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  1. Here's one not on the list.... KANSAS CITY METRO CONTROL PROJECT http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=KE1659
  2. What is the PID on this mark? Does the text description describe a plate like this over the mark?
  3. Nice table! I've seen a few of case #6 as well. ""I can't find the marker, so it MUST be destroyed!"" I think you've covered almost every possibility. Good work!
  4. "As to the finding only the stem of a disk, the correct way to log it is a note/not found. If you can not read the disk, then there is always some doubt as to whether or not you found the correct one. " .....Unless of course the disc is lying there beside it. But then look at http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=JE0229 If I would have found the disc attached to one of the "fill" pieces, would that be a "Found"? Probably,.....but in VERY POOR condition? It would probably be one to e-mail Deb about.
  5. I agree with evenfall where I log in the GeoCaching site the same as I do to the NGS. I'll be logging JD2051 probably as "Found in poor condition" to the NGS. I think I will e-mail Deb though just to see what her response is. "but I was overwhelmed by nay saying game players who feel it is just a game, and to whom score is everything. (evenfall)" .... hmmm where have I heard this before? I like the rules and, yes, would like to see better ones. For me, this just isn't another game. (ducking and covering) -Scott
  6. (playing devil's advocate) here's a question..... This list of top hunters only shows the numbers that are logged at the GeoCaching site. What about all the ones recovered that were monumented after 2000 or so when the GeoCaching site was loaded? I have logged about 15 with the NGS that will never show on the GeoCaching stats page because they are not in the GeoCache daatabase. wondering........?
  7. Check out http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=JD2051 So am I correct in logging this as "Found it" but in poor condition. Also...... since the disc has been snapped off and just lying there, should I just let it lay there, or should I grab it? I'll be heading out that same direction tomorrow again. Thanks for all the help!
  8. I think it would be "best" for the hobby if there were no numbers recorded for Benchmark finds. To many are doing it just for the "numbers". Maybe Holograph should discontinue the charting.
  9. WinterTime, where did you get the Disney survey marker replica from?????? My wife would love that! The happier she is, the more time I get to go out benchmark hunting!
  10. from ArtMan "and showed him my federal employee ID, which was totally irrelevant but it can't hurt." I've done this once before as well since I am a Federal Employee. People, I guess, like to see some kind of "officialness". I've always thought it was crazy that it took 6 filled-out sheets of paper and many security clearances to get this little ID badge, and almost anyone can get a driver's license. Yet, try using your federal ID at an airport..... it don't work (at least the couple times that I've tried)!
  11. I'm wondering if anyone has actually been brought up on charges for this and has been fined or imprisoned?
  12. Red_Cedars, That is exactly what I was thinking as well. That's what I did with http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=AB4130 and it was a full-sized manhole cover! Very interesting site indeed!
  13. So the "legal" state line would be the monument then and not actually at 40 degrees north latitude. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Steve! Lots of great history there! It was the fist time I've seen a disc being placed. I was surprised at how many people actually did show up though. I was expecting a few dozen at the most. Thanks again! I did have one nagging question though........ The NE/KS baseline is supposed to be at 40 degrees North, correct? Why would my GPS show the marker that was placed about 314.1 feet north of that point? My GPS showed 40 00 03.1 N +/- 7 feet. I heard Lynn (Linn ? Lin?) mention the same thing. I also visited the 6th Principal Meridian 48 miles to the west. Placed on the disc, my GPS read 40 00 07.1 N +/- 7 feet. At that point the state line (base line) would be 719.4 feet south. What's up with that? Or is the baseline not actually at the state border of 40 North? -StripeMark
  15. Sorry, I realized that the 4 quadrants were section numbers already. It was just the 4 points I had problems with. But with the help of...... http://www.outfitters.com/genealogy/land/twprangemap.html http://www.esg.montana.edu/gl/trs-data.html http://www.kansasphototour.com/meridian.htm http://www.pmproject.org/6pm.htm I figured out that the Range 8E and 9E were 6-mile intervals East of the Sixth Principal Meridian.
  16. Could someone tell me what the numbers on the commemorative disc stand for? http://geotechinc.net/1GME.htm The top of the intersecting points is "Nebraska T1N" The bottom of the points is "Kansas T1S" To the right is "R9E" To the left is "R8E" The NE quadrant says "31" The SE quadrant says "6" The SW quadrant says "1" The NW quadrant says "36" The coordiantes of this is N40 00 00 W096 27 49 Anything? Thanks! -Stripe
  17. I'll be in Topeka on Friday....... I may have to run up there and check it out. It sounds very interesting.
  18. I made it to Kaw Point, KS, over the weekend. The area has changed a bit since I was there almost 5 years ago. Traveling westbound on I-70, you can see the park to the north and below you. Lots of signs to lead you there. The pavillion has lots of good Lewis and Clark info as well. The disk is located in the grass on the west side of the cemented area of the pavillion. My handheld GPS showed N39 06 59.9 W094 36 38.7 +/- 7 feet
  19. I was wondering the same thing........... There are no roads that lead out to that point. Did you park along Fairfax Trafficway and hike over the RR tracks?
  20. Yes, ALWAYS read the description. You'll notice that on most masts or towers the reference point is usually the "red light atop". Be sure the red light is still there!
  21. Thanks guys! I always use DD MM SS.S since that what I use in my other hobby - astronomy! Earth latitude is similar to astronomy's Declination (degrees, minutes, seconds)and longitude is a "distant cousin" to astronomy's Right Ascension (hours, minutes, seconds). OK, so I should also be known as a "GEOCAC", right (with my initials)? Thanks again.
  22. I want to start logging some of my recoveries to the NGS and I was wondering..... First, is this the place to do it?: http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/FORMS_PROCESSING-c...y_entry_www.prl For the recovering organization, I'd just be a "GEOCAC"? For the free-form text area, it says "Note: Text such as RECOVERED AS DESCRIBED, or MARK NOT FOUND, or DESCRIPTION IS ADEQUATE, etc. is not necessary." Does that mean that if the description is adequate, just leave the box empty? I've read a lot of forum discussion on this,..... but should I include handheld GPS corrdinates if I have them? I very seldom use the GPS and do 99% of my recoveries just from the description text. I'm up to 138 "Found it"'s and of them 77 are first recoveries. Thanks for all the help!
  23. But sometimes there is a disc located on the roof and that is the "real" benchmark. Check out http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=JE1956
  24. As for JE0768, Deb replied: "Let's play this one safe and log it POOR with text that explains that the setting is intact but raised and the disk is missing."
  25. Check out: http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=JE1870 Since there is no longer a "BRAUN 3", should this PID entry be marked as destroyed? And then this newly set mark "BRAUN 3 RESET 2005" should get a new PID then, correct? Maybe it's time to actually send off a report to the NGS? How does one go about doing this? I've found many benchmarks where I was the first to log it. Should all of them be reported to the NGS? Thanks!
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