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  1. Here is the link to that site with the video on the geocaching mode in the 60C/CS http://www.gps.tv/mpage/60c/03m.html
  2. I just bought a Garmin GPS V with the understanding that it had a geocaching mode. That is what the sales person told me because my wife and I told her that is one of the reasons we wanted to buy a GPSr. Well, turns out that it doesn't. After doing some reading the Garmin 60C and 60CS both have the geocaching mode. Even when to a site that shows a video about it. Looks pretty cool. However, does this mode make it easier to find the cache? Really, what is the purpose and is it worth it? I still have time to return the GPS V. Oh, one more question while I am at it. Is it worth spending the extra for the GPS 60 CS? I thank you all for you help and look forward to reading your responses. Greg
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