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  1. Is this actually done? Doesn't the buyer expect an adoption request? And if an adoption doesn't happen, there wouldn't be a new owner trying to wipe the slate clean...right?
  2. I've already voiced my opinion on the important value of the icon, but for many people, the actual log is an important piece of their caching history. That being said, the bolded portion of the above quote is the best suggestion I've heard so far!
  3. I "earned" it by honestly seeing, handling (although physically touching isn't always done) and discussing the coin and noting the tracking number down...then posting a log, per the rules of discovering a trackable. Granted, no money exchanges hands and no taxing physical work is involved, but it is earned none the less. Seeing it in a book or in somebody's hand is currently all that is required to "earn" an icon. Does that make my claim on that icon any less than the new owner's claim to have a clean webpage? Because after all, I'm not saying the new owner isn't entitled to the coin that he/she purchased. I'm questioning whether they have the right to a clean webpage that they do not own...and I am still questioning it... And I agree with your personal opinion
  4. I haven't...but only because I'm not quite sure HOW I'd like to see this issue "ruled upon". I'm not a big fan of rules and I'm not sure how detailed or strict GS should be on the geocoin page issue. So other than "I can't believe some people feel it's ok to take away my honestly earned icon", I don't know what to say. Quite frankly I'm surprised that someone would do that. Maybe further debate is necessary?
  5. While I do not have a dog in this fight, I have enjoyed those post that are well though-out and clearly conveyed. I do take issue with the above statement because I do keep my stats using GSAK among other tools and would certianly notice if one of my unique trackable "finds" were to suddenly vanish. While I do have several "discovers", I take more joy in actually moving GCs and TBs along their way; The icons are a pleasant bonus. As for the used car analogy, I agree New vs Used = Unactivated vs Activated. Therefore, deleting the previous logs = rolling back the mileage on the used car to presumably increase its worth. However, that's a false "worth". The car/coin still has the mileage/history...it's just been hidden.
  6. This analogy doesn't fit. With the cars...we as the owners would have the option to move those cars to a different place. With coin logs, once you delete them they're gone. Maybe that's why this is such an emotional issue. Maybe deleting logs is like stealing/destroying property? Oh, yes I WOULD be aware if I lost an icon for a coin I've moved/discovered! I'm a collector...that's what I do...and I enjoy collecting those silly little pieces of art!
  7. Got my list. I'll ship them out as soon as I can get to the post office. Hopefully by Saturday!
  8. The people who design the icons and the people who collect the icons. That's who. Do you acknowledge that there is a huge part of this community who do collect those icons? "or not" wouldn't have logs. Activated, well-cared-for coins are no different than unactivated, well-cared-for coins other than having a webpage/community linked to them...whether they have logs or not. I've never understood why we pay more for those activation codes/icons and yet so many people don't activate them. I'm obviously in the camp of liking the activation/icons/history of these collectibles.
  9. My trades are fine and I'm happy too! Thank you EVERYONE for playing and a special to our host. I enjoy this SO much. Thanks.
  10. An update: The coins I ordered arrived today. 'Nuff said.
  11. I got a bit more 'picky' about the ones I wanted this time, so now that my eyes are crossed (along with my fingers) and my mind is boggled with #s, my wish list has been sent. Looking forward to the result!
  12. I'm sorry, but I strongly disagree. We ALL have personal issues going on every day. Some are minor, some are major...and disappearing from the forums to deal with them is understandable and acceptable. But when you use the forums to promote your business, and take people's money it goes beyond that. I don't want to know the details of Jim's life or problems...I don't know him well enough and he's not my "friend"...I just want the product I paid for. If common practice was to ship product...THEN receive payment, do you think Jim would have been so uncommunicative? I doubt it. Maybe some of you don't have financial issues and that makes it easier for you to forgive people who steal your money, but some of us do. I'm not saying I can't afford these coins...but I certainly can't afford to throw away the money I gave Jim over 5 months ago. IF Jim is having serious personal issues, I'm sorry for him and I wish him well, but my feeling is that once he accepted my payment and promised to deliver his product, he entered into a relationship with me and he owes me. Not communicating with me is downright RUDE and not delivering the product is criminal. I'm sorry to be a downer. That's not my usual attitude, but personal issues of my own have made me realize that letting people walk all over you can eventually stomp you into the ground. I'm standing up for myself.
  13. I got mine, too: "Geocoin Design Order Number: 1852 Detailed Invoice Date Ordered: Saturday 06 August, 2011 The comments for your order are: Packaged for shipment" I'm not getting overly excited. It's just another delay tactic. He's been playing us for months. Sickening... EDIT: For an update: " Geocoin Design Order Number: 1852 Detailed Invoice Date Ordered: Saturday 06 August, 2011 The comments for your order are: Tracking *******" I'll let you know if/when they arrive.
  14. This is told at your webpage: "Shipping on 'preordered' geocoins will be handled within 24 hours of receipt of the coins to GeocoinDesign. Coins received Monday through Friday will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt. Coins delivered on Saturdays will not be shipped out until the following Monday." Well, receipt of the coins was 01/05 - the 24 hours are long over. When will we all recieve our coins paied in August? Still no answeres to any e-mails from the users here, still no excuse and no shipping... Thats really sad. I think it passed "sad" and went right into criminal. I hate thieves. Edited to add: He hasn't disappeared altogether. He last logged into his GeocoinGuy account just this past Wednesday. Does anyone have an idea as to what recourse we have with him?
  15. Sent another email to Jim...still no reply...
  16. I am still waiting to see the promised picture of the coins. Yeah, it seems we're still not very high on Jim's priority list. He received them over a week ago, waited 2 days to tell us...and we're still waiting. These better be drop-dead, take-my-breath-away gorgeous...or all six of mine wll be up for trade...IF I ever get them...
  17. Has anyone started receiving theirs yet?
  18. Post photos when you get them. I'd love to see what they look like. I'm missing those 4 plus the blue transluscent/antique silver one myself. Photo? I love your collections
  19. My coins are listed. I think I have 45! Way more than I thought
  20. Still trying to find some time to get organized. I haven't forgotten.
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