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  1. Congratulations! They turned out great. This is one of my favorite personal coins. They're so...... Personal!
  2. They're GORGEOUS! Does anyone have a picture of the GCF Denver edition?
  3. Email sent!!!! All fingers, eyes, toes, etc crossed for luck!
  4. This one's WAY at the top of my want list. I'd love to see a photo of the back.
  5. I do so want one of these... Beautiful colors!
  6. Mmmm, jealous...I love that Arrow One coin. Congrats on a good month.
  7. A few more. I just love the detail in the Cottage Garden green man side.
  8. A couple of very nice purchases: ...and finally a place to put some of them It's difficult to get a good shot of them because the opposite wall is a window. Too much reflection, but this is the general idea.
  9. Finally! I've been waiting a long time to get this one.
  10. Received mine today (with coin)! Nicely done. Spent a pleasant hour with the book waiting for KristinewithaK to finish karate class tonight, and I still didn't finish it. Looking forward to V2!
  11. So very sad. Far too young, far too talented ... so unfair. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. May it comfort you to know how many lives he touched in his short time with us.
  12. The DR nailed it quite a few post back. It appears that having suffered from post traumatic Geowoodstock syndrome I missed the subtle answer Won in the silent auction. Someone on this thread graciously let me steal it as we were the only two bidders. SInce is was not trackable, the newbies were amazingly not interested!!! I hope they don't whack this post as this is a classic, a little worn but they say the second coin made after M10Bike's V1!! Fantastic! Congratulations.
  13. I haven't been posting much lately, but maybe I can start now. Today's treasures:
  14. This is exactly what I always do. That way I have the "official" name for the coin. It's easier to Google and/or search cointracking.com that way. Some have other "common" names too, but the forum folks can help with that part.
  15. That's a BEAUTIFUL coin. How does one go about getting one of those?
  16. Congratulations. I think they're adorable. My favorite is the gold/red. LOVE that combo
  17. Saw this topic and about a dozen coins went through my head instantly. This is like asking which of my children, or my pets, I like better!! Hmm...I'll have to work on this...
  18. OH! Congratulations to the recipients. What an awesome, beautiful coin. It just shot up to the top of my really-want-it list. I LOVE this!
  19. ...searching for the LIKE button....
  20. Funny, I would have said the sky fell months ago and people are trying to pick up the pieces now. Coins were due in September, arrived in January to Jim and here we are 6 weeks later with people still not getting any coins. Agreed... AND "...here we are 6 weeks later with people still not getting any coins." ...or any explaination from him. That's despicable.
  21. I've been seeing this problem with avatars/photos for some time now. It's really starting to bug me so I checked over here and see that others are having the same exact problems. Avatars are scrambled, photos don't show correctly and when I refresh the page to straighten the pictures out, it's like playing a slot machine...you never know what you're going to get! Clicking on a photo in a cache log most often ends up never loading. Don't know if it will help, but I'm using Windows XP Prof SP2 and IE8. I hope you can figure it out soon. It's starting to get very frustrating.
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