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  1. i've seen a few different ways through the DNFs.... one, the cacher who is unable to find the cache won't log it so as to keep their cache history clean (possibly). two, the cacher doesn't log it as unable to find (as is my case sometimes) because they didn't spend enough time looking for the cache to really qualify as DNF - i know i have pulled up thinking i am going to get a park and grab and get an aborted run because of muggles. three, cacher doesn't log it so as to not mess with the log history of what is obviously a cache that is still there. i will check the logs on a cache before going out and if i see too many DNFs... i likely won't even bother. sometimes those fake "founds" fool me since i don't bother to read every last one.
  2. i've met two at GZ. since i'm new, i had no clue i would ever meet anyone else - all those logs are just ghosts or something. the first time i met someone, he was leaving GZ... and i think it was very close to private property... so when his vehicle stopped, i thought for sure i was busted. good meet though. the second, was an alright meet, but creepy. my son and i were out after a kid friendly gc and there was an older gentleman just putting the cache back when we happened upon him.
  3. if you have "decoy" caches... how can one avoid having someone log it as "found the cache... but the log was missing"??
  4. to get FTFs... first... quit your job, leave your family, stop bathing.... j/k. i use pocket queries, allowing me the leisure time to find any within a certain radius of my house or work. pocket query sends me an email one time a day. if one hasn't been found, and it is close, i'll consider it.
  5. i had a similar thought (as the OP), i'm new to gc, and see the FTFs and know some of the tricks to getting them. i've also seen several where the target audience was a much younger crowd. i've seen those caches targeted by a group of adults (with no kids) that are highly competitive and are racing to see which one can find a child-oriented gc first. i liken them to the teenagers who have decided it is a good idea for them to hit the easter egg hunt... or halloween for trick-or-treating (no costume). competitive is one thing.... but this being a game... is just a game. michael jordan can be competitive at b-ball... or gambling... or golf - money is always on the line. this one, nah. this is begging for a dozen or more log-only caches in the worst of locations.
  6. ...and unfortunately, i can't seem to find where i can repeat if i wanted.
  7. thanks for that info... but it seems to only have geocaches from yesterday. i'm starting to lean hard on operator error. blah.
  8. Garmin, Etrex Legend H... purchased in January, used for 71 caches to date. yesterday afternoon, i stopped for a cache, used the GPS and then deleted the cache as i've done with all the ones outside of my home area. i got "home" last night from the business trip i was on to find that ALL of my caches, found and unfound, had been deleted. I went searching through the GPS looking for a way to "delete all" and cannot find it. would this be a glitch.... or operator error? and can i get any of that info back?
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