield is awesome! I didn't like the full neoprene protective cases as it made it a bit cumbersome trying to use the buttons on the unit and the plastic cover protecting the screen glared so much it was hard to see the screen. Invisible shields are custom made to fit the screen of just about any type of electronic device. GPSrs, watches, cell phones, pda's, etc., etc.. They're easy to put on and the good ones are nearly indestructable. If I remember correctly, it cost me less than 20 bucks. They have a good demo video on their web site. You can check them out at http://www.theinvisibleshield.com Manco46er
  13. This bugged me too when I noticed it a few days ago. I changed my search from home coord's to zip code and it got me back to the 100 mile radius. Just click on new search at the top of the page.
  14. Hey Chantal, Groundspeak will automatically put the map into the cache listing page. You don't need to do anything at all. Good Caching. manco46er
  15. Thanks for the help guys, but I finally figured out what the problem was. Turns out that in the Map set up page, I had Marine Colors turned on. When I turned them off it redrew showing all the contour lines that I suspected should have been there. I guess you learn something new everyday. Manco46er
  16. Just upgraded to a Garmin 60cs from a Etrex Legend. I've downloaded several topo maps into the GPS with highest setting selected in the MapSource program. In the GPS map set up page I also have it set to show the most detail. My problem is that when I'm using the unit, it's only showing a lower level of detail. I'm not getting the level of detail such as all the contour lines that I get with my Legend unit. I've tried zooming in and out at all levels but still only minimal contour lines show up. I know it should show more contour detail. Am I missing something or is this just a trait of the 60cs. Thanks for the help. I'm ready to start pulling hair out at this point. Manco46er
  17. If previous replies did not resolve your problem, are you sure that the cache waypoint was actually sent to your GPS. When you send a waypoint to your GPS, at the bottom of the GPS screen it should say,"Transfer Complete." If it doesn't, did you run gps setup with the Garmin software that came with your unit. Basically, this goes through the process of setting up communication between your pc and gps. You need to point it to what com port to send the data through. Usually Com Port 1 or Com Port 2. If I remember correctly, you can run this set up through the EasyGps program too. It sounds to me like this may be your problem. Also, EasyGPS only sends the waypoint to your GPS in the form of a 6 digit alphanumeric code beginning with a "G". It does not send any cache information except for the coordinates. As mentioned in previous responses, you will find the sent waypoints by pressing bottom left button, selecting waypoints, then selecting either option of by name or nearest. Waypoints should then be listed. Hope this helps. Good Caching, Manco46er
  18. Thanks for the help. I will play around with it a bit. Manco46er
  19. I'll be listing a new cache soon and I'd like to include a photo and or diagram in the cache description. My question is how do you imbed a photo or diagram on the listing page? I've tried to cut and paste and obviously that is not the way to do it. If I need to use HTML where is a good site to help me with this. Thanks. Manco46er
  20. Thanks Kai Team. That was easy enough once I was pointed in the right direction.
  21. I've noticed that on many of the cache listing pages there are little square icons in the upper right that denote certain types of accessablitlity. Such as winter, bike, dog, 24/7 and many others. My question is, How do you insert them into your own cache listing page? Thanks for the help. Manco46er
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