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  1. Yes, I often find my caches at different spots from where I had originally hidden them.

    I spend much time to find the right place to hide them and some "clever" geocacher thinks that the cache can be hidden at a different spot better.

    Well, I am the owner and I have all the rights to define the exact point of the cache.

    Recently at one of the most famous of my micros in Athens, Greece at Acropolis Rock - Anafiotika 1, someone could not find the listerine box as a micro and he placed a new one (a blue pill box) of his own with a log sheet and claimed that he found my cache!

    Well, what does he think he achieved? Confusion to all the next geocachers...


    I wrote as a rule that the cache after the log must be returned to the original spot or else I have the right to delete the log...I have already deleted some logs that are not found in my listerine box...

    I searched the area for the blue pill box but did not find it. And after all I don't feel that I have to be the hunter at my own cache...None has the right to place caches at an area of 0.1 miles around...or I am wrong?

    So with frequent maintenance check ups, I can tell that my micros will be fully functional and the next geocachers can read the original hints and can be directed to the cache !




  2. I dissagree with Zakis and SerZ at some points.

    Zaki, the walking distance of the points of the caches at the center of Athens is not thirty minutes.

    If you mean the motor-biking distance maybe you could search for them, and log half of them !

    But if you try to walk from point to point all these caches it is far more than half an hour...


    SerZ, initially geocachers place caches near their houses, for maintenance reasons.As times passes by and they "fill" their areas with caches, they start to place at further places and it goes on...

    So the question for anyone is not to place caches at the northern suburbs, but to place caches near their home area first.


    On the other hand, I am really happy that there are creative geocachers who help this game to stay alive by placing new caches.


    On the question of Zakis, at the only foreign country that I have visited as a geocacher, I found out that the touristic spots of the city tend to monopolize the interest of geocachers.To be more specific, I was in Egypt last February and at the city of Cairo with the millions of population, the only ONE cache that you can find, and this is a virtual one, is at the area of Giza, where the Pyramids are located...no other caches at Cairo...there are few caches in the desert but you have to rent a car to go and find them...

    So the touristic places magnetize geocachers in Egypt.

  3. Hi , I like in the uK , and will soon be holidaying in the lovely island of Rhodes ( spelling ? ) I was just wondering the easiest way to looks these up on GC.com ?


    I dont have a post code , i cant type in rhodes town or lindos , and not get anything. there must be an easy way ? isn't there ?




    My friend,

    at the caches that I have placed in Rhodes, at the name I have added the word "Rhodes".

    So when you make a search for the text "%Rhodes" or "*Rhodes" you may find the caches you need.

    I use this naming tactic at almost all of my own caches, so anyone who searches for caches at the area will seek for them easier.


    Some exact names for caches in Rhodes are:

    ENYDREIO - RHODES (the most northern cache in Rhodes)


    PRASONISI - RHODES (the most southern cache in Rhodes)



    Select one of these and then select the option "Show all nearby caches that I haven't found".


    I hope I helped you.

    Have a nice time in Greece !


  4. Very nice topic my friend SerZ.It worried me a lot in the past.

    When I started geocaching, here in Attika there were about 6-7 caches all around ...

    How would you feel then? So I thought that someone had to start placing more caches in Athens and its suburbs.As I live at the southern suburbs, it was very normal to fill little by little the southern areas with them!

    Today I am glad that there is a large number of geocaches at my area and also around Attika.

    EVERYONE has the power to hide a cache, I think it is hard to accept the idea.Everything is in our mind.If we are used to the "ready" products then we are the types of geocachers who always try to discover the hidden caches...these are the followers (according to me).

    If we are a little different and we like things on our own way, then we get out and we build our schedules, we make our rules, we write our history out there...

    It is a matter of how we feel inside.

    Personally I am glad that lately many local geocachers show that they are creative minds and they have left missery behind.My friends I am glad that our sport is waking up and we enjoy its bennefits.With just buying a GPS unit we can enjoy so much of nature, adventure, training in so many ways like mountain-biking, swimming, wading, hiking, driving on gravel mountain roads etc.


