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    I was looking at a plastic box thinking "Cache..."

    as K put in some sandwiches.


    Which I had to immediatly remove, as food is not allowed in caches!

    Then had to find a piece of paper to write my caching name on, to record my visit, as there was no log book! :D




    Tut tut, what is this obsession people have with using Geocaches to put their sandwiches in? Everyone knows food's not allowed. :anicute:

  2. There are some beautiful cache locations in North Wales - Snowdonia, Anglesey, that sort of area, some of which are quick ones, others which are longer walks.


    My geographical knowledge of Britain is not that great once you go north of the M4 (something I should be embarrassed about, particularly as I have a Geography degree!), how far is north west Wales from Birmingham? :D


    PS. Just realised, if you went at the beginning of July instead, you could camp at the huuuge Snowdonia Geocaching event!

  3. I put one out that was muggled before it even left my front room. Mum said "Oy, what are you doing with my photo frame? I'll have that back, thank you!"


    Do I win? :D:laughing::laughing:


    can't see that being beat


    :D Hehe, this could get more and more extreme and ridiculous if we try hard enough! Go on, I'm sure someone can beat that, even if they have to make it up! :laughing:

  4. I used to play a similar game called Perplexcity, but the different thing about that was that you didn't have to buy anything. You could buy puzzle cards if you wanted to, but the actual 'treasure' could be found by picking up clues from various websites, the cards were just an extra. :D

  5. Hmm, I have been thinking about this quality / quantity thing too. I have several caches hidden within ten miles of my house, and there is one that I'm really not happy with, due to the location (this one, in case anyone cares). :lol:


    I quite liked that cache, and you might be worrying about it unecessarily.

    Thank you :D Since you found it though, the original hiding place has, er, been 'removed' - i.e. the post has been stripped of its ivy and I'm not so sure the new place is suitable.


    Thanks though, glad you liked it. :)

  6. I wouldn't want to upset the owner by publicly slating their cache like that.

    Without getting too far away from the topic of power trail guidelines (there's another thread about quality v quantity), if your words are carefully chosen you can indicate that the cache was below par without getting offensive. To me, that's a better system than the simplistic "this is in a line of microcaches so it must be a poor cache and can't be allowed".


    True, I do recall writing in one log "We were a bit wary about pulling back vegetation, etc., as unfortunately there were some syringe parts and broken glass around the site. However, just as we were about to give up, we spotted it!". We weren't the only ones who mentioned this, and the cache has now been archived. I still said thank you for the cache though, as, despite the rubbish, it gave us an enjoyable walk.


    Is this the sort of comment you mean HH? Negative, but without being too rude? :laughing:

  7. But if the caches turn out to be rubbish then the finders should make frank and honest comments in the cache log until the embarrassed owner withdraws the cache - too often we are diplomatic about poor-quality caches!




    You have a point, but I have to be honest, I wouldn't feel comfortable about writing a log saying that I didn't think much of a cache. I may give it a low mark in the Geocache UK ratings (which unfortunately not everyone uses), but I wouldn't want to upset the owner by publicly slating their cache like that.


    So what should we do? Should we say that e.g. all the caches in the bottom 10% of the ratings (or top 100% as it so nicely says!) must be removed? (I know that's not what you're saying, HH, I'm just making a general comment that if there were to be some sort of 'official scheme to keep quality high, then I don't know how else it would work) It's all arbitrary, it's a matter of personal opinion as much as anything else. I may think a cache is rubbish, but someone else may really enjoy finding it. :laughing:

  8. What is the matter with everybody today?


    I have had a couple of days away from this forum and was looking forward to lightening up my lunch hour in the usual manner - a visit here. All the threads I have looked at so far are full of people having a go at each other. Relax everybody - this is supposed to be fun! :D


    I agree! I've noticed that too. My excuse is that I've got PMT, what's everyone else's? :laughing:

  9. I go to Google Earth and load the geocaching kml overlay. I look for clusters of caches that we haven't completed, and head in that direction. To be honest, I don't usually take much notice of whether they are big, small, long walks, short walks, virtuals, multis - whatever. This usually works quite well, because we have a varied day. We may do quite a long walk, then be too tired to do another, so the next one we find is a 'cache and dash'.

