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  1. Awesome picture for an awesome accomplishment! Congratulations, Duncan!!!!!!!!!! Congrats D!.....and we don't think you're a Dork! Don't listen to them, D! You are a dork!! Congrats! It was an awesome week! I'm still at awe over all that we did!
  2. Go get him T-4, I recommend the side swipe kick, watch out for the teeth! Nice! I feel honored to be photo-shopped by Harmon! Unfortunately, nobody was shooting pictures while I was wrestling him to the ground. Teeth? I pulled them all out and made a necklace out of them. I'll give it away at the next geo-event!
  3. I had the pleasure of caching with the kwvers! for 12,001 - 12,005. Congrats you two! Good thing you have that built in compass in your jeep!
  4. Congrats, Dave! I wish I could have been there!
  5. Wow! Golly! That's a shock to the ol' system. Hang in there, buddy! We are with you in spirit Randy, hoping for the best outcome there can be. There's a huge Geocaching Family here that really cares about you, including us! Steve & Janie Ditto what all the others have said Randy. If ya need anything let us know. Heck..we'll even place caches around the dialysis center for ya if you want John and I wish you the the best..... Thanks for all your thoughts and calls. That really means a lot to me! I'm doing well. I did my second dialysis today and I can say that I already feel a lot better already. I have another dialysis session tomorrow and then I may go home on Monday.
  6. Sounds like fun. I love the Saturday night trenches. This is where some of them get drunk and make complete a**es out of themselves for our amusement!
  7. That's crazy, Tom! It seems like it was just yesterday when you hit 5000. Congrats!
  8. Congrats to devhead for also finding a milestone today. #3500!!
  9. Here is FlagMan at the Love Stone. He quoted some kind of movie which was hilarious at the time. I tried googling it but had no luck. So, I'll just post the picture. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  10. Splashes Team Duckit Flagman and myself with Fattboy are doing pancake Rock . Go back to 93 and near the bottom it starts about the GC that is close to the start of the trail. No reports back.. did you all survive? TA Check out FATTBOY's newest cache!
  11. Here's a picture of Yoda, followed by the Splashes Jeep, strapped to Kickbakjack's jeep in the rear. The picture was taken next to FATTBOY's sexy truck.
  12. Congrats to Duncan!!!!!! He just passed 9000 finds!!!!!
  13. Wow Harmon...Your's sure looks alot cleaner than ours! Yikes! do I see two sets of little beady eyes in there? Looks like something from a Hitchcock movie. Sewage backup?
  14. Yea I just drove home today and looked over there and it doesn't look good. I drove up the 52 at 11am this morning. It looks like the whole area as far as I can see is scorched.
  15. Tomorrow morning, zatyko and I are taking a motorcycle ride up the 395 and over to the 4 to visit this cache. Friday, we'll ride from San Diego to Bishop. Saturday, we will ride through the Sierra's on highways 4 and 108 and then back to Bishop. Sunday, we will head back to SD. We will expect to ride about 1,150 miles in three days.
  16. Get out your pitchforks and torches. U2U's nano supplier has been caught red-handed.
  17. If your interested in a fun cache, try Rocky Ridge Last time we were up around your neck of the woods, we found this cache and then did a little bit of cave exploring. If it weren't for this cache, we would have never stopped here. I remember that there were not many caches around there but the quality was great!
  18. Thanks for the update Snake! I need to do those! Is anybody up for doing them that wakes up later on weekends? On my first visit there, NightHunter told us that the conduit was used by illegals. On my second visit there, with Chuy and a bunch of people, I think, we spooked an illegal who was using the conduit to sneak north. I hope they know how to swim, or they may end up in the San Diego water supply at Otay Donde esta el cacho? I'd rather go with a group. Hopefully there are some others that haven't done those yet... The bats will keep you company, TG And watch out for Ginger's landmine in Ghost Waters. It sounds like I need a volunteer to walk in front of me... I did these caches last Saturday with zatyko. We confirmed with Chuy that Walking the Plank is more than likely missing. The Subterranean and Ghost Waters caches were a blast! I highly recommend those! We did not see bats in Ghost waters but we spooked a bunch in the Subterranean Cache! Oh, be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes that you don't mind wasting.
  19. Whoa, that freaks me out and I’m not even afraid of bees. Did you guys throw any rocks at it just to see what would happen? Actually... I had a weird sensation to touch it, and have the bees crawl all over my hand.
  20. Here we have 1,000,001 cache critters. We have 1,000,000 bees and 1 devhead. We were searching for OLD CAP'N STINKY'S TREASURE CHEST!!. My GPS zeroed right under this massive beehive and I was about to duck down into the bushes when I realized I was face to face with them bees.
  21. I was out caching North of 52 with devhead and we came across this water snake.
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