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  1. 17 years in Fire Service here in Central Florida.
  2. I have it working now. Thanks everyone for the help. Bryan AKA Firefly15
  3. I loaded GSAK last night to my laptop. I don't know if I had too high of expectations or if it is all user error. Is it possible to see the logs? I end up with the pocket query in a table that shows lat/long, name of cache, etc. What I need to know though is there a way to view all the logs offline not just the summary I currently get? Also, is there any good set of instructins for GSAK? I appreciate any assistance ya'll have. Thanks- Bryan (Firefly15)
  4. I just bought a laptop and wanted to find a program that I could download to it so I can do paperless caches while on vacation instead of having to be online. Has anyone done this? I am sure you can do it but with what program. I am a premium member to GC. Thanks Bryan AKA Firefly15 Firedragon616@msn.com
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