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  1. I have a Colorado 400T with City Nav North America 2010, Map covers the whole USA I noticed when I have an Active route the name of the street I'm on is across the top of the screen but when I don't have an active route the only street name you see is on the map itself and only when you turn on to that street. Is there a way to make it so the name of the street you are on is always across the top of the screen like the Nuvi?
  2. I think this will help settle some of questions This is an article from Air Force Magazine - July 2009 (page 17)
  3. OMG..... 2.94, obviously. See the title of this thread. One of the features added was allowing any named IMG file top be read. This thread has bounced all over, I have seen people talking about everything from 2.50 to 2.94. I asked a simple question because I am very new to the Colorado 400T and wasn't sure if there was something I was doing wrong, I don't mind you answering but I find how you replied rude, I suggest you keep it polite Red90
  4. Whcih Firmware are you using? I have 2.92 on my colorado 400T when I compiled the maps in Mapsource and loaded them onto the SD card, I would change the names to like gmapsupp01.img, gmapsupp02.img, Etc. Etc. and they wouldn't show up in the list of maps.
  5. From what I have seen you are limited to 4 maps total you can add GPS: gmapprom.img (Base Map) gmapsupp.img gmapbmap.img (300 series map name, It works on my 400T) SD card: gmapsupp.img You can't just name a IMG file anything and get the Colorado to view it.. Having the option to rename files on the SD card and move them to and from the GPSr would give you the option of more maps or POI or waypoints. This isn't a Geocaching only addition I am proposing. being able to rename or move and transfer files allows the owner to manage his / her information better. You can have 100's of 1,000's of POI's but does that mean you would want to clutter your screen with Dot's and alerts each time you get close to one. Each POI file is loaded when you turn on your GPSr, If you had the ability to move the files OUT of the POI folder they wouldn't get loaded and you wouldn't have a screen full of wal-marts and burger kings.. and if you want to find the nearest Denny's move the POI file back into the folder and look it up. All being able to move and rename does is give you options if you don't have access to your computer. Being an outdoorsmen you should know. If it gets hot out I can take off my jacket, But if it gets cold and I don't have a jacket I can't put it on.
  6. Two One thing I would like to see Just saw someone else asked for one of the same things I was requesting One, increase the number of caches from 500 to 1000 possible per PQ, the newer GPSr's are allowing 1000 way points and those that don't people make POI's with unlimited caches or get Geocaching friendly GPSr's that allow 2000 caches. the increase would also cut the number of PQ's you would have to run in half and that would cut down on server load. Add an option to "pass thru" a coin or TB. you see more and more people with personal coins or TB's they don't want to release because the risk of loss do to theft so they just pass them thru caches. as it stands you have to drop the coin/tb when you log the find, then go back to the coin/TB log to file a retrieved log each and every time you want to pass it thru a cache. If you do several caches at a clip that's a lot of time spent logging coins/TB in and out of each cache. With a pass thru option you could mark a coin/TB as personal, when you log a find you drop it like you normally would any coin or Bug but since it is marked PERSONAL it logs back out and into your inventory automatically without having to go to the coin/TB log entering the serial and logging it back into your inventory. and if at some point you want to release it you can go to coin/tb option unmark it as personal and it become a normal coin/TB again
  7. Thank you! While implementing your suggestion I noticed there is a OFF setting above the auto setting. So I just flat out turned them off.
  8. Is there a way to get rid of the POI that comes with the base map or select just the ones you want displayed? Can you stop Mapsource from adding POI's to a map you make? I don't need or want every church, school, fast food joint, repair shop, Etc. Etc. cluttering up my maps. I'm also hoping it will save memory and redraw time with out all those POI's I have a Colorado 400t Thank you for any help you can give me
  9. At that point Websters can add Take-out for Dinosaurs to the definition of Geocacher. GC.com will have to add a few new Option to the type of log list.. DNGE = Did Not Get Eatten AGE = Almost Got Eatten FLCIPP = Found Last Cacher In Poo Pile
  10. According to the History Channel, this is when all the dinosaurs became extinct. When the poles switch again, will they come back? Woohoo....I like dinosaurs Yeah, You can have the First to find Prize for the Raptor's nest.. Thats assuming you don't end up as Raptor Poo before you can Log the find
  11. I have noticed this with my 2500mA NiMh batteries. I just thought it was because the batteries hadn't been charged in a while and they went bad now i'm not so sure I saw a post someplace that said Garmin had planed at one time to make the CO's so you could recharge the batteries. so maybe there is a "bug" in the firmware that doesn't completely close the battery connection when you have NiMh set in set-up and plug in the auto power supply so its still using battery power along with the plug in power
  12. What I would like to see them add is a file management and transfer option.. so you can move files back and forth between the SD card and GPS as well as into and out of folders. so if you load and unload cache files, waypoints files and POI files right from the GPS without having to wait till you can get to a computer. You can save the files on the SD card then load what you need when you need it.
  13. I stand corrected on the price.. But my point is still vaild. I am not so sure thats the case. The colorado is priced higher on the garmin site as well as on online retail sites such as gpscity.ca https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=...reProduct=11019 http://www.gpscity.ca/compare/oreg300&col300
  14. I'm new to the colorado. So new in fact mine is still in the mail. so I can't comment on the light being ok or not bright enough. but from what I have read Garmin see's this as a marketing issue. the lower priced CO doesn't have the light memory function, with no plans to add it. the higher priced OR does have the light memory. They can argue its a power consumption issue Etc.etc. Think about it, why should garmin care how many batteries you use. Its not like they provide a life time supply of free AA's for you. They are hoping that little issue along with the other "missing functions" will bug some people so much (and it will) they will purchase the high priced OR instead of the CO or even better replace the CO with a OR. From what I have been reading, Keep in mind one thing, Garmin does attempt to fix real problems, listens to its customers as a whole and releases firmware updates. Garmin users could have it worse, I am transitioning from megellan, Their firmware updates are few, fare between and lacking, Their customer service blows monkey nuts, they see the customer and Cachers in general as whiney never satisfied ingrates. Don't get me wrong I love my Meridian Gold Its worked great for many years and still going strong, Its the company I have issues with.
  15. Does garmin offer a 24K map for West Virginia? Everything I saw on their site only covered states west of the mississippi
  16. As a native Mountaineer, I too was taught this in WV History, but the folks in Fairfax County Virginia have a different version of history. Either way, I was trying to represent the "major" battles, in hindsight, I guess the first could be considered major!!! Of course, they are probably just jealous that they lost the best part of the state when West Virginia was formed two years later. Maybe make one for the first land battle. a limited special edition. Who cares what virginia thinks. LOL
  17. I like the Idea but I can't believe you left out the most important battle Coin #2 should have been: The first Land battle of the Civil War at Philippi, WV
  18. One thing to remember is as city/town mayor or manager, He has the right to refuse permission for caches on City/town owned property. The best course of action is to just leave. If you stay and argue you will lose in the end. What you can do is. Find a private land owner that will allow a cache on their land (mayor can't say anything about it then) OR Post it on here that XXXX town is not cacher friendly and ask they don't do any shopping or business in that town till the policy changes. I have seen this approach work with other causes. the business owners will pressure the town once they start losing money.
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