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  1. Thank you all for your respones! I got the answer.I am not going to place anything down there. There are also benches when you exit the stations, at the open parks right outside the exits where there is reception and no cameras to track your moves ! Yes, here there are cameras down there that record everything, so it would be quite tricky. The bad thing is that you don't find so easy benches made from steel all over ! Most of them here in the parks are made from wood, and in some places there is steel to stick the magnets ! Thanks again all the friends in geocaching ! See U ! Yanni
  2. Recently as I waited at the bench of an underground metro station, I was playing with a film canister that was prepared for a microcache.I found out that this micro can be hidden very nice under the iron benches of the metro stations that are underground.The magnet just loves the benches down there ! But from what I have read so far, it is not allowed to place caches at places that the access is not free to all of the people (you have got to have a metro ticket). From your experience, are there any caches around the world hidden in underground metro stations? Thanks in advance ! YanniG
  3. If I tell you that here in Greece we have not seen any woman geocaching you will feel so lucky out there ! YanniG
  4. Hello ! There is no problem to buy a TB if you live in Canada.The real problem is when you live in Greece.Groundspeak ships only to Usa or Canada, so I tried to International shops.I tried two European based shops but they told me they do not ship to Greece. Thanks to geoaching I have made friends with Paul, a geocacher in Canada, so he bought for me my own travel bugs and sent them with a package.But I can't ask him all the times to buy me TBs. As there are other people here in Athens who also want to buy TBs to place around, what do you suggest? Where should we buy from any Travel Bugs? Thanks in advance. YanniG Athens, Greece
  5. All I am asking is some communication with the owner, so that in a months' time that I will visit the island again, I will have more hints or maybe the new location and find the cache. Kind regards ! YanniG
  6. Hello everyone ! Recently I visited the island of Antiparos here in Greece and tried to find the two caches on the island.I found Camping Antiparos but Antiparos#1 Ferrytickets seemed to me that was not there.I went to the place THREE different times of the day.I searched the whole stone wall but no sign of the cache.Ok, I thought I will give it a try next month when I return there for yet another weekend of relaxation. The real problem starts when I tried to contact 1538Moss for some hints, the owner of the cache who also is maintainer of the Camping Antiparos cache ! ! ! ! ! ! And then at the page there is a note from the admin of the site: Admin Note re. cache maintenance: " Antiparos is our favorite island, we visit at least once a year. My friend asgeirk (Geocache name) also visit the island least once a year. And we know a family on the island they can help me, if anything occurs." Ok, the administrators have approved to a person who lives in central Europe to own a cache in the Greek islands and maintain the other one... But when I want to place a cache at some Greek island, they make it VERY difficult and they want proofs that I will be going frequent there...(just ask dimitri what went through for the cache Pharos of Kea which is one hour travel with a ferry). The port of Pireus is half an hour from my home and the ferries travel average three to five hours to get you to the central Aegean islands.Why is it difficult to allow me placing a cache there while you have allowed people from central Europe own and maintain at least two caches? Personally, I can travel to ANY point of the Greek territory at least once a year, so maybe I could leave a cache anywhere in my country ! There is nothing personal against anyone here, I just want to know the way it was allowed to some people to have caches there.Maybe it was an old policy that now is not effective. And above all it is a real pleasure for all of us to exist many caches so that we can have hours of adventure out there. Again I have to state that there is nothing personal against anyone in here, so forgive me if it seems like that. I would like to have your opinions my friends. Kindest regards, YanniG, Athens, Greece.
  7. Hello ! Recently by exchange I got a travel bug that is in a plastic bag containing a sheet with the instructions - its purpose - goal and the travel bug attached to a Happy Face. You can see all the details at the travel bug TBJ1BX. If you want more information about Athens you can contact me as I live in Athens ! Regards, YanniG
  8. Yes, it is the owner who sent it to me.The Happy face is brand new and just started its journey through planet earth ! There are four more of this kind and I think such exchanges are acceptable. YanniG
  9. Hello my friends ! As I live in Athens, Greece, I think I have the solution in my mind ! I will make my best to place a regular cache near the center of Athens. The problem you are describing is a big one for the people who pass by my city just to switch to a ferry boat or another plane to some Greek island.With all these people in mind, I will try to place a regular cache somewhere at the center of Athens, so that the exchange of travel bugs will be easy ! I just wanna inform you, that this week I received a travel bug by some friend in the Usa.He sent it to me by mail.I just logged and stated that I grabbed it from him and now I will place it to some cache here.I think this procedure is not against the rules.Or is it? Kindest regards, YanniG
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