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  1. Sorry, to clarify, the Pier Trust have sent me an email to say it sounds like a good idea, but as I was preparing the container tonight, this potential problem occured to me for the first time! I am trying to find interesting places to put wheelchair accessible caches, and this would have been ideal. One solution may be to hide it on the gate itself (it's a nano cache), accessible whether they are open or closed. However, firstly I think that it may then be difficult to retrieve in the summer due to muggles, and secondly it is just under 0.1 miles from another cache if placed there, so it probably wouldn't be allowed anyway. Looks like I may have to rethink. SP - sorry to be thick, but what do you mean when you say the other cache could be grandfathered? Do you mean it may have been placed before such rules were introduced?
  2. Please could someone clarify the rules with regard to placing caches in areas with an 'entrance' charge? I have asked for permission to hide a cache on a pier close to where I live. However, the pier is closed at night. During the day, there is a 40p 'strolling' charge, and in the evenings the gates are left open but you are invited to place a donation in the box at the entrance. I recall finding a similar cache elsewhere in Britain. There was a small entrance fee but it is quite a popular cache, so this seems to indicate that it's not a problem..?
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean to cause offence? It's very generous of you to offer to post it for free, but I'm not used to people giving me free things! I'm too lazy to walk to a shop and buy the mag, and besides, I like getting post (apart from bills), it makes me feel happy . I would feel much less guilty if I could pay for it though. I've sent you an email with my address, and if you'd like me to send a cheque please let me know. Thanks once again.
  4. If you ask me, they've actually ripped this off from Perplexcity - www.perplexcity.com - which for anyone who doesn't know is a fantastically surreal sort of game where you get puzzle cards, solve weird puzzles, search for fake websites and find out where in the world the 'treasure' is hidden. One Perplexcity player recently dug a cube worth £100,000 out of some clay in East Anglia!
  5. Okay, found it, thank you. It seems that there is something going on pretty much every weekend though, so if people want to meet up, I'll let them suggest dates! Trouble is, now I've found lots of events on the bookmark list that I want to go to as well. For instance, Snowdonia - yummy, one of my favourite places. I really need to learn to drive...
  6. Doh! Okay, I have changed the June dates in the post above. I was just going to ask people to suggest dates, but then everyone will come back with different ones! The only weeks that I think we should avoid are the last week of July and the first week of August, as this is around the time of Swanage Regatta & Carnival, and the town will be chock-full of muggles. In fact, come to think of it, one of our caches is hidden in the main field used for entertainments, I wonder if it will survive?!
  7. I would love a copy if you have any left, but please let me pay for it and give you money for postage!
  8. Right... I've had a few emails from people who say that they would like to meet up in Swanage. The general preference seems to be for a low-key casual sort of meet / TB exchange, rather than a formal 'event' if that's okay. Also, some people have said they would just like to pop over for the evening, others have said that a lunch time event would be better. So... how does this idea sound? Meet on Swanage sea front at about 1pm for fish and chips if people would like to. If it's raining, The Parade fish restaurant is quite nice and the prices are reasonable. Have a chat, then go off and do some caches / shopping / skinny dipping, whatever you like... In the evening, meet in a pub for a drink, and anyone who wants food could have a bar meal. The Bankes Arms, Studland and the Village Inn, Ulwell have both been suggested. Personally, I think the Bankes Arms would be the best choice - it has a large accessible beer garden overlooking the sea. On Friday nights in July and August you can see the Bournemouth fireworks from here too. The Village Inn is nice, but it's located in a caravan park which will most likely be busy from June onwards. I am quite happy to set some 'urban' nano caches if people want more caches to find. I will also check to make sure that the Bankes Arms is DDA compliant. I'm 99% sure they are, but it can't hurt to make sure. Suggested dates: Saturday 30th June or Sunday 1st July Fri, Sat or Sun 13th, 14th or 15th July Fri, Sat or Sun 17th, 18th or 19th August - any of these any good? Becky
  9. Just come down to Dorset, all the beaches are covered in little plastic eggs that came off of the grounded ship Napoli ! I assume you need it to be watertight though? The eggs I found on the beach have little air holes in. After floating round in the sea, the plastic toys were fine but the paper instructions had dissolved. You'd think it would be easy to put together a Kinder Egg toy with no instructions, wouldn't you?
  10. Ooh, yes, you should go to North Wales, some of my favourite caches have been found there! What about this one? There's also Blue Lake - not an 'unusual' cache as such, but definitely the best location I've been whilst Geocaching, in fact the best location I've been ever, actually.
