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  1. This is my first post and my wife and I have been geocaching since Christmas. We love caching and enjoy all the information available online. The one thing I appreciate is that so much of this info is free and available to members.


    I would like to do my part and give back to the community. Our first set of caches will be puzzle caches. I first saw online here some members designs of Cryptex's with many pictures and drawings but I did have to bounce around alot trying to get the concept. The one thing I found lacking were good quality drawings so I decided to put some of my skills to work and reverse engineered a Cryptex of my own.


    I used parts available at the local Home Depot but they could be picked up at any hardware store carrying plumbing supplies. Enjoy and share, that's what there here for.


    This is my first finished product and will be the final stage of my cache.



    The images are lower resolution but click the hyperlinks to download a high quality .pdf file that you can print for a drawing set.


    Drawing 1 of 9 Exploded View



    Drawing 2 of 9 Assembled View



    Drawing 3 of 9 Material List



    Drawing 4 of 9 Internal Key Tube



    Drawing 5 of 9 Inner Key Assembly



    Drawing 6 of 9 Base Tube



    Drawing 7 of 9 Combination Ring



    Drawing 8 of 9 Split & Keeper Ring



    Drawing 9 of 9 Final Assembly



    I will try to answer questions the best I can if you have any but I work during the day and cannot always reply quickly.



    Soxter & Billini

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