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  1. I don't think I should include a link cuz it would be a spoiler, but we found a nanocache recently that was in plain view, 3 inches to the side of an eye-level plaque that hundreds of people stop to read. It's never been muggled to my knowledege! Personally, I prefer caches like these to the 'tupperware box' variety. We don't often trade items now (the novelty's worn off) so nanocaches are fine by me. I have also seen two caches made out of hollowed-out nuts and bolts, placed in plain view. There's a huge thread on the main discussion forum about unusual camouflaged containers - anyone got a link?
  2. Master Mariner - you're quite welcome to the batteries. Email me through my profile to tell me your address, and I'll post them - I have ten that you can have! Mumbo Jumbo - that was the first one we found too, one of my favourite caches. But only cuz the statue nearby makes me feel slim!!! (Doh! Why can't I get my image to show?)
  3. 'Newbie' questions, sorry... I've found a few Geocoins in caches, and have my own UK coins. Sorry for being thick, but other than that I'm new to this Geocoin business - are they all manufactured by the same company? Is there a website that lists them all? And more importantly, is there a Dorset Geocoin?! These most likely seem silly questions, but I don't have a clue!
  4. I own a TB dog tag that I have acticvated but since lost! It is permanently in my inventory. I suppose I could put it in this cache and it would then disappear from my list? Could that be the reason? And of course, then there are TBS that get muggled. They could be put in this 'virtual graveyard?'
  5. ... of course, it depends if you like nanocaches or not, and personally I do. We found one in Somerset that was in full view at eye level five inches away from a plaque that people stop to read... muggle central, but it's never disappeared!
  6. Sadly I am an addict of the 2p 'shove' machines in amusement arcades - you know the ones where you put loads of 2p coins in and try to push coins, keyrings etc., over the edge? The other day, I won a kids 'strobe body light' and thought I'd seen one somewhere before... then I realised, we had found two nanocaches made of these! (I won't say the name of them, as it would be a 'spoiler'.) It's great as a cache container, as you can just tip the batteries out and put in a roll of paper to act as a log book. It already has a powerful magnet inside, and can easily be sprayed black, green or whatever colour you like for camouflage. They're not only available in arcades, you can buy them for about £1.00 from tacky gift shops too! Here's what it looks like... The last one of these we found was sprayed black, and placed in full view of passing muggles. Loved it! I just think it's a cool idea, for very little effort or cost. What do you think?
  7. Heh, I've hyped it up so much, now you're all expecting something amazing, and you'll be disappointed whatever I say!! Okay, I'll share, but I'll start a new thread!!
  8. Now I'm really confused! All of the opinions above are valid but contradictory! Basically, I think this is a good idea and I want to share it. I should have done this anyway, without mentioning that they were for sale on ebay. Aargh, why do I make things overly complicated??!
  9. Glad I asked first, as otherwise I might have emailed them and upset things. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. You're right that people should be allowed to sell what they want, it was just the wording of the advert that I didn't like too much. I think I will set up a cache of my own using this item, and say on the description page that if anyone wants to know how to make a similar object, they can email me. How does that sound?
  10. Hi all, it's 3.15 in the morning, so I'm not expecting any immediate replies...! I have a dilemma - there is a Geocaching item on ebay that regularly sells for around £5.00 plus postage. In my opinion, the item description implies that it is an 'exclusive' item, only available from a certain 'designer'. However, I know that in fact it is easily made from another item, and costs only just over £1.00 to create. My question is this - do I: a ) Leave them alone - stop being so petty, congratulate them on their 'entrepeneurship' and let them make a few quid from their creation, b ) Email them through ebay to say that I like their idea, but I think the wording in their description is a bit misleading, c )Tell everyone exactly how it's done so that other Geocachers can create these items cheaply? My ebay ID and Geocaching ID are the same, so it would be obvious who this came from! I don't want any nastiness, but I do feel that this isn't really fair. I always try to word ebay adverts carefully, but maybe I'm overreacting in this case, what d'you think? My other concern is that this item is the type that would most likely 'go missing' - personally I wouldn't like to pay so much, only to find it had been muggled and needed replacing. One last thing - I don't want to cast 'suspicion' on anyone else who is selling ebay items at the moment - there are none of the particular item I am referring to on sale at the time of writing. Also, most people word their descriptions honestly, so wouldn't have anything to worry about! *Sigh* the curse of insomnia... if only I could drive, I would go and do some night caching!
  11. Cadair Idris Blue Lake cache - wow, this one looks great... sorry, too many words. Er, Cadair Idris
  12. Are there four giant elephants there? Just realised - duh - I have a bookmark list of my top ten caches too, but they appear in alphabetical order, rather than favourite first. Is there a way of changing that?
  13. Mine is Shakin all over in South Wales - love it! Not a house, car, or even a fence, in sight from the cache location - just unspoiled countryside.
  14. Is anyone having Google Earth problems today, or is it just my PC? I have tried reloading it a number of times, and switching the Geocaching layer off, but it's still all fuzzy The resolution is rubbish, everything's all blurry. It's like the UK has been censored with big blurry squares. (And yes - I have used it before, and it doesn't usually look like this!)
  15. SA2 7UH (Swansea) - 88 , 3 of them mine. BH19 1HT (Swanage) - 152, 9 of them mine!
  16. Mine was from www.gpsforless.co.uk . Gave me money off cuz they were out of stock and I had to wait five days instead of two. Can't complain at that - I didn't even ask them for a discount, they just offered it!
  17. Cara's College cache and London Letterbox & TB exchange are two that we found to be big enough for TBs. They are very close to each other, too. We walked there from Paddington Station, and passed many other caches on the way, including the micro Criss Cross Bridge and the virtual Sherlock 6. I'm very unfit, but even I could walk this distance easily! I love caching in London - so many to choose from! I located the London caches by using the postcode of Paddington Station - W2 1HA. The caches I have mentioned above are to the north / north-east of here, I believe. Edited to add - ooh, my 100th post!
  18. If I were deebee&ceejay I'd be starting to get pretty worried now - it's obviously a slippery slope, and once you start sliding, it just gets worse...
  19. Welcome! Just be careful, soon you won't be able to travel anywhere without finding out if there are caches there first.
  20. Ooh, yeah - good point, I agree! If you have Broadband, Google Earth is great. You can look at any area in the world, and it will show you where caches are located. Then you can click on them to go straight to the cache page. Love it!
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