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  1. I haven't got any friends. :(


    PS. Fat bloke - your tag line reminds me of the car sticker we bought from GC UK - "UK Geocachers like to do it in the woods!" The car's parked outside our house, and it's amazing how many people stop and read the sticker, and then leave with a puzzled look on their face. :anicute:

  2. For the cache you can't find - "Where are you tonight" - from Dirty Dancing, don't know who sang it.


    For the puzzle cache you can't find - "Another piece of the puzzle, it doesn't fit. You throw your arms up, you're so dadgum sick of it. What are you working for? What are you searching for?" by Sick Puppies :(


    For the obvious in plain sight cache that you just can't spot for some reason - "I'm sitting down here but hey, you can't see me. Kinda invisible, you don't sense my stay. Not really hiding, not like a shadow" - Lena Marlin


    Song to GPSr - "All I know is I'm lost without you, I'm not gonna lie. How'm I gonna be strong find the cache without you, I need you by my side" - Delta Goodrem.


    I am just suggesting to my manager that we have an 'off-topic'/'pointless conversation' room set up at work. I'll move his desk in tomorrow :anicute:


    :( I met with my manager last week to talk about how many hours each part of my work takes me. He was totting it up at the end, and he said something like... "right, five hours, for that, 10 hours for that, 5 hours for general office crap..."


    How true! :anicute:

  4. Personally, I like reading humorous threads like the popcorn one occasionally. Out of all the forums I belong to, this is undoubtedly the one where people are most restrained and the posts are most on topic! I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but a little lighthearted banter now and then keeps it interesting instead of being purely technical. (IMHO, of course) :)



  5. Groundspeak's disclaimer of liability http://www.geocaching.com/about/disclaimer.aspx entends to any agent, officer, employee or volunteer administrator of Groundspeak Inc. It does NOT extend to Groundspeak members... ie. cachers who place caches with or without specific permission from the landowner.


    For that reason I believe all cachers need to ensure they have public liability insurance in place, maybe via their household policy, to ensure they are not sued for any negligence in placement of their caches.



    Seriously?! B) Should your post have a B) or a :D at the end? If we can really be sued by cache hunters, I am archiving all of my caches right now! B)

  6. I have used Yahoo for several years, and get hundreds of junk emails.


    However - their spam filter seems very effective, hardly any of the junk emails make it to my Inbox, and no 'legit' emails have ever been sent to the spam folder by mistake. I would highly recommend it, as long as you don't mind emptying your spam folder every now and then.

  7. Agree completely with the last two posts, particularly with regard to providing a specific hint if coverage is poor.


    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good hunt for a cache. 'Shakin' all over' in South Wales is a good example. It took us two trips and a lot of hunting to find it, but I enjoyed it. :(


    However, scrabbling around in a forest for a film pot is just frustrating in my opinion, especially if the clue is 'near base of tree' when the undergrowth is thick and there are trees everywhere so you have no signal. Some people may say that if the rating is 4 or 5 stars for difficulty, then that is fine, but it's not my personal idea of fun.

  8. Isn't this thread about PM caches though? Discussing the rights and wrongs of paying fro premium membership in general is a bit off-topic?
    Very much so, and I'm really glad it wasn't me who brought it up! :D


    Yes, this thread is about PM caches, but the OP was questioning why these were not available to everyone. The :P smiley kind of indicated that they weren't happy about this arrangement. Surely therefore it's directly related to the issue of premium membership, and whether it's right or wrong to have to pay for any elements of GC.com?


    Anyway, I'm done now, I've said my piece and I'll try and keep quiet. :(

  9. Okay, I'm bored of going out of my way to be diplomatic with my forum posts. This thread has actually made me wonder why I bother to pay for Premium membership at all? I don't use PQ's, I receive the Instant Notification emails, but I can't recall any instances where I've then rushed out to get a FTF (no doubt someone will look through my profile and prove me wrong now!).


    Yes, I've found a couple of members-only caches, and it gave me a nice 'glowy' feeling to do so, but that on it's own is not what I paid for.


    To answer my own question, the reason I bought Premium Membership was because I enjoy Geocaching, use the site a lot and I know that gc.com has to be funded somehow. I would hope that my membership money goes towards its upkeep in some way. If there were no premium members, would/could the site still exist in its present form?


    Considering that, on more than one occasion, hubbie and I have booked holidays elsewhere in the UK specifically to go Geocaching which have cost a few hundred pounds, the £15 or so doesn't seem unreasonable to me.


    However, I do appreciate that I am in a position to afford it at the moment, whereas perhaps not everyone is. It kind of reminds me of free-range chickens and eggs - :P - they are more expensive, but I can afford them at present, I feel that battery farming is morally wrong, so I buy them. If my circumstances were different, perhaps I couldn't do that.


    In short, I have no objections to whether people want to pay for membership or not, but I do object if non-paying members complain that they can't access premium features / caches :( (and at last I have found a use for the violin smiley). Some people have racked up literally thousands of caches without paying for membership, why is it such a big deal that a handful are not available to all?



  10. No doubt I'll upset 90% of people with this remark, but I completely agree that there should be some members-only caches. Not loads and loads, but a few, as there are now. We pay to help keep gc.com running, why shouldn't we have a little reward? :rolleyes:


    And no, to be honest, if I had a members-only cache, I would not be happy about a non-subscriber logging it. It sort of defeats the object then. :huh:

  11. Guess I'm kinda thick and not really with it but I have absolutely no idea what feeling/emotion/sentiment/whatever a popcorn eating frog is supposed to convey. Would someone care to enlighten me?


    No... on second thoughts, don't bother. I'm never likely to use it anyway.


    In the forums, I always think of it as being used when someone is posting something that might be controversial - the person who posts the popcorn smiley is saying "I'll just sit back and listen, and see how this argument develops!" :(

  12. The 'Unnatural Log Piles' :P me off.


    Now I'm a Geocacher, I notice them straight away, but isn't it amazing that muggles seem not to!


    There is a brilliant (5 litre) cache hidden quite close to where I live, and it's hidden by a huge pile of stones. It's right next to a path, but no muggles give it a second look. We found it straight away, but only because we were looking. :ph34r:

  13. I just like finding caches, nanos to BIG ammo cans. :P


    Yep, me too. :ph34r: But I hate looking for the proverbial 'needle in a haystack'. If I know in advance that a cache is a 35mm film cannister hidden in a thick woodland, I have to admit I won't bother looking for it, as we've had a couple of dnf's due to this in the past.

  14. I love well-placed urban micros and nanos, but occasionally I like finding a nice big ammo can in the middle of nowhere. I think it all depends on what the location can support. :ph34r:


    Edited to add: Sorry, this is irrelevant, but I've changed my signature line, logged in and out of the forums and gc.com loads of times, and the old line is still showing. Why? Good job I remembered to bring my angry eyes. :P

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