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  1. Some respondents seem to take offence to my statement where none was intended and also assumed I had problems. The main thrust of my proposal was to allow the greatest number of people to join the game by limiting the number of caches any one individual can place - it's not an elite club for a few members to commandeer an area by placing multitudes of caches - be they excellent or not. OK so make it a limit of 50 or another number but at least limit it. More people means more diverse ideas. It doesn't guarantee the quality will rise or diminish but it throws open the game to more people who may wish to place a cache of their own which will naturally fall within an area relatively local to where they live. Cache maintenance will always be a problem for some, and particularly the farther afield they are placed from the CO's home, logic dictates they are potentially more likely to be not up to par the greater the number of caches an individual has to manage. I've seen it myself but it is not within my remit to work with a CO or message them, no matter how friendly the approach, that their caches may be substandard, and quite honestly it would not be welcomed. People can be very sensitive to criticism no matter how well intentioned (take this post for instance). We have all done our bit to help out CO's by replacing damp logs etc, it's just common courtesy and part of the game, but allowing unlimited placement of caches within an area by one individual really does shut out many others who may have wished to do so.
  2. To allow the greatest amount of people to place caches I think it would be advantageous to restrict a limit to say 10 caches per person. There are numerous members who are responsible for placing very large numbers of caches. This not only shuts out lots of other people within an area but they all have to be maintained which has a diminishing probability of proper maintenance the more caches an owner places.
  3. Hi. Yes, I have Cachly and the circles are helpful. Hadn’t noticed that the solved mystery caches stayed in their found position. That’s one up for Cachly. Thanks.
  4. Although I’ve been a cacher for just over a year now it seems absurd to me that having solved a series of mystery caches their positioning on the map reverts to their original position just for the sake of a design no doubt considered cool by the CO. I’ve done all the hard work, so what happens when I want to return to one of the caches to place a TB?.. I’ve now lost the reference to which one it is when for instance there are say 50 caches in the series. At least allow me the option to keep the icon on its discovered position. It is also important for strategic planning to know where there is available space to place caches of my own in the vicinity (not good practice to keep enquiring to a volunteer for a co-ordinates check). Apart from a pretty graphic element on the cache map it serves a very limited purpose and no purpose at all once solved.
  5. Is there any way to have the map on my Garmin Oregon 700 only display caches I haven’t yet found?
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