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  1. Brill, thanks everyone! I think I used the 'grid convert' thing last time, forgot about it this time. Cheers for all your help!
  2. I'm having a 'thick' day today - must be because it's friday, and my brain is scrambled! I have just solved a puzzle cache, and wanted to see where the co-ordinates I have found appear on a map. I have tried multimap, but this seems to either let you do a non - USA search, or a latitude / longitude search, but not both. I have tried Street Map, but can't get my head around how to type in the co-ordinates - if they are e.g... N51.AB.CDE W003.FG.HIJ ...can someone tell me how to enter these so that Streetmap understands them please? I know I've done it at some stage before, but can't remember how, and the 'help' page is just confusing me even more. I have also tried Google Earth, as you can manually move the cursor until you find the co-ords, but for the area I need, the resolution is not particuarly high. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Doh! Purple things?? What a lovely thought, thank you. Now I feel even more sad that I can't come. At least other people will get to enjoy their purpleness, though Have a good time, and take lots of piccys!
  4. Sorry Write & Mane - every time you organise an event, I seem to get some family crisis come up. In November it was hubbie in hospital with asthma, then earlier this year it was hubbie in hospital again, having his appendix removed! Now I can't come to this one either. My mum's having a big operation in Bournemouth on 27th April, and it's a bit 'touch and go', so I want to be in Dorset to support my dad. Hopefully I'll get to meet the rest of you South Wales crowd before I move away from Swansea. But I must admit I'm beginning to dread announcements of Geocaching events, as I begin to wonder who will be hospitalised *this* time!!
  5. I've been getting 'server unavailable' errors too, but now it's just got worse - it says 'Bad Request (invalid hostname)'. I want to log my finds, no fair!
  6. LOL Pieman - love it! Part of the reason I like Geocaching is because it's so good to talk about, and see people's confused faces! "Okay... so you hide some keyrings in an old lunchbox, and people from all over the country drive miles to crawl through the shrubbery and look for them... right... Why??"
  7. I reckon most people love where they live, don't they?! Personally, I have a very confusing lifestyle, spending part of my time in Swansea, and part in Swanage, Dorset. In Swansea, we live right on the edge of Gower, but still only six miles from the city centre, so we have the best of both worlds. However, Swanage will always be my 'real' home, hence the fact that we're moving back there permanently soon. In terms of Geocaching, there are plently of caches in both locations, so we're pretty lucky. Also, Swansea and Swanage are both on the coast. I'd personally find it strange not to see the sea out of my window.
  8. I was in Swanage yesterday, wish I had seen this before then! I will be going back down in three weeks, and I suppose it's about time to check the cache is okay anyway. If no one has retrieved it by then, I'll try to collect it and post it back to you if you like? Hopefully DaBaEm will beat me to it though!
  9. Sorry Zetetic. Did another of your caches on Sunday, enjoyed it a lot - forgive me?
  10. You have to forgive me for being paranoid - on some of the message boards I belong to (e.g. Sims 2 - anyone play that game?), people just can't wait for an opportunity to make negative comments about other users!
  11. Ooh, thank you! See, that proves my point. Everyone can do these puzzle caches except me! I didn't even think of looking at the website, that would have been waay too logical.
  12. Hehe, high IQ maybe, but that doesn't mean Mensa members have any common sense! I am absolutely rubbish with puzzle caches, it took me four months to work out the 'Compare/Contrast' cache co-ordinates. There is a newish cache near my home in Swansea 'Display valuable lettered arithmetic' it's called - I can work out that this refers to the DVLA, but what the co-ordinates are... no idea whatsoever!! Pride comes before a fall, as they say, so knowing my luck, they'll change their mind at the last minute and decide not to print it. But if they do, I'll put a copy here. Will people slate me too much though, as I have mentioned one of my own caches in it?!
  13. Hello, Just had to tell everyone, I'm quite pleased as the Welsh Mensa magazine have decided to publish my article about Geocaching. How many people will read it I don't know - the Welsh magazine is sent out along with the national one, so perhaps people just chuck it away without reading it - I'm not sure! Anyway - even if only a handful of people see it, I thought it might be interesting to share info about our hobby. And I have to be honest, I'm quite looking forward to seeing my name in print. Yay! Becky
  14. I'm glad the evening went well, and I'm so sorry I couldn't attend - family crisis, unfortunately! But BIG THANKS to Write & Mane for the birthday card and the purple gift, and BIG THANKS to The Geckos for my lovely purple gecko - he's beautiful!!! And also a big thank you to funkipickle for bringing them safely back for me. I am really sorry I couldn't attend, and not at all jealous that you had a good time without me No, seriously - glad it went well, hope to meet you all soon!!!
  15. I don't have a GSAK database, and the cache overlay is showing on my Google Earth?!
  16. I completely misread that then, I thought you said he left a package of goldfish... I was about to ask if the RSPCA should be involved?!
  17. Becky - 3rd November 1977 Rob - 21st June 1978
  18. Well, they phrased it in a nice way, I think they'd been doing some other caches in the area, which were created by Gary and Jane, and are always full of lovely swops - much better than mine, I've got to admit! I suppose I wouldn't have been so worried about their comments if I'd put in e.g. half a biscuit, a broken light bulb, a snapped piece of chalk and a dirty sock (all things I have seen in caches at one stage or another!). Still, you can't please everyone all the time
  19. There are definitely some finds that I think wow - this is a great location, a lot of thought went into that one! Those give me the greatest enjoyment. But then there are others that make me think "why??" I enjoy hiding caches, and I put a lot of thought into location etc. I generally get positive comments, which makes me feel all nice and glowy! However, someone emailed me the other day to say they didn't think much of the swops I put in. We put all new items in, but they were mostly things like keyrings and small toys (NOT McD's!!). I think I've said before, I set a series of six new ones up at once, and just couldn't afford to stock them all with expensive swops, so that was a shame They were certainly better swops than I've seen in some caches. Oh well...
  20. Poor guy, he's probably pretty squished, I'm not exactly slim. But at least he's still there, phew. Thank you!
  21. I set up a series of caches last weekend. I was given permission from the relevant landowners, but now I've had to disable one of them. Some time in the past, someone hid a cache here without permission. This has recently been found by a Muggle, and handed in to the park managers. Now I think they are reconsidering whether my cache can remain there or not, cuz this 'Geocaching' thing might be damaging to the area. It's a shame, cuz I've been really careful about where I hid mine. I've emailed them, and am waiting for them to say if I can reinstate it. They've been very friendly in their emails to me, so perhaps they'll agree to letting it stay there... So now I'm feeling sorry for myself, and thought I'd share it with you. And I was so pleased with my series.
  22. Nothing I do is straightforward. I added myself in Swansea, but there was someone already there, and it seems to have overwritten them. How do I get them back? Delete myself? Also, we are only half in Swansea. Our other half is in Swanage. That means we're there twice.
  23. Sorry, just a quick question - is it possible to do a postcode search that will bring up archived caches? Thank you, Becky
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