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  1. I think I am just going to return it, as i can not figure this thing out, usually i can figure things out like this, but this thing is terrible, i will biy a garmin instead
  2. if i had it backwords and no batteries in the gps will it still be on? i have it screwed into the back of the gps and cable is runnning down the gps.. it should be running up, maybe?
  3. I checked marked the points I wanted to try and find saved them to my desk top then I opened ithe loc files into the magellan geocache manager and followed the steps by connecting the gps in usb mode and the hitting the transfer button on the computer.. then after 30 seconds or so i get an erroe that says "no unit connected magellan exploist manger was unable to detect any exploist make sure usb cable is connected at both end (which it is) chech that explorist is on (which it is) so I am stumped!
  4. I just bought my first gps and I am having trouble d/l the caches to the gps... please help I have Magellan explorist 500 le I wanted to get out today and start finding.. but the gps is not co operating! Thanks for any advice you have!
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