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  1. Fair play to our American friends not quiet getting the appeal of the YOSM maybe it is just a British thing, we are the older crankier country after all. Then again they voted in the Donald which most over here can't understand either, mad as a bog of frogs that one so getting rid of the YOSM probably sounds like a stroke of genius.
  2. I find this really sad as one of the few things that I enjoy about caching recently is doing the odd YOSM. I let my premium membership lapse last year and only renewed it for 3 months in January to see how things went, can't really see my-self renewing it again if the YOSM dies. The list of things worth paying for premium is getting shorter for me personally and not financially worth it. I wish I could believe that Groundspeak will take notice of the views of people supporting these old caches but sadly they have a reputation for ignoring threads like this and I can't see their management changing that attitude anytime soon.
  3. Could be the post title have been "Cache Area Saturation" in 2008 you had to make a big investment to start caching as you needed a GPS. With that cost and the lesser amount of caches to find made a standard cacher a bit out of the ordinary and maybe classed as quirky/interesting and more likely to go out and find like minded people at events. Groundspeak seem to be keen to grow numbers or cachers and caches with very little focus on quality, with the majority of cachers now starting with a free smartphone app and basic membership, with the ability to find 10 or more caches within 1 mile of home the casual cacher has become more prevalent it seems and hence less likely to involved in events per se.
  4. Add a Write Note saying you've sent the answers to make other finders aware.
  5. Do something like this, on a weekend people will come http://coord.info/GC568FZ
  6. Try https://www.facebook.com/groups/yorkshiregeocaching/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  7. http://project-gc.com/Tools/MapMatrix?profile_name=Yorkshire+Yellow&country=United+Kingdom&region=Yorkshire&submit=Filter
  8. Not sure you can class it as odd but it was eventful http://coord.info/GLFXCG5J
  9. I use the Send Waypoints option under the GPS menu option in GSAK to transfer from GSAK to my Oregon 600. As long as you have GSAK set to Oregon 600 the child waypoints can be found by selecting "Where To?" then "Extras" and you see the list of child waypoints grouped together eg "Geocachers_Parking Area". When GSAK generates the ggz file it sends the other waypoints as Garmin POI (point of interest) files.
  10. We went down met loads of cachers, had loads of geochat and had a fantastic time all due to the event, archived or not it did seem a top event. As the event guidelines state you don't need to sign a log book it really is down to the event organiser to decide and I'd be happy to change my log if asked.
  11. Yes appalling I know I'm one who logged an attend but is it comparable to logging a web cam cache 11 years after it was archived http://coord.info/GC21F9 that doesn't bother me, play the game as you want to is my rule someone will often find fault
  12. I've been caching with Sarah many times and she is aware of the risks of caching, dogs and cows. I've seen a lot of posts/comments on news sites and facebook groups about dogs and cows but every situation is different, without anybody being there we will never know until Sarah is well enough to tell. It was a public right of way and the farmer was well within his rights to have livestock in the field. He could have been totally unaware of how the cows reacted to walkers going through it. At least the CO archived the series as soon as he heard about the cow issues on the way to the bonus where it happened http://coord.info/GC3ERAH oh wait.
  13. Looks like in this case the CO has seen sense and changed the date to something recent. Still think it would be a good idea to restrict how far back you can change the date placed and locking it once the cache is published. No doubt there will be some complication I've not thought of that would stop this.
  14. A new cache has been published near me http://coord.info/GC4HWQ6 where the CO has used 11/03/2001 as the date placed. Don't think it's a typo as I've been told that date is the only one not achievable in the UK. I can understand giving people the ability to backdate the date placed to a reasonable extent so that as a valid feature but to be able to do it by over 10 years seems to be getting to the realm of bug. I can't find anything in the guidelines about this and nothing I can see in past forum posts. I've not seen this before on a cache but if a precident is set then filling up your date placed grid is going to become pretty easy soon if sock puppet accounts are going to the used so the real person can get a tick in a box.
  15. Try logging out and back in again, worked for me when I had the same issue on renewal.
  16. Not wanting to inflame matters but my response below and it will be my one and only post, you can read my logs on the cache page but these are the emails I sent and got back. Last time I offer to help someone new to the game. The coords were changed over 300m so widening the search didn't help and there was no place to side a small at the original GZ. Sent Hi, Not sure the coords of your cache are out or not but I spent 30 mins looking around with no luck. Someone else has been looking and not logged a dnf as there is lots of trampled grass around. I'm happy to meet you at GZ to check the coords as its only 10 mins from home. Regards. Pat. Received I did check the coords several times before listing, did you search high and low as it is in a hole in the branch of a tree so not easily spotted, and also camouflaged, I will check tomoz as I am off work, sorry you didn't find it, sharry xxx Sent I looked up and down and never saw a hole big enough to get a small container in, the arrow was pointing about 30m north from where the track splits on the left about 2m off the path. Patrick. Recieved Did you search well, its very well hidden in a hole in the branch of a tree. We double checked the location on the coords, will check tomoz Sent after a note was put on the cache page that has since been deleted and the above email. I looked for 30 mins before I had to go pick the daughter up, funny log of yours after finding well over 4000 caches thanks for pointing out you have to search a lot for some of them. Sorry I'll not be back as it stands. Pat. Sent not long after still trying to help. I'm still happy to help you confirm the coords. Can't be tonight as I'm helping another cacher out with a puzzle that's tricky to find. Always good to meet new people starting out. Pat. Received not sure of the order now as another message thread was started. I have just been out to it and you were right my coords were wrong, I initially placed 3 caches, one was what I had listed but I had to take it off as it was too close to other ones. In the mayhem the cache coords got swopped about and it should read 53.39162N, 1.24275W. I have asked the reviewer to change the coords for me but don't know if I will now be allowed to leave it there due to it being close to others? Have left it for now and will see what the reviewer says. This is harder than I thought it would be, sharry x Sent No probs these things happen when you start out. Pat. Received this was in response to the earlier email I assume That was a bit rude. This is my first cache and will check the route today, maybe my coords are wrong, am new to this. I was only saying did you search well as it is well hidden, obviously your an expert if you have found 4000 caches, not knowing that I was trying to help out with a tip, there was no need to be impolite and sarcastic about it, that's offensive and just plain rude
  17. Find out where south is and aim you gps that way, the GPS satellites have an inclination of 55 degrees so in the most of the UK go from directly overhead to the south in their orbit. Facing north with your body between the receiver and satellites is not going to produce as good a result.
  18. The caches are on a couple of bookmark lists if you look on the cache pages. If you click into the bookmark lists you see the list of caches and at the bottom a button to create a PQ.
  19. I've had experience of this and with the help of the local reviewer managed to find this coin http://coord.info/TBTQTE in the unpublished cache it was in, the CO didn't respond to my or the reviewers emails so he archived the unpublished cache and gave me the cootds. Sadly it looks like my rescued coin didn't go far before it got stuck with another cacher.
  20. I thought the whole point of the competition was to promote Minelab products. The use of who's products normally involves digging holes in the ground, which Groundspeak specifically ban in the placement of geocaches due to to the damage it causes to the environment at least that's my reading of it.
  21. I was a looking at the bug reporting forum and came across a mention of this promotion/partnering by Groundspeak http://www.geocaching.com/minelabmetaldetectors/ I always thought the first thing anyone with a metal detector did when they hear the beep was get out the spade to break ground. Should I read any double standards into this or is it just the cash is different to the cache ;-)
  22. It looks like the caches you were told about are up for peer review on Garmins caching site, they might not be being