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  1. If anybody else gets poison oak for the next two weeks, I will officially take the blame for your mistake as well.
  2. He also looks like that after 22 hours of caching!
  4. Congrats to Hof05! He found his 1000th cache here!
  5. I've been working on clearing out my 5 mile radius and I felt that I was making good progress. That is, until my celll phone woke me up at 6am this morning with a massive amount of cache notifications! I was down to 18 caches, 12 of which were puzzles. Now I have 38, 32 of which are puzzles.
  6. Congrats to Unknown_2_You for find# 1000!He found it 4 days shy of his 1 year anniversary!
  7. So what do you know that the rest of us have been dying to figure out? Does he or doesn't he? (Only his hairdresser knows for sure... ) I know I know! I had that cache on my watch list I knew that there was somebody else that seen that log! All I remember is that Marko had an "extreme" off road vehicle. I believe that he called it his Yellow September. Or was it his Pink Elephant? No.... That wasn't it either. Hmm, for some reason, I'm drawing a blank right now.
  8. I'm going to take bragging rights on this one! The Hunt For Red October could not get Marko Ramius out of the closet but mine did! Check out the log for High Above Interstate 15 Nevermind, I guess only cache owners can read archived logs for their own caches.
  9. 10/28/07 Wewilldo7......#500!!!!!! On Skillet's Something to Do #4 Congrats Bill and Laurie!!!!!
  10. It is my pleasure to congratulate my motorcycle buddy Kawikaturn on find #4000!!!!! You can find his log here!
  11. NewDawn and I were on a motorcycle ride and our way to Julian to have some Apple pie. We rode Old Julian Highway and started to see smoke as we approached the Old Julian Hwy / 78 intersection. About 1-2 miles east on the 78, the smoke was so much that we decided that we were not going any further. I assume that we were .25mi from the fire and within 10 minutes of the start of it. The motorcycle riders that you see in the picture claim to have been within 100 feet of the fire as they were heading west on the 78 from Julian.
  12. Congrats on #1700 Patrick! P.S. Patrick is such a great name!
  13. Pinky Brain, You're not loosing any sleep over this, are you? To clear up the air with my SD geofriends, I spoke with Spyder (cache owner) via email about the incident and told him I'd replace the cache and he thanked me. If he asked me to change my log, I would have done so in a heartbeat. Carpe Diem!!!!!
  14. Thank you very much! And thanks U2U for creating a cache in honor of this milestone. I'll pick this up on my way to work this morning! I'm not the only one to hit a milestone on our cache run yesterday. Devhead also hit 2000! Kawikaturn hit 3500! The Dillon Gang hit 3400!
  15. Wewilldo7 and I are going to hike Mt. Woodson this evening. 4-5pm start time. We're starting at Woody Trailhead II (GC1565Y) and heading towards The mountain of moonlit rocks (GC1CB).
  16. Congrats to SlabyFam for hitting #2000 on Mt. Whitney!!!!!
  17. Anybody else see the red moon this morning?
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