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  1. To extend to this great line: A geode (where the word Geo originates from) is a "bol", so it lead on then that a Geocacher is a "Boldoeselaar"?
  2. I don't know if Mr. Q took offence, the tone of his reply kind of suggests it, anyway I hope not. The Dutch actually make a point of keeping the English for it, and have tried to leave a phonetic pronouncation for it that looks like this: "djzio-kesjing" Now I AM Dutch; and if somebody walked up to me saying that, I would probably roll around on the ground laughing. Must be somebody pulling somebody else's leg - 99% of the Dutch speak English anyway, and certaily in the Geocaching community, so they wouldn't need a phonetic explanation. In fact my wife (she's not Dutch) tells me why correct them (thats us the Dutch), they provide a laugh a minute with their version of English. She is frequently crippled with laughter when we say "Lets go to the Vimpie for lunch"
  3. Oorals waar die ander nie kan nie, of te bang is!
  4. Quintus, Wat van Aardvontuur? Soos in ek gaan die naweek bietjie Aardvontuur.
  5. Here is a CLUE http://www.southerncape.co.za/towns/mosselbaai/welcome.html
  6. You make an excellent point. Come Geocachers in Mosselbay!
  7. Discombob, I hope this is not too short notice, but I have applied for an Event Cache for 4th Feb - once approved it will be GCMJ3W - hope to see you there!
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