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  1. Anybody hear of this person I am looking for them.
  2. Sounds interesting to me. So whats the terrain like . Snow shoes needed or Just our usual pacific wet weather gear.
  3. Well congatulations to all you of you who got picked to go. And to all those who weren't picked maybe we all can get together and do a cache as a group down here while there up north. I think a round of applause is in order for Cent5. For his imaginative caches and his generosity to all of us. I know we all had a lot of fun doing the Pocket Pool Parlour cache. Also another round of applause is due to Global Girl And Prying Paandora for stepping in And helping Cent 5 out. Jim, Glad to her your daughter is doing fine and nothing was broken. I sure will take you up on that offer to Kodiak Island. Sure wish spring was just around the corner. Anybody up to doing a few caches up in the Ellensburg area. When there up north as a group. I leave the Atv's home. And maybe Reino could at as a guide for us. Well I hope all of you have a great trip up there and a safe one too. Cheers Blac Raven
  4. Well thank you for your kind words about my wife. I appreciate them. They said that my wife will probably feel the injuries for about a month. I was planning on doing some things around here. Now I will be doing alot more things around here. So I have been in contact with Hydnsek and she has agreed to take the Acd 11. She will have to proxy on wednesday. I think that this is the only sporting thing to do. I was really looking forward to this, like everyone one else. Also Didnt make the goal of putting 2000 miles by wednesday. So I wish all you Acd TB holders the best and I will be rooting for everyone of you to win. Of course I will be rooting a little harder for # 11. This was a lot of fun right from the beginning, Starting with Dead Doll Ditch to Pocket Pool Parlour. Thanks Cent5 for the chance to go to Alaska. I hope who ever gets picked has a great time up there. And please say hi to Mike and the rest of the Ladybug crew. Cheers blac Raven
  5. I would like to join in on some of those DNF's. After work idea sounds great. we could meet at a cache like every wednesday night and hit a few. What do you think.
  6. How about The Pacific Northwest Coin Collecters. for a name. So Hydnsek If you need help like distributing or any thing else, I'll be glad to offer assistence.
  7. So your open to bribery you say. Ok I have a Round thing from the State of Colorado. Will that Do.
  8. with so many great places up there, this is going to be a hard one indeed. How about something with Nainamo. And the Canadian flag on the other side.
  9. Ok I'm in Hydnsek. By the way Great Idea.
  10. Nice coin you got there for Halloween And the patch looks great also. I say do both of them. I be happy to have one of those coins and a patch put on a jacket.
  11. Sure count me in for 2 coins, thanks
  12. I just order one coin on paypal. There know place in there for shipping. So let me know and i pal pal you the rest
  13. Please put me down for 6 coins. Thanks
  14. Thanks cent5 for a chance to enter the drawing. I recently found # 11 in Dead doll ditch. Sounds like a winner if I put a dash in it. Maybe we can do just water cache's up there and do some trolling at the same time. Thanks for the Travel bug. Blac Raven
  15. I'll take 10. How about Something from Victoria. Like the Gardens on one side and something else on the other.
  16. Hi there Canada. Put me down for 10 coins . I think it is a great Idea. So put this lower 48'er on your list. Thanks Half Canadien. Cheers Blac Raven
  17. If you need someone to help you out. Then I am sure I could donate time to help you . You know a few of us could setup some multi's for you on the eastside. Also maybe your wife could set up the guidelines for the caches. So count me in . OK
  18. Well today there were a few milestones made on the Second Assault on Mountain Marsh. Congratulations To Landrover On his 400 find and to Analog dog on his 300 find. And not to forget Cruiser guy on his big 1000. . Hope to be there on your 500. And Cruiser Guy's 1500 find.
  19. The second assault has been completed. Along with others. Besides the Marsh cache And CC Bigfoot. We managed to have the weather hold out and had a lot of fun. For al of you that didn't make .You were definitely missed. There were a great group of people out there. Loss count of how many times we pass one and have to turn around. Thanks to Phil and Cathy for there resolve in oranizing another trip. Cheers Blacravin
  20. Further up this thread is a whole list o' folks who'll be at the Newcastle PnR in the morning, including me. You're welcome to ride w/ me, John! SHOTGUN
  21. So Culp if you are bringing the saw, should I bring chains and axe's? And whos going to be in Newcastle. And one more note. Sorry to hear, that are fellow cachers from the last trip won't be making it. You will be missed by all of us. Hope you all recover.
  22. So Cent5 will ineed a boat in pursuit of these gems
  23. Well, you just go right ahead with that plan. I ain't meeting nobody nowhere at 5 am. But speaking of the Bellevue carpool, we had a great vanpool last time. Should the six of us try for round 2? Marcus, you coming with the van? k7-wave, blackravin, kiersolvd, andrewrj - y'all on board? Same time, same park 'n ride, different date? [7 am, exit 9 on 405] Sure what time there Hydnsek. And are you bringing us cookies and milk this time.
  24. Will you be starting out at the deer chaser?
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