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  1. I like my username. It's my whole Internet identity - I use it for everything. Now my sister's gone and nicked it off me, and named her baby 'Trinseca' so I guess in a few years time we'll be fighting over email addresses, ebay id. etc When I showed my mum my lovely new Geocoin, inscribed with ryme-intrinseca, she said 'ooh, that's nice, can I have it for Trinseca?'
  2. I just ask Google - if I'm going to e.g. Exmouth, I type 'Exmouth postcode' into Google, and 99% of the time it will come up with the address of an hotel or something nearby, so I use that for a cache search.
  3. Wow, that is a long thread!! Sad as I am, I've been reading it for about an hour (should be working really). Now it's got me thinking about how to put a big container in full view of muggles! I don't know how things are in America, but I wouldn't consider using some of those ideas in the UK - an electrical safety box? No way! I'd be afraid geocachers would start poking around in a real one by mistake! And a bird's nest - same problem. A pine cone, maybe - but you'd have to make it stand out in some way, otherwise how would people ever find it? I quite like the Groundspeak rock, which has the logo subtly engraved on it. Very expensive though. Another thought I had - the cache I placed yesterday could just as easily have been put in full view, rather than hidden out of sight, as it is well camouflaged. That might be more fun - maybe I'll move it and update the clue.
  4. They sound great - would you be able to give me a couple of links as examples?
  5. I didn't know about it - we reached 100 last weekend (now I'm 'blowing my own trumpet!') but didn't know there was a 'hall of fame'?!
  6. The log book doesn't have to be huge, though. Even a 1cm wide (or even less) roll of paper will give people room to write their initials on, that's still a log book in my view. If people are afraid to take the paper out - e.g. because they may not get it back in, or if they are worried about damaging it - maybe they could take a photo of the cache in their hand as evidence? The placer has met the guidelines by submitting a cache with a log book, is it not their choice whether they accept 'found' logs from people who have actually 'made their mark?' I am thinking that this could be a solution to caches in places where otherwise only a virtual would do - places where even a 35mm film case may not be possible might still be able to support a container like this one - tiny, but it has a log book. For the finder, I think locating something like this can give a real sense of achievement.
  7. I have never started a 'Congrats' thread myself, but I have to say that I don't have a problem with them as long as the thread is clearly labelled. I have dial-up access at home, the page loads pretty quickly anyway, so it's no hassle just to ignore threads that I'm not interested in, whether they are for congratulations or not.
  8. I sympathise, I don't drive either! If there's any way you can get to London, that would be my suggestion too. There are dozens within easy walking distance.
  9. There is a 'nano' series in Dorset - here is one of them. Same idea - a code inside, to mail to the owner and verify a find. There is also this one in London - one of my favourites! Someone is selling a 'nano cache' on ebay at the moment, for a fiver, but to me it just looks like one of those kids ear rings - you know the ones with the flashy lights and the magnetic clips? I won some of those on the 2p machines in the arcade, so maybe I should start an ebay business! Maybe I'm wrong, perhaps it's a specially made container - don't know.
  10. Thanks for being so positive, everyone! Well - I 'went for it' - I've had a place in mind for a while, and just nipped out on my lunch break and placed it. I'll submit it later, and see what people think! Most of our other caches are in pretty remote places, so this is a new idea for me.
  11. We visited London at the weekend, and I really enjoyed finding the numerous micro caches that are hidden in areas that hundreds of muggles pass by without realising. I know that not everyone likes micros, but I thought they were quite fun. As a Geocacher who can't drive, I find it hard to go caching without my hubbie and his car! Are there any other cities / towns that have similar caches? I would like to place one in Swansea, in a place that would not support a regular sized cache, but am not sure of the reception it would get. What d'you think? Good idea, or should I not bother?
  12. Excellent, I think someone at the BBC's got a 'thing' about Geocaching. We saw a BBC film crew up in the mountains the other day, near this cache, so maybe that one's next! Thanks for telling me where the Goldfinger cache is, by the way, I was planning on finding this on Saturday!
  13. Apparently my cache site appeared in Dr Who on Saturday - cool! They must have been filiming only a few feet away. Thanks Mitch.mob, for letting me know. "This cache container is deceptive. When you open it, it actually appears to be a lot bigger inside." Anyone think of a better caption? D'you think the BBC would sue me for copyright if I put the image on the cache page?!
  14. In reply to the posting about adopting the cache - sorry, I didn't look at the forums after my last posting, above. If it's any consolation, we found the cache, and IMHO it wasn't in a very suitable place. There was a note inside to say it had been placed in a hurry, there was no log book or anything, just the TBs. It was in a very 'manicured' garden, and I'm not too sure how the park wardens would have felt about people clambering through the flowerbeds to find it?? Also, I'm 99.9% sure it was within 0.1 miles of another cache, if not, it was only over that by a few feet. The container was just a standard tupperware tub, someone tell me how to attach a photo if you would like to see it. If you would like me to send the cache to you by post, with the TBs, perhaps I could do that, and if Lactodorum says it's okay, I could give you the co-ord's to replace it? Apologies.
  15. I must admit, when we first started caching, we bought the cheapest unit we could find. This was the basic Garmin eTrex, from gpsforless.co.uk. We have now found over 100 caches with it. I did think about upgrading to one with a base unit, but I'm very attached to my eTrex, so I'm going to hang on to it for now. The only additional purchase I have since made was a PC connection lead, from eBay. This makes it much easier to download multiple waypoints, which can take a long time to put in manually.
  16. Only Geocachers would see that statement without being a little concerned!! Well done on your 100th cache.
  17. Thank you Lactodorum, for giving me the opportunity to rescue the Kensington Travel Bugs (see topic below). I guess where we go on Monday is decided!!
  18. Hubbie says if you still need help finding these TBs, we can definitely go to London on Monday... so if I'm not too late..???
  19. Methinks hubbie's getting annoyed with me. We went to London yesterday, and had a great day caching. We've got special offer train tickets at present - anywhere on First Great Western for a fiver, so we're going out again on Monday. However - every time hubbie suggests somewhere to go (other than London or Oxford), I find myself thinking - 'what's the point of going there, there's hardly any caches we could do without the car!' Since I started this hobby, it seems to have been impossible to contemplate a day out without finding a cache. Even at work, I was sent away on a conference, and my first thought was to put the hotel's postcode in and do a search! So - am I too obsessed, or do other people do this too?! Aaaargh...
  20. My favourite cache of all time Shakin All Over is in the Black Mountains - I highly recommend you take the spoiler photo with you, though, if you decide to attempt it!
  21. "Obviously it's not only Hogwarts that has a Whomping Willow."
  22. Ulwell Caravan Park in Swanage, Dorset? If so, the cache at the top of the hill just behind it is mine. Don't try climbing up from the site itself though, very steep and slippery. I think the area's lovely, but then I was born in Swanage, so I'm biased! Hubbie and I are hoping to find some London caches on Friday, but I'm a bit worried those micros might be hard to find with muggles all over the place!
  23. Just to say thank you again to everyone who has helped. The Firefox information was especially useful - so easy, and I didn't realise it could be done before! I now have a big list of puzzle caches to look at, and am working through them slowly. One further tiny question, re. Streetmap - does anyone feel that elements such as road width, etc. are exaggerated on this site? For one puzzle cache, I typed some co-ords in, and tried finding them on Streetmap and Google Earth. Google showed them to be in a park, Streetmap showed them to be in a river! Hmm, terrain 1.5 - I wonder which one is more likely??!
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