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    I'd disagree there!


    Actually, in Dorset, which in the south is predominantly lowland heathland, adders are remarkably common, I saw four last week alone!


    This time of year they are still a bit sleepy and are basking on sandy paths on the heathland. About 10 days ago a child was hospitalised after being bitten at Studland.


    I've seen adders too, I put warnings on most of my cache pages, and I'm glad I did because of this log (also in Studland, but possibly a harmless grass snake this time).


    Having said that, I wouldn't let fear of adders put you off hunting, just be careful when you lift the cache out! :rolleyes:

  2. If it's lovely scenery you're after, then in my opinion, these are some of the best Dorset caches:


    Portland Bill - a quick cache, quite near a car park, but with a beautiful view.

    Weares the cache - about a twenty minute walk, to a little hidden beach.

    Durdle Door and Durdle Window - very close to each other, but about 20 minute's walk from the carpark.

    Lulworth An earthcache with a lovely view.

    Kimmeridge Another Earthcache, with lots of fossils.

    Tyneham Village A Virtual, at a deserted village used by the army during the war. Right next to the car park for a quick cache, or if you want to, you could walk down to the beach about twenty mintues away.

    Old Harry Rocks About a 30 minute walk, but the views are breathtaking.


    If you like boat trips, you might like to visit Brownsea Island and Brownsea Squirrel cache, but be aware that there is an entry fee.


    You're sorry you asked now, aren't you?! :laughing:

  3. Are you planning all 13 caches to be in easy(ish) walking distance of one another? If so, then perhaps it would be fine to set them up as one multicache.


    On the other hand, that would be an awful lot of caches to maintain in order to keep the final one 'findable'. If someone gets to stage 12 of a multi and finds it's gone missing, they've done an awful lot of work to get a 'dnf'. If they get to cache 12, and they have been able to log the other 11 as 'finds' then perhaps it wouldn't feel so bad that the trail went 'cold'.


    I have a series where you have to find six individual caches to get co-ord's for the final cache. I'm certainly not claiming it's perfect, but I have had a few good comments, so I hope people enjoy it. As they are not really within walking distance of one another, I have set them up as separate caches. Some people just find one or two of them, some complete the whole series. I've tried to put each cache in what I think is an interesting area.



  4. :lol: Some of these sound scarily familiar. www.geocaching.com is my homepage and everywhere I go I say 'there's a cache over there!' (it really annoys my parents when I'm out with them).


    Some more things that I do :( :


    When I go to a conference or training visit, I always try to pick a hotel within walking distance of at least one cache - doesn't matter if it's near the training venue or not!


    When I go in B&Q or similar shops, I look for ideas for 'unusual' cache containers.


    Once, in a supermarket, I asked an assistant where the Geocaches were. When they didn't understand, I was genuinely confused for a moment or two.


    All of these are true. Sad, I know. :)


    Edited to add: ooh, yes, forgot to say, when I drive past one of my own caches, i always say 'hi' to it and wave. :):lol:

  5. This answer will be no help whatsoever :D , but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone - I sometimes randomly get yellow pins instead of icons. It only happens when I specifically need it to show the proper icons, I think there is a setting within Windows which detects when I'm particularly stressed and deliberately makes it worse. :D


    PS. Erm - I find your tag line a bit worrying gingerbreadmen - dare I ask you to explain?

  6. Back to my idea of replacing the cache until 'it' gets bored.....


    replace all the caches in the area (for now) with micros.... not much fun trashing them and the real cachers can still find and log. :) Sorry to anyone in the area thats hates micros - no names..... B)


    Very good idea! How much fun could it be tipping a piece of paper out of a film cannister! They would soon get bored of that, surely?


    The problem is, would you write on the cache page that it had been changed, and why the change was made? Then he / she would see it before they set out to muggle it. Also, would you be able to get all cache owners to change them temporarily?

  7. So - what's the answer then?! :laughing:

    Sorry not enough requests for the answer yet!! :laughing:


    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?

    What's the answer?


    Is that enough? :laughing:

  8. It always amazes me that some people will go to such lengths to spoil things for others. What a sad, lonely person they must be. :laughing:


    Perhaps someone around the area could hide some 'members only' caches? Think how annoyed he/she would be when they can't obtain the co-ords!

  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. Minxxy - I'm really glad you enjoyed our nanos. Regarding your last post though, I wasn't just thinking of Dorsetgal (sorry, Dorsetgal! :D ). I also know another two cachers who are in wheelchairs, so my instinct is that there are more people that find accesibility a problem than we realise.


    Well, I've made the decision now. The cache has been published, and I've put a note on the page to say email me if you find the co-ords but can't locate the cache. So time will tell how many people I've offended. :)


    :P:D:o:D:laughing: :laughing: :):huh:


    PS. There's no reason for the above smileys (Apart from the one with the hearts - that's for Simply Paul :laughing: ), other than that I didn't know they existed until today, and I wanted to use them!

  10. Basically, geocaching is a bit like a ‘treasure hunt’, in which people use GPS receivers (satellite tracking devices) to locate hidden boxes. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can use the clues to discover the boxes (called ‘geocaches’) without using a GPSr.


    The boxes usually contain items like keyrings or small toys, and the idea is that you take an item out, and leave another item of equal or greater value in its place. The geocache also has a log book inside, in which you write your usename, the date you found it and any comments you have.


    You then go to the Geocaching website and log your find on the geocache’s own page. :D


    PS. Thank you Edgemaster, forgot that bit. :D

  11. okay thanks one more thing how do you get a picture


    Firstly, you may want to look at the 'getting started' link on geocaching.com, there's loads of info there.


    Do you mean how do you get a picture here on the forums? If so -


    1. Go to www.geocaching.com and make sure youa re signed in.

    2. Click 'My Account' on the left-hand side.

    3. Click 'Edit my profile' under Account Options on the right.

    4. Add as much info as you would like about yourself.

    5. Scroll down to where it says 'virtual you', and it should let you choose an Avatar (picture).

  12. I have checked and the f'pit is just over the road and the only thing i know is other people who arent us cant see me.

    Also i am very new so i hardly know a thing




    Hello, if you check your email account in a minute, I will send you a message and I should hopefully be able to help.

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