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  1. that is AWESOME! i'm completely jealous of your skill with the dremel and paint. there is nothing on the outside of it though to tell those potential muggles that they are taking something which is supposed to be there. had i run across that in my muggle days, i likely would have taken it too.
  2. letterbox has geocaching beat... i mean what isn't awesome about finding a letterbox with a little plastic kids stamper and a note that says "THIS IS NOT A GEOCACHE, IT IS A LETTERBOX" one close to work had that note because the cache was in a tree about 30 feet away.
  3. a vacation cache in a city with no other caches... what is the reviewer thinking?
  4. i've seen one in the woods. i've also seen an active one used for a cache... it was the free newspaper variety and seemed to work out alright. it is in service in a real location (next to a bunch of pay newspaper machines).
  5. boredom... at least that was my excuse. i found him too, but wished to remain a lurker on this thread since i am more likely to hi-jack a thread.
  6. there is a function within a premium member's account which would allow you to search by attributes.
  7. there are 3 states which have absolutely nothing to do in them. other than that, you should be good to go.
  8. i know of 15... all between the ages of 11 and 14 that geocache. about 10 of them are paying members. not that they would go across the city alone in search of an FTF (or any other cache), but the family goes out to the park for the day...and a GPS goes with them so their lone cacher clears the park. several others cache around their neighborhood in pairs (and sometimes more). i've run into a problem with setting up "events" for cachers that age because it does end up being so specific... yet there are people in the area who have listed events as "adult only" and gotten away with it.
  9. you didn't sign the log that was in the bag? i left those syringes for the diabetic cachers.
  10. some people cringe that there isn't an epic poem on a cache page, to them i say "read dante's inferno if you are looking for 'a good read'". geocaching isn't a best-in-show scenario where you are only going to have the premium locations, write-ups, containers, etc. you MUST take the good with the bad, outside of that, filter out those items that you might think of as "bad" - and be happy with the 5-6 caches in your area that fit the criteria.
  11. "them" should just step back from the keyboard and go back to harrassing random teens and average citizens who might have a tail light out rather than nitpicking the "quality" of a piece of tupperware in the woods.
  12. coming to this thread soon.... the naysayers. temp cache are frowned upon. food in cache is frowned upon. fun in caches is frowned upon.
  13. ...because there is only one mt. everest. Waymarking might be more your speed since the only caches you seem to accept are ones with scenic locations (and no film cans). i can only think of two really scenic areas in all of central texas, both have caches. i suppose we are tapped out. crap.
  14. i think it is great when i see someone with an account with 1 find... and 3 hides.... one on the west coast, one on the east coast, and one 10 miles from my house in the middle of the country, yet i can't get a cache or event published to save my soul. makes me all warm and fuzzy inside for TPTB.
  15. Too hard to comprehend? nope. thanks for the wake up, can check one more thing off the list.
  16. do shuttle launches qualify as geocaching events?
  17. heck no! there is someone in the area who seems drawn to those newly released caches with cool sounding swag in them. he's got a habit of cleaning out caches for a rock... or a stick, but at least he's nice enough to put it in his online log that he's done it.
  18. put out 5 different series, in five different directions outside of town... have them all released on the same day. IF anyone else happens to place a cache, you might have a shot.
  19. get a bunch and make a bomb tree 10 miles from anyone. get a bunch and make a wyle E coyote / road runner series. put one under a lamppost and wait for that one hapless cacher to come along and get on the news.
  20. what? another level of membership? how much did the primium cost... where is the link?
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