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  1. Whoa so my truck must be worth like $160,000 now! I better trade that sucker in! But seriously $7500? I mean we all make like $150,000 a year to be geocachers right? I seriously don't think that "dedicated" means you have to pay out the rear for somthing. Just my .02
  2. We can just lay this one to rest. So long as you live in the area where the sign is placed YOU own it. Right? I mean we pay taxes for this stuff? So we can spraypaint it, shoot it, or take it home if we want! it's ours afterall. Ok all done with the kidding. Personally I would contact the local highway dept to see what their take is on it and possibly ask for approval, take a sample of your sticker let them know how "harmless" it is. It isn't vandalizm if they say you can do it. Anywho just my take on it. EDIT: Darnit that's what I get for reading 3/4 of the posts then giving up. Congrats on a peacfull resolution
  3. Wow, I can only ever hope to even get 1/6 as many finds as this. Congrats!
  4. The only way I can see a SCUBA type cache would be if it had to be approved by another external organization before posting to geocaching.com. I'm not a SCUBA person so I don't know of the organizations but I'm sure theres a national or international organization, if they could be convinced to help they could set the guidlines for posting that type of cache. I sort of envision it looking somthing similar to earthcaches. I want to plan/place a SCUBA cache? I have to go through this organization to make sure it's approved and safe. Just my thoughts.
  5. PMaholm


    Awsome!! I should still have all the gear together from the Midwest GeoBash so I'll be ready to go!! Hope to see the page soon! Thanks Deermark! -PMaholm
  6. I've also noticed that sometimes when in the google maps Beta if I bookmark several caches then switch to annother bookmark list then switch back to the list I just marked the caches on not all of them make it into the list and I have to re-add them to the list then it seems to be fine.
  7. WEll all of mine havn't been for geocaching but I've gone through a few units. 1.) Magellan GPS2000XL (still have it. it still works. it's "old Skool" ) 2.) Garmin StreetPilot Colormap (still in my truck as backup) 3.) Garmin Etrex Vista. (Gifted to the girlfriend for her use) 4.) Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx (Main unit)
  8. PMaholm


    Awsome! Camping and cookout? Heck yeah!! I'd be up for that!
  9. Great news!! that takes 1 step out of my current way to get you GPX files! Thanks a million Raine!
  10. We're staying with "The group" and have already E-Mailed CH's So we'll see everyone there!
  11. I have an old Vista i've had great luck using a Serial to USB adapter i bought it right when they were still "new" and paid like $35 for it but it's held up great and transfers awsome. Also my Vista has WAAS capability and it's pretty old I'm wondering why yours doesn't have it? EDIT: whoops shoulda read the OP one more time. I know I saw someone say Vista in there somewhere.
  12. Did the same to me. although I think I MIGHT hit 1,000... before i'm 65.
  13. PMaholm


    Did Deermark go on annother vacation? I'm sure antsy wondering about the details of the next trailmix nighcache outing.
  14. We're reserved and ready to go! Hope to see everyone there!
  15. Got my 2 they look awsome! I did notice my ammo cans are the same color as the grass. Did the mint forget? Either way I think this is a great addition to this series! Now I can't wait for the summer coins!!
  16. No dice on my Razr V3 i get "Page cannot be displayed". Now I'll go off and sulk cause this is a really cool feature.
  17. This worked great(I think, it worked in the fact that Raine didn't yell at me ), it was pretty easy to export the KML and GPSBabel was easy to load the file in and filter(Thanks Robert!). It shouldn't be too difficult to write up a tutorial on this.
  18. Perhaaps this could be counteracted by having a stat to the effect of "I've been found XX times!" just my thought.
  19. I thought you said anyone could log anyone, but only premium members can change their code? I belive by #4 Jeremy meant that any user can "log" a personal code, however Premium and charter members would be the only ones who could create those codes for themselves and be logged. Questions? Comments? EDIT: added a little more info to hopefully make it more clear.
  20. Heh, then we could have PQ's on cachers in the local areas just like we have for caches! it could be based on home coords or somthing like that but no maps(privacy!) but I think it'd be cool to know there's XX geocachers near Zip XXXXX. Just a thought. What do you think?
  21. I alos love my 60CSx. Even with the few problems I'm having it does much better than my old GPS. I think a lot of the WAAS problems are just due to them releasing it during this whole WAAS shuffle. I would however like to see the unit actually store the WAAS almanac after shutoff and try it first before throwing it out. but that's just what I want
  22. The direction of the butterflies wings? EDIT Ok I was wrong it's the webbing on the wings the Male has thinner webbing than the females
  23. I prefer the Indiana Jones theme myself
  24. I know I know it's not 1,000 plus. But I'm happy to be halfway to 100.
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