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  1. Phew, thank you, that makes a bit more sense now! Maybe I've got GPSr Envy syndrome, I don't know... perhaps I don't really need to upgrade, the Yellow has proved alright up until now. It's just that sometimes it would be better to have more than just a vague arrow.


    Meanwhile... I have been ploughing my way through the pinned thread, and it seems that a popular choice for those upgrading from Yellow is the Legend C. It seems that, although this is a lot cheaper than the Vista C, the only significant differences are that the Legend has no electronic compass (not a problem, I like my little magnetic compass!), and that it does not have a Barometic Altimeter (that may be a problem, but as I don't know what it means, I'll assume not...).


    Also, according to Global Positioning Systems , the battery life for the Legend is 36 hours - if that's true, brilliant!


    All this is making me tired :rolleyes: . I feel really out of my depth with this type of technology, a feeling I'm not used to and don't like too much!


    Thanks again for all your help though, I feel a bit more informed now.

  2. Thanks for all your helpful replies, and I'm even more embarrassed now, as I didn't notice that pinned thread... :blink: And I' on this forum almost every day... oops.


    Re: Us 4 and Jess's question over whether I'm selling the eTrex, thank you for your interest, but I think my in-laws may be buying it, as we have just introduced them to Geocaching.


    In response to the other comments, I am a Premium member, so that makes life a little easier. I am aware that you can connect a serial cable to the eTrex, but A. I don't have a serial port on my computer, and B. my opinion is that upgrading (now that I can finally afford to do so!) may give me other benefits, such as the base map, what do you think?


    If I use GSAK to define new cache names, can the eTrex cope with more than six digits?


    Once again, apologies for being useless and not noticing the pinned thread - I will have a browse through it now! Thank you for all of the help you have already given me. :rolleyes:

  3. I realise this topic has come up several times before, but my poor little brain is still confused, so don't be too cross with me for asking again.


    I currently have the basic eTrex, with which we have found 80+ caches. However, I don't have a data cable, there is no base map, etc., so I'm thinking of upgrading.


    I am quite technically minded (having worked in IT Support), but for some reason, GPSr's just confuse me. So, to put it in layman's terms, please could someone recommend a GPSr for about £300 which would allow me to download multiple waypoints (rather than hurting my fingers on the eTrex's little buttons trying to put them in), show us roads near to a cache (so that I don't have to keep printing out multimap pages), and preferably that can store more than 500 waypoints?


    Also, a couple more basic questions: how are such waypoints shown on the GPSr when they have downloaded? Do they appear as the GC**** number, or is there more info? Also, do you need some kind of interface software, and does that generally come with the GPSr, or do you have to buy it seperately?


    I have an iPaq, and hear people talking about using them for Geocaching, but I don't have a clue how! I assume you need special software?


    Sorry for asking so many daft questions - I feel that as a fairly experienced cacher, I should know these things... any help would be appreciated!

  4. Hehe, I was looking at that photo for weeks, I could even see it in my head when I went to bed at night! But when I finally found the co-ord's, I couldn't believe I hadn't worked it out before!!! The clue is very clever, although actually I could have found it without decrypting it if I'd read the page properly!!


    I'm not helping, am I? I'll shut up and go away now... :rolleyes:

  5. I have hidden caches in Dorset and Swansea. For the standard caches, I use tupperware containers, but the 'seal tight' ones with clips at the side. I spray them with black aerosol to give some camouflage.


    For the micros, which I suppose you could say are really very small regular caches, I use the same sprayed containers, but smaller. Not sure if we're allowed to mention particular shops, but one of the supermarket chains does seal-tight containers for 49p, which are just big enough to fit a Groundspeak log book, pencils, sharpeners, and some 'micro swops' into!

  6. I just have to put my oar in here!


    I have mixed feelings about the new site. If stupid categories continue to be added, then this is definitely one to be avoided!


    For the time being, the virtual and Earth caches that already exist will still be available on GC.com. Brilliant, let's be geocache 'purists' then, and stick to using the quality site. No's of finds, etc, are kept separate, so we're not going to lose out that way.


    As I see it, those who are really going to lose out are those who want to post genuinely interesting and well thought out virtuals and Earthcaches. If the rules for these types of caches had been followed to the letter, then maybe there wouldn't have been a problem to start with, and we could have carried on happily as we were.




    Suggestions for new Waypoint categories that would most likely be accepted:


    1. Lamp posts

    2. Clouds

    3. Stuff in the world (doesn't matter what it is - an ant, door knobs, cheese graters, car parking spaces, toilet rolls, paperclips) - log it all.

  7. Someone above asked why it would be of any use to know the county.


    I live in Swansea (Well, for half the time anyway - the other half I'm in Dorset!). As the crow flies,' North Devon is only about 25 miles away from Swansea, meaning that on the 'new caches' list, Devon caches are listed as being closer than those in Carmarthenshire.


    However, by road, Carmarthen is 30 miles, Devon is more like 150+, so it would make a big difference to me if you could search by county - or even if there were a search to tell me which caches are in Wales, rather than England.


    We have dial-up Internet access at home, so to go into each cache page to see where it is located takes ages - but until someone builds a nice big bridge from Swansea to Devon, I suppose I'll have to keep doing that. Or get Broadband, I suppose...

  8. I haven't visited the forums in a while, and scrolling through recent discussions, I see that there are an increasing number of threads about micros, quality vs. quantity, etc. Most people seem to agree that there is a problem with many Geocachers placing lots of micros in uninspiring places.


    As a fairly new Geocacher (67 finds to date), I am keen to place caches of my own. I have hidden 4 so far - three regular and one generous-sized micro ('small' really, as it does have room for some swops). I have thought carefully about the locations, and hope that I have picked interesting and unusual places.


    However, I do sympathise with people in some areas. I have hidden two caches in the south of England, where there are few hides to date, and I had plenty of location choice. However, my other two caches are hidden in Wales, and I have to admit that it was difficult to find inspiring places here. The landscape is beautiful, but all the best places already have caches!


    I personally would rather restrict the number of caches I hide, and wait until I find a particularly suitable area. However, I do understand that new Geocachers in particular may be tempted to hide micros in less interesting areas, so that they still have the thrill of other people finding 'their' cache. Perhaps there will come a time soon when Geocaching is so popular that all the 'good' places are taken in some areas! Then what do we do? Would new hides have to be restricted?!


    It would annoy me if someone hid 50 micros in one region, but luckily no one has done that here so far.

  9. Hello, not sure how to word this so it will make sense..


    Let's say I have some sets of co-ordinates:


    A. N 50deg 57.391, W 002deg 31.191


    B. N 50deg 57.392, W 002deg 31.191


    C. N 50deg 56.391, W 002deg 31.191


    D. N 51deg 57.391, W 002deg 31.191


    Co-ord's B,C and D are different from A by only 1 digit, but how much distance would this actually be on the ground?


    Does that make any sense at all?! :P

  10. Okay, this should maybe be in the 'Newbie' section, I'm not sure... sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place.


    I just have a couple of questions about naming travel bugs.


    1. Is the name supposed to be related to what the object actually is, or could it be anything? For instance, could I call a travel bug after the name of the place it originated from?


    2. Do TB names have to be all one word, or can you put spaces and other characters in?


    And finally,

    3. If someone else has already named a travel bug e.g. 'Purple' - could I call mine Purple, or do I have to pick a unique name?


    Any help would be appreciated!

  11. You're going to think this is a silly question, but I placed my first cache yesterday, and it has been approved. How do I get a map to appear alongside the description on the cache page?


    Thank you,


    Becky :(

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