    I am really happy to know the most all you.Whether you place or not new caches, you will still be my geocacing friends !




  5. Recently,

    a geocaching friend of me, (tetras61) told me that while he was searching for one of my caches in Sterea Ellada, he found two scorpions nearby the caches.

    He is a pharmacist and may be in a bit better condition how to face this problem.

    But as for all the rest of us, I would suggest WE WOULD BE EXTREMELY careful for such dangerous animals.

    Be aware every single moment that you walk at an area of high grass (for any snake) or when you lift some small stones to uncover the cache (for any scorpion)!


    I would like to ask if someone knows, are there any injections against bites from such poisonous animals?


    I wish all of us safe geocaching !



  6. Thanks for the info my friend cyamin!


    Although in the past (a year ago) such an activation at my Foretrex 200 turned it mad and I had to send it to the UK for a replacement, this weekend I tried to activate it on my GPSMAP 60CS.The results were amazing !

    I had never seen an accuracy of TWO meters!!!

    I suggest all the friends in geocaching here in Greece enable this function so that we can have more accurate readings !




  7. I have placed many caches inside my city and outside of it.

    I thought of starting a post with suggestions of every single information of placing a micro cache in a city.

    This may be helpful to any of you that may want to place micros but does not know how...

    I have placed in the city of Athens and elsewhere two types of micros, film canisters and Listerine mini boxes.

    The film canisters can be found at any photo-shop.You can ask the shop owner if he has any empty film canisters-they gather them and they throw them away.Usually they have white ones.It is more rare to find black ones that are the best if we consider camouflage.I use to place a Neodymium magnet at the top and glue it with hot glue.The same way I glue these magnets to the empty Listerine boxes.

    Sometimes I paint the Listerine boxes with permanent marker, black or blue.

    We have now to add the log-book inside the micros.I found some good log-lists at the geocaching forums and I would be happy to give you the files, so that you can also print them and place them at your micros.Just PM me and I will send them to you !

    Now the place where we are going to hide them...Usually in a big city the best hiding places are the parks!

    And I prefer the benches, as many other micro owners ! Now the strong Neodymium magnets sets you free to place the micro at any surface that is metalic and can hold the micro. And this means that the micro can hung from any metalic area...they are so strong, that they keep the micro attached to the surface.

    From this point you can use your imagination where these micros can stick to ! If you are curious enough, all you have to do is to "hunt" for any micros...you will discover many ideas for hiding them !

    About the time of hiding the caches now.Usually it is not recommended to visit parks in the deep night...(Right Antoni?) I think the best time for hiding a micro in the city is half an hour after the sun sets.

    Not too lighty and not so dark.The mugglers(=curious people at the area who look and do not let us do our geocaching stuff) usually leave parks when the sun goes down...But this is not a law for the hot summers here in Greece !

    Then you have to trust your instinct and judge the right time that will be less people around.Also if the park has many buildings around, then you have to look around if anyone is at his-her balcony watching your effords to hide the micro instead of watching the news on tv...if there are such people then I guess you have to leave the park and come back some other time.

    And a nice trick when you try to hide the cache, is having your mobile phone at your one hand, pretending that you are writing an sms and you are tired and you lower down on your one knee.

    Placing micros at the middle part of some avenue, is a dangerous thing and not recommended.First the road signs in the middle of the road do not live for long.There is always some brainless driver that has to stop on them and destroy them along with your micro.Even the bushes in the middle of the avenue do not live long...if you do not believe this, just take a look at the Vouliagmenis avenue from Argyroupoli (Alimou) up to Glyfada...

    So, road signs at the side of a road may be a good hide for your micro.


    In a future post, I will write some more.

    Please feel free to write your suggestions.




