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  1. Hello, welcome, what sort of information would you like?
  2. I can't actually think of anywhere else to put a cache at the moment - or at least, not until I hear back from my locacl council. However, several of my caches are dog-friendly, and are placed along routes that I have found whilst out dog walking with my mum. (hehe, that sounds weird! I mean with my mum and her dog, of course! ) From what I understand though, your idea is to place new caches, rather than adding descriptions or changing title of old ones - is that correct?
  3. This cache in Somerset mentions on its page that a 'grab stick' may be needed, so personally I would mention that on the cache page. I'm not sure though, perhaps someone else could give you a definite answer?
  4. Ignore me, I'm just sitting here waiting for someone to take PUP seriously and start saying how inconsiderate that is.
  5. Good story! I'm not a horseracing fan, but I love it when the underdog horse wins!
  6. I had an idea to start leaving little Toy Story aliens, which I collect (see here for my best swop item ever!) and of which we have a picture on our calling card. So I bought about 80 little aliens from ebay, but they were so beautiful I couldn't bear to part with them. I know they were all exactly the same (see photo in link above), but they were so lovely. We usually TNLN, but I have to admit I love seeing swops in people's logs, e.g. for one of my caches recently - ''took gun, left hedgehog.' Now where else would you see soething like that written?
  7. I retrieved a log book from one of my caches last week, as it was full. One of the entries read: Took TB and AA batteries, left serviette. They hadn't actually written this in their online log though. Ohhh, so that's what that soggy mess at the bottom of the cache was.
  8. I missed that one - can you give me a link please?
  9. I think The Gecko's, near Cardiff, had one, but it's been archived now after it got muggled. I've often thought that if I lived in a scenic location, I would love to put a nano on the gate (and make it premium members only), but I just live in a boring semi, so I don't think anyone would appreciate it very much! From the other perspective though, I would feel weird looking for a cache in someone's garden, even if I knew I had permission and it was the right garden. I'd feel paranoid that someone was watching me from inside the house, or that the neighbours were about to report me to the police!
  10. I agree that the best places probably went first. I have had several ideas for caches around where I live, but most of the 'top spots' were already taken when I joined. I'm not complaining though, there are some great caches around here by people like Gary & Jane and Sandstorm, and even if I can't put my own container there, I still get to enjoy the nice spots by hunting for other people's caches. I try to put thought into where I hide caches. Some of my hides are urban nanos, but I have tried to pick scenic or historically interesting spots in which to place them, rather than just sticking them on a bench in the middle of town. I generally find this to be the case with micros - most people do seem to put thought into locations. I have one cache that I am not happy with, but I really can't think of where else I could put this at present (it is one of a series, so I can't just archive it) - it will depend on whether I get replies from a couple of landowners I have contacted.
  11. I've just submitted a cache for review in which all the swops are paperback books, TBs or coins. I have stated on the cache page that if anyone wants to swop anything, they should leave one of these items. It will be interesting to see what happens, I think it could be one of several things: 1. People whinge that books are too big to carry and TNLN - that would be fine by me, I don't mind whether or not people swop items, 2. People will swop books but over time the quality will gradually get worse - the books I placed in the cache are all complete, and in fairly good condition. Two of them are actually new. In a few months, will the cache be full of torn books with missing pages, leaflets and free magazines from the paper? 3. People will ignore the cache page, take out books and put in broken keyrings / tissues / bits of toys, 4. Or - and I know this is unlikely - it will work, and the quality of swops will stay quite high. Time will tell... Edited to add - forgot to ask - do 'members only' caches usually manage to keep a higher quality of trade items?
  12. That's fantastic! Now everyone in the room is wondering why I am laughing crazily at the PC! I like the bit after you finish step 23 - "slight right at E05"
  13. Sorry, I don't live close to you, but you could try this thread? PS. Welcome to a very addictive hobby!
  14. Well, of course there isn't, that would place it somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic! Ooh, this is a bit like playing 'Mornington Crescent!
  15. I've been looking into this 'personal coins' business - this is not the first time I've thought about it, I posted on this thread a while ago. However, now I'm hooked to coin collecting (you know who you are! ) I'm thinking about it again and with the exchange rate as it is at present, it doesn't seen as expensive as I first thought it might. I have a plethora of questions (ooh, big word!) - would anyone who has had their own coin made be willing to help me out? Should I post them here, or email individuals? One general question - can you have anything you like on your coins (providing it is not copyright or 'unsuitable' of course)? Are the coins for individual counties made by anyone in particular, or could I make a Dorset coin? If I did this, would I be treading on the toes of any of you veteran coin-type people?
  16. Yes, it's a puzzle, can't you see? There are some co-ords hidden in there. Saw it straight away myself.
  17. Erm, yes, I was thinking that myself, but didn't like to say so.
  18. 1. I take the log book out of the cache. 2. I put the log book back in the cache. Or, alternatively: 1. I take enjoyment from finding the cache. 2. I leave my comments in the cache. Do either of those count?
  19. It all right, I didn't bring this up because I'm getting jumpy about the DDA, if I was, I think I would archive all my caches right now! I should have worded the title differently. I want everyone to enjoy finding my caches, that's why I am wondering what is best to do here, and for future caches too.
  20. Thanks for the suggestion - I have recently placed three caches that I think / hope are wheelchair accessible. I would like to make as many of my caches accessible as possible, which is why I considered this option. I think in an ideal world, anyone would be able to look for any cache. And I would be a millionaire and married to Eddie Izzard (sorry to my hubbie Rob if you're reading this! ). Obviously, none of those things are going to happen, but I think it's about compromise.
  21. Wow, well done - I can only dream of reaching that number!
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