  11. This is possibly the Hampshire one I was thinking about - placed in 2004, and only found about four times!
  12. Okay - the Norfolk one is... here - will get back to you about the Hampshire one in a mo...
  13. I seem to remember that there's one in Wroxham, Norfolk that is located on an island. The terrain isn't difficult, but you need a boat to reach it. There's also a similar one off the coast of Hampshire I think. I'll try and find them... [goes off to have a look...] Which area of the country are you in btw?
  14. Sorry to hear that Lynn's ill, I hope she feels better soon? Sandstorm also has a great cache very close to the Bankes Arms, and Gary & Jane have one within walking distance from there too. We will investigate whether the pub is DDA compliant, and if it is, we will suggest some dates. How does that sound? I am working in Swansea next week though, so I'll get back to you all next weekend - hope that's okay, Becky
  15. Haven Hotel, Sandbanks?? (Thanks, Dorsetgal, for telling me this question was here!!)
  16. Oh yeah, forgot to mention - when I was last on the forums (October time I think), there was talk of a couple of events - a weekend in Ulwell and a bigger event near to Corfe Castle. Has anything come of these, or have they been cancelled?
  17. I've eaten at the Village Inn, it's nice, and reasonable prices too. It's actually on a caravan site, but anyone can use the pub and pool. I've had an email from someone who says that May is no good, and perhaps it could be later in the summer?
  18. Dorset Gal - good point re. DDA compliance - I have to be honest, I don't think it is! This has occured to me before (working in the Disability field an' all). The restaurant / bar is accessible but I've never actually asked them if they have a disabled loo hidden away anywhere - I think if they have, it would be in the building at the top of the car park which is a ridiculously long way from the bar. The Bankes Arms at Studland has been suggested rather than the Red Lion - they have a large beer garden overlooking the sea, and if it's raining there's plenty of space inside. I know that the beer garden is accessible and there's a car park nearby. Will have to check re. the inside though. How would the end of May suit everyone? I've never arranged a 'do' before (or attended one, either), should it just be an evening meet, or would people prefer to meet for lunch somewhere? There are several suitable restaurants in Swanage. The Bankes Arms also do evening meals, but would obviously need some notice if 50 people are suddenly going to descend on them demanding grub. I dunno - let me know the sort of thing you would prefer everyone.
  19. Ooh, so do we need to post this as an 'event' then? I've never even been to an event, let alone hosted one!
  20. No doubt everyone will frown at me because this post is kind of off-topic, but I just wanted to say hello - we're back! We haven't been caching very much for a few months, as I had a miscarriage and was then quite ill. However, I'm now much better and what's more, we have Broadband at last so I can use the forums without having to watch the phone bill, yay! Anyone got any plans to come caching in Purbeck this spring / summer? I see there was talk a while back about a spring event in Ulwell? We'd love to meet up for a drink if anyone's around. I recommend the Red Lion if so, 15 types of cider - yummy! (Go on, now all shout at me for being off topic )
  21. Matrix - thank you for your offer. I received four emails, but yours was the first. We would be very grateful if you could take them on for us. I think you can get the cache page to show who maintains them, but I'm not sure - I'll do some investigating! Thanks to everyone else who offered, and also thank you to Write & Mane for contacting some other cachers for us.
  22. Hi everyone, I haven't visited the forums for ages - I've been ill, so Geocaching has had to take a back seat for a month or two. Anyway - we have finally sold our house, so the move to Dorset is definitely on. Would anyone be willing to maintain our two remaining Swansea caches for us? They are Mine, All Mine and Swansea Iron Bridge Mine, All Mine in particular is quite popular, so it would be a shame to have to archive it. If anyone would be willing to look after it for us, it would be much appreciated. The log book was replaced quite recently, and it is quite well hidden, so there shouldn't be too many maintenance problems. Swansea Iron Bridge is a 'cache and dash', and I think, even though it's right next to the path, it's the most muggle-proof cache we've got - so again, hopefully there won't be any issues. Thank you, Becky
  23. I can't believe my luck, I've sent you an email through your profile - thank you so much
  24. This is a (very) long shot, but did anyone record 'Countryfile' this morning? Despite a number of people reminding me that it was all about Enid Blyton and Purbeck this morning, I forgot to watch it! Then my mum phones me just after it's finished and says 'what did you think of it then?' Aaaaaargh!!!!! If anyone has recorded it and could lend it to me, I would gladly pay for postage / discs / tapes, whatever! Becky
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