  8. Και ποιός ο λόγος να μην βάλουμε αυτές τις παραπάνω πληροφορίες για ταβέρνες, πηγές και δρομάκια στο αγγλικό site? Ποιός μας εμποδίζει να το κάνουμε τώρα ως έχει;


    Μια διάσπαση θα οδηγούσε στον αποκλεισμό της χώρας μας από διεθνείς παίκτες.Δεν νομίζω ότι πρέπει να κλειστούμε στο καβούκι μας και να είμαστε εμείς οι 5-6.Αυτό μπορούν να το κάνουν και το έχουν πετύχει στη γερμανία, την γαλλία και τις άλλες χώρες όπου όμως έχουν τεράστιο πλήθος από παίκτες, όπου καθημερινά έχουν 3-4 νέα caches.Εμείς τι πλήθος έχουμε να δείξουμε;



  9. Μπράβο Αντώνη, νομίζω η προσπάθεια σου είναι πολύ υποσχόμενη, και πιστεύω πως χρέος μας είναι να την υποστηρίξουμε όλοι. Αυτή η ιδέα για ένα εξελληνισμένο χώρο Geocaching είναι πολύ σημαντική συνθήκη για την ανάπτυξη της δραστηριότητας και στην Ελλάδα.


    Γιατί, δηλαδή το σημείο στο οποίο κολλάει ο κόσμος εδώ στην ελλάδα και δεν βάζει νέα caches είναι το γεγονός ότι πρέπει να γράφει στα αγγλικά την περιγραφή; ;)

    Δεν νομίζω...


    Πάντως όποιος νομίζει ότι θέλει να βάλει caches αλλά κολλάει στο γεγονός ότι δεν ξέρει καλά αγγλικά για να γράψει την περιγραφή, προτείνω να στέλνει την ελληνική περιγραφή σε εμένα και εγώ να του τη μεταφράζω στα αγγλικά.Μήπως έτσι θα φιλοτιμηθεί ο κόσμος να βάλει περισσότερα caches;



  10. Bravo for the new caches here in Greece at the northern parts,


    but please, add more lines to your descriptions.

    Half of a line as a whole cache's description is not what people who will hunt your cache want ! :huh:

    If you were about to start a hunt for a cache would you like to find such minimalistic information about it?

    The more information you write on your caches the more people it attracts !



  11. Πολύ προσοχή και τύχη χρειάζεται και ένα micro cache στον Εθνικό Κήπο στην Αθήνα.Είναι δίπλα ακριβώς από τη Βουλή και πολύ κοντά σε κουβούκλιο αστυνομικού που φρουρεί το χώρο !

    Πήγα τρείς φορές αλλά είχε πάντα αστυνομικούς.Την τέταρτη που πέρασα, δεν είχε κανέναν ένστολο οπότε όρμησα "με τα μούτρα" μέσα στο φράκτη και φυσικά το βρήκα !


    Ιδιαίτερη προσοχή χρειάζεται στα traditional caches που βάζουμε σε δασικούς χώρους.Το καλοκαίρι του 2005 βρήκα ένα cache στη Ρόδο, μέσα σε δασώδη περιοχή και μέσα σε οπτικό πεδίο περιπόλου πυροσβεστικού σώματος.Σίγουρα αναρωτήθηκαν οι άνθρωποι τι ψάχνω μέσα στα πεύκα, ντάλα μεσημέρι...

    Όταν βρήκα το ταπεράκι και το άνοιξα, έμεινα κόκκαλο...κάποιος εξυπνάκιας τουρίστας είχε αφήσει μέσα ένα κουτί σπίρτα ! ! ! Φαντάζεστε τι θα γινόταν έτσι και ερχόταν η περίπολος του πυροσβεστικού και με ρώταγε τι κάνω εκεί; Θα προσπαθούσα να τους μιλήσω για το geocaching και θα μου λέγανε ότι τους κοροϊδεύω εφόσον έχω σπίρτα στο κουτί μέσα στο δάσος... :mad:



  12. Arthro apo to CNN gia to ti epathe enas talaiporos pou to mono pou ithele na kanei itan na krypsei ena cache! Prepei na skeftomaste kala prin kryvoume cache! B)




    Ηθικό δίδαγμα: όταν εγκαθιστούμε νέο cache και κάνουμε τις μετρήσεις, να μην ακούμε παράλληλα και μουσική από το φορητό μας mp3 player γιατί πραγματικά θα μας πιάσουνε επ'αυτοφόρω ! ! ! B)

    Πάντα να έχουμε τα αυτιά μας ορθάνοιχτα για τυχόν περιπολικά ! ! ! ;)


    Πάντως μου άρεσε ένα slogan που διάβασα εδώ στο forum:

    I use multi-billion dollar millitary satellites to find plastic containers in the woods ! ! !



