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  1. Still a problem as of 0820EST on 12/15/15.
  2. I agree with all the other folks -- GC.com pages have been screwed up since last night (8-28-15.) Whew!!! Thought it was just me!
  3. ALL geocachers, again, ALL geocachers need to learn and understand that travel bugs are NOT collectibles. "Grabbed" or retrieved travel bugs need to be returned to circulation just as soon as possible.
  4. I didn't take time this morning for a current inventory of my caching pack(s)that contain most of the stuff that other folks take along but a couple of the most important items (certainly the most used except for pens) would be my supply of BLANK LOG STRIPS and EXTRA PLASTIC BAGGIES (small, medium and sandwich.) Those allow me to take care of simple cache maintenance needs (full log, wet log,) make life a little better for the cachers who follow me and save the cache owner a trip to his/her cache. p2tek/Bill
  5. Hello, cmah ---- I ran a "My Finds" Pocket Query just a couple days ago and made a GSAK database out of the result. Just now, I asked GSAK to show me the "Date Found" and it did for all 886 of my finds. Hoping that I don't insult your intelligence, here's how to do that. In GSAK, with your "My Finds" database (or any other database) displayed, go to the TOOLS menu, click on OPTIONS, then click on DISPLAY. On the left-hand side of the next screen you should see a box with lots of little "check" boxes inside it. Look for the little check-box labeled "Date found by me" and click on that box to enter a check mark. Then go to the bottom of the page, click OK and then take a look at your database. You should see a "Date found" column and there should be an entry for every cache listed. Keep in mind that GSAK will place this column at the far, right-hand side of your display so, depending on how many columns you have in your display, you might have to scroll over there to see it. Hope this helps. p2tek/Bill
  6. To my way of thinking, the ethics of the hide are every bit as important as the "when" of the hide and, in general, can only be learned by doing a lot of caching before putting your first owned cache out there. By ethics, I mean: 1) Be concerned for the SAFETY of the cache seeker. Be sure SAFE parking (off street/off road)is available. Don't make a hide in a dark place or hole into which the seeker cannot see and must blindly stick his/her hand into. You don't know what critters will be in that hole. 2) Be concerned for the IMPRESSION that a cache seeker will make. Be careful about placing your hide near a school yard or a playground. Be careful about placing hides in residential neighborhoods even if you have permission from a home owner. His/her neighbors might not appreciate the cache seeker traipsing around and snooping in their neck of the woods. Don't place a hide where a business owner might object and hassle cache seekers. Get his/her permission to make the hide in the first place. 3) Don't make your hide so far from your home that you can't easily go to it to perform necessary maintenance. These are just a few things that the would-be cache hider should consider, to my way of thinking.
  7. Well, it started as part of my email address but I stole even that idea from my Navy son. He flew as a crew member aboard the aircraft P3C "Orion" and he was an Aviation Electronics Technician, hence part of his email address became "p3tek" (that's also his geocaching handle.) While I was in the Navy, I was also an Aviation Electronics Technician and I flew as a crew member aboard the aircraft P2V "Neptune." Therefore, since the son was using "p3tek," I chose "p2tek." I've often thought that I'm very glad that I chose such a short caching handle because of having to sign all those logs!
  8. Use of the iPod Touch is an interesting idea. Sure a lot smaller than my laptop! What "app" is available to accommodate cache files on iPod Touch? I know the iPod Touch will run the geocaching.com "app" but I'm looking for a GSAK-type "app" for iPod Touch. Any ideas?
  9. I got this to work for me for a when I was able to remember which cache log I used to upload the photos BUT, when I CAN'T REMEMBER the cache log used, I don't know where to turn. In addition to not being able to delete photos, there is no way, that I can see, that I can change a photo's caption. HELP!!!
  10. I agree, Lonewolf. Until we get that feature, my "fix" is to pick a center point between a few counties, run a pocket query of 25-30 miles on that, load that PQ into GSAK, do whatever "surgery" might be necessary to get rid of unwanted caches/counties, export that database to a .GPX file, import that .GPX file into Microsoft Streets & Trips and VOILA!!! a really neat map for navigating on the counties hunt. I do all that so I can see a bigger picture than that which my GPS would show me. If you don't have MSS&T, you could do the same with Garmin's MapSource. Using this method, I've divided Ohio into just six or seven sections with anywhere from 3 to 7 counties in a section and maybe 150 to 600 caches in a section. When I'm interested in finding just one cache per county, that gives me a large selection to choose from and I can approach a given county (or counties) from any direction.
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