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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, guys.
  2. I've just got my Montana 650, immediately updated the firmware to the latest version (3.60). I uploaded a map of Russia to the internal memory card and turned it on. The map etc. works fine, but when I was in the setup menu just checking out the options, the device has powered off unexpectedly. This has happened around 3 times already, each time I was in a different part of the setup menu (I'm not sure this was the reason for the powering off). I was using it with the original Li-Ion battery, fully charged, while being in a parked vehicle (i.e. no vibrations etc.). Anyone encountered something like this?
  3. Nuvi recall (off-topic, yeah) https://my.garmin.com/rma/recallLanding.faces
  4. Guys, you're seriously over-quoting. Keep this readable!
  5. My eTrex Vista HCX no longer works, since I tried putting li-ion (14500) batteries in it. It turns on when wires to a lab power supply, but is unstable and consumes a lot of current. My friend the electronic wizard says the power chip is probably shot. I'm buying a Montana and selling the eTrex for parts, somebody might want it for the screen or the joystick. Before I buggered it, it was working without any problems. I want $40 for it, plus shipping. I'm in Russia so overseas shipping gonna cost $15-20. --Gene Pavlovsky gene.pavlovsky@gmail.com skype: gene_pavlovsky cell: +7-916-8552108
  6. Update: I've had no problems with the glue job I've made with McNett Seam Grip (a polyurethane-based glue) until a trip to Crete - and it wasn't even super hot. The rubber came unglued again. I mostly used the unit in a RAM car mount. During the two years I've owned this GPSr I've had it turn off several times, when riding over bumps (mountain bike, car). This happened both on battery power and on remote power. I've figured since the rubber came unglued again I would fix the powering off - disassembled the unit and soldered wires between the springy contacts and the pads on the pcb that they touch (two battery power contacts and 4 usb contacts, 6 wires in total). I'm trying a RTV Silicone sealant as a rubberband glue this time, it's use was mentioned a couple of times in various discussions of this problem. Will report on it's effectiveness after some real use.
  7. My Etrex Vista HCX is less than a year old, never left in car on a hot day, but I had the same problem with the rubber. I've used the unit with a RAM handlebar mount on my bike, and the rubber started to become unglued, especially on top left and right corners, where there's most non-uniform pressure from the mount. I suspect the mount might have accelerated the process, but the real reason is surely a sub-standard glue which became worse on a warm day. I've picked up some McNett Seam Grip (couldn't find any Loctite Extreme Repair here in Moscow, Russia) and used it to glue the rubber back on. The job I made isn't 100% neat but the glue seems to be holding nicely. Haven't tried it in action yet. I'll post an update when I do.
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