  10. Hmm, I have been thinking about this quality / quantity thing too. I have several caches hidden within ten miles of my house, and there is one that I'm really not happy with, due to the location (this one, in case anyone cares). :D


    I don't want to just archive it, as it is part of a series. However, I have been wracking my brains trying to think of somewhere else in Purbeck to place it, and I really can't come up with anywhere that I feel is a great location. I can think of several 'average' places, but the place it's in at the moment is 'average' (hence the Geocache UK rating of 'top 50%' I imagine!), so that wouldn't be an improvement.


    There are some places where I would like to place a cache, but I haven't been able to get permission, so they're out. Also, I'm not happy about this one because it is a very small 'regular' - is this preferable to finding a micro, or should it be 'all or nothing' with a regular? I don't know. The present location would not support a larger container. Do I worry too much, perhaps?


    On a slightly different topic, I feel I have been fortunate in that when I joined the hobby in 2004, there were less caches and therefore, in my opinion, more 'choice' locations left to use. I was recently thinking of placing a cache in Poole (dearth of caches there at the mo), and had got as far as emailing the council to ask for permission, when I saw Minxyy's log, saying that she was hoping to place caches there. Minxyy lives closer to Poole than I do, and as I already own several caches, I feel that it would be unfair of me to waltz in and take up all the best spots in Poole too.


    So maybe that's something else we need to bear in mind. If we visit a cache and moan about how rubbish the location is, perhaps we should consider whether in fact this is because a lot of the good spots nearby are already taken. New members are just as entitled to hide caches as the rest of us, but perhaps now have less choice about where to put them.


    Before you all start ranting at me, I realise that there are still plenty of good spots around, but I do think that the increasing number of caches makes it more difficult to place new ones. :laughing:

  11. It all cames back to "location location location". If the only reason for hiding a box (of any size) at a particular location is that it is sufficiently far from it's neighbours then why bother.


    I agree 100%. I have no objections to 'power trails' if the locations have been well thought out. An example (of sorts) is the 'Snowdon View' series - most of them are micros, but each spot offers a stunning view, and it's worth visiting for that alone. If it weren't for the caches, we wouldn't have visited that spot, and wouldn't have been able to enjoy the view. :laughing: Okay, the typical Welsh weather made this difficult due to fog, but the thought was there. :D

  12. This one, which starts in Dorset, looks as if there are stages on other continents?! Not sure, maybe I've got that wrong though. You can enlist the help of other cachers though, phew!


    Edit: Ooh, the paranoia's setting in, perhaps it's all a bluff, and there are just two multis, hidden near each other. I may have to go and investigate...

  13. If I am going to drive am going to make hubbie drive me some distance to look for caches, I'm much more inclined he's much more likely to give in to my nagging if there are several caches there that we can complete. ;)


    As long as each cache has been well placed, I personally would rather they were separate caches, rather than one big multi - too much chance of one being muggled, leaving the ones after it unfindable for a start.


    And yes, I freely admit that part of it for me is about the numbers - why do we bother with the congratulations threads otherwise? :laughing:


    Stupid rule / guidance if you ask me. As long as permission has been given by the relevant landowners, and the caches are at least 0.1 miles apart, I'm happy. ;)

  14. I use a yellow eTrex too, but I must admit I find the PC cable for it to be very handy, it saves a lot of time and sore fingers! The only thing I find difficult is not having a base map, when used in conjunction with a road atlas it's fine, but sometimes I think an onscreen map would be useful.


    Edit - I've just realised I haven't actually answered the question - b1gbear wanted to know whether his/her GPSMAP 60C was a good purchase. I'm sorry, I haven't a clue! Never used / seen one. :rolleyes:

  15. Some great captions here! I don't have the wit or brainpower to think of one of my own, but whoever wrote "I'm not sure this is what they meant by cache and dash" - you made me laugh out loud for ages! :rolleyes:


    Edit - it was ARockAndAHardPlace who wrote that one!

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