  13. My geocaching friends,


    the main point that I started this topic was that all the caches here, are under the domain geocaching.com and not under geocaching.de or geocaching.fr or geocaching.it or geocaching.gr

    I still have not received the opinion of Jeremy, the owner of this site.

    Anyway, I have to suggest at each cache a sign of a flag, so that anyone can choose the caches that have a description language that understands.


    My friends,

    from your responses I learnt that the majority of geocachers have a good will to help you with the translation of their caches (of course if they have the knowledge), or they can direct you to a member of the local community that knows how to translate the description.

    Above all it is good willing my friends.Without it we are nothing !


    Kindest regards,


  14. Hello !


    I am about to make a trip to Cairo, Egypt and I am asking if there is any friend in geocaching who lives in Cairo so when I get there I will have some local to contact.Possibly I will bring some Travel Bug to leave there.I am thinking of placing some caches around Cairo and if the local agrees I would like him-her to remain as maintainer of the caches.

    I will be in Cairo from 25 February to the 1st of March.

    If there is anyone willing to meet me, please contact me with PM or yannig@yannig.net




  15. From what I read from you my friends, it would not bother you if I changed the descriptions of my caches into Greek then ! I have installed a big number of caches here in greece and I plan to install much more in the future, so the Greek description would not bother other geocachers since there are translating pages...

    But it does bother me when I want to go on geocaching to some other country lets say France, and everything is in French...

  16. Hello !


    I am one of the most active Greek geocachers and recently we made our Greek section at the forums.

    I would like to ask a simple question.

    When you open the caches in Germany or another european country that has not english as its first language, you see that THE MAJORITY of the cache descriptions, even the titles are in the local language.

    I have thought many times of starting some weekend trips to Germany of France or Switcherland just for geocaching, but all I find at the descriptions is the local languages that I do not speak and not willing to learn soon.

    On the other hand, here in Greece I have read ALL the descriptions of the local caches and not one of them is written in Greek, all descriptions are written in english.

    I would like to ask Jeremy and anyone, why is there such a difference at the descriptions?

    There are international geocachers who like to travel and do not speak the local languages.

    I suggest there should be a law while declaring a new cache, that you can write the descriptions at the local language, but you have to provide also an english description as mandatory.Or maybe there should be an option for this cache to be rated only for local geocachers (that I would not prefer).


    What are the thoughts of all the friends in here?

    Kindest regards,


    Athens, Greece

  17. Hi Border !


    I have thought many times of going to a geocache travel to Germany or cental Europe, but searching for the caches, the majority of them has information ONLY in the german language (or the local language - not english) that I don't speak and not willing to learn for now.

    Do you think it is fare for us here to only write in Greek compared to what you write in the German (or the local) caches descriptions? And please note that not a single cache description here in Greece is written in Greek.


    Nothing personal, just confused of balances.

    Thanks for your understanding.


  18. My friend diasostis,


    none says that you can not innitiate a greek geocaching meeting in Thessaloniki !

    Every geocacher can start a new meeting wherever he wants ! The key is to be attended by as many people as it can be.

    Please organise such a meeting and then wait to see whether people from other parts of Greece will attend !


    My friend, here we are to spend our free time on our beloved hobby, not for fights.

    And none stops you from placing new caches around Thessaloniki or the north of greece.Do it and see how many geocachers will travel from the other parts of Greece just to find the caches !


    You are welcome to the forums !


  19. If someone wants to sent his TB's or Geocoins to Europe, I'm willing to put these in caches in The Netherlands as a starting point for a journey through Europe.

    Excuse me, have you studied any geography ever?

    Or when there was this lesson about Greece you were absent?

    Let me remind you that Greece is in the continent named Europe since ages and also a member of the European Union.It happens that we have the same coins with your country...


    So no need to send any TBs or geocoins to "Europe"...they are already here ! ! !





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