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  1. My new gains:




    The middle coin in the upper row is noteworthy: it is the "Black Stork", the Ultra Limited Edition of the Geocaching Polska geocoin (only 8 pieces made out of 800 of the total mintage of this coin).


    Very nice stork coin. Are these for sale or trade anywhere?

  2. Just got this log today:


    Ok, you're totally not gonna believe this but this evening, my whole family & I went out for supper & then we wandered over to the nearby Dunham's Sporting Goods store where my smarter better half & I looked at kayaks & just generally browsed thru the store. While looking at kayaks, another customer walks up & is looking at the kayaks & he hears us talking about river caching. One thing leads to another & he says he's a cacher & he has a couple TBs he picked up awhile back. He asks me if I'd like to have them & move them along for him. So, naturally, being the TB nut that I am, I agree. I had no idea this one has been MIA for so long!!

    So, long story short, I have your TB, it's still in great shape & I'll be putting it back out really soon. I'll try to put some miles on it in the meantime.

    Thanks for sharing such a neat coin!


    It's been gone for almost 6 years now. Wow.

    But I have to ask....this other cacher obviously knew he had the coin - why did he sit on it for 6 years?!?!


    Either way, I'm glad it is back in the game.


    Great story! Never give up hope. :)

  3. I figured I would share a few pictures of what my collection will look like when I'm done selling off what I intend to sell.


    Here is the first case. Some coins should be familiar and I'm sure there are a few that aren't. (And no, I'm not taking offers on any of these, sorry.)


    Smart phone camera quality and poor lighting -



    Very, VERY nice....

  4. A happy mail day for me! A beautiful card and an older personal coin, done by imchasingshadows in 2007, that I've never seen before, called Fair Winds. "Older" and "personal coins" being my favorite kinds!! Add trees and dogs and suffice it to say that I LOVE this coin. Thank you so much. :wub:






    Email sent: 2/18/14

    Name received: 3/10/14

    Mission sent: 3/20/14


    Mission arrived at destination: 3/24/14

    Mission received: 4/01/14



    Thank you Claire and Frogmastr. :D

  5. I received samples of my new Global Nomad coins the other day, and plan on ordering the final coins soon to have in early May.


    As I've grown up always moving to a new country every few years and never really had a permanent hometown, I wanted to make a coin inspired by that.


    These coins measure 2 inches wide, and 10mm thick with a 3D dome shape on the top side with detailed 3D continents, featuring the part of the world I've mainly lived in. The bottom side again shows that part of the world, with a small compass rose design, quote and common travel icons/modes of transport, with soft enamels and some glow in the dark areas.


    I'm still finalizing the versions, numbers of each version and need to figure out the final pricing, and there will be some small changes to these but expect to have them in around a month. I'll post more information on when they should go on sale, as well as photos of all the final versions around the end of April/early May here and on my Facebook Group.


    Here are a few of the samples so far.




    LOVE this! :wub:

    I'll be waiting....

  6. The Celtic Tree of Life is definitely one of my absolute favorite coins. I'm desperately trying to complete my set. In the meantime I ordered 2 display cases for my set and think, they came out very nice. The only thing is that there are still two empty places. Is there anybody who can help me finding a Blue on Silver and a Dark Blue on Silver Tree of Life. I have a Blue on Silver/Gold 2tone (TO) to trade and am willing to add geocoins or muggel coins (or pay cash).


    I can't help you...just wanted to say WOW! Very nice display. Good luck with your search.

  7. Email sent: 2/18/14

    Name received: 3/10/14

    Mission sent: 3/20/14


    Mission arrived at destination: 3/24/14

    Mission received:



    OHHHH I Was so surprised When I got to my mail box today!!


    THANKS BUNCHES imoutnabout For my awesome coins a GREAT sig item an a awesome tath pag ;)HAPPY EASTER!!! Now to wait for mine to show in there destinations the suspense is torture!!!!! :yikes:


    Glad it made it...glad you're happy. :D

    Enjoy the holiday!

  8. trades and purchases..






    Hey Doc,


    Not many people got that rectangular coin with the Xmas tree on it ;) Haven't seen a photo of that one in years. Almost makes me forget we made one for many years in a row.




    Nice to know. It's a beauty!

  9. it was an absolutely fabulous day at the mail box. dhobby1, facedances, goblindust, geonap and the 2005 Groundspeak volunteers coin. thank you kealia!








    love the old coins!


    Niiiiice!!!!! B) These are the timeless treasures of geocoins IMHO!


    AGREED!!! Nice haul

  10. Gatoulis entry week 3


    While I was walking on a beach I saw something that was half burried in the sand! I digged it out and found that it was a very old oil lamp... who knows how long it was burried in the sand or under water....


    while I was trying to clean it... a jinn came out like a smoke.... and told me... just because you free me.. I will give you 1 wish!


    I said... hey I thought I had 3 wishes!!! but he insisted for only one! "3 wishes? that's only in the movies" he said! :huh:


    anyway... since I had only one wish I had to be very careful but before I say anything he said...


    "choose wise... what you will wish can not be taken back! this may change your life for ever... to better or worse! I am not responsible for any result and if you be unhappy.. you will take what you wished for! and... ok.. I know that all humans want global peace, a lot of money, to be healthy, to live for ever........ think wise... what you really want! global peace... I have lived for 5000 years and all the time you humans were fighting eachother! even if you wish global peace.. it is not in your blood!"


    I was socked! I have never heard something like that before! it was such a straight talk and freezed my blood!


    anyway... I asked him.. but what about money? health? eternity? love?


    oh boy... why I have asked? once again I had a straight answer...


    " Money.... you want money? you want gold? I can give that to you... but these things can bring you more problems... are you ready to lose something bigger like safety, happiness etc.. for some gold?


    Health... that is ok... but eternity.... so as all people you want to live for ever.. I suppose you want to stay young for ever too? ok.. but are you ready for what will happen in the next years? when you will see all your friends, family etc.. dying? are you ready to see your children and the children of your children to grow old and die? one day you will be left alone.... are you ready for this??


    Love.. a beautiful feeling... but...I can not interfere in the case of the heart.. what can I do? make someone love you even if he or she doesn't feel that way?"


    All these made me think a lot.. I do not know what to choose.. what to do... what to wish... I have to make a wise choise and not do or ask something stupid...


    so I am asking you to help me... what would YOU... ask as a wish from the Jinn???? ;)


    hahahahaha is that good for a cointest? ;)


    thank you Marie for the fun! :) good luck to everyone and if someone find my ideas nice... he/she can use them!! :)


    Well done Gatoulis :D

    I love this. :wub:

  11. it's been a year, and I guess i'm not a secret valentine anymore, but wanted to ask anyway....




    will you be my valentine?


    OH! Was it you?! :P


    Edited to say...

    Of course I will. :wub: I hope I've given you at least a fraction of the happiness you've given me this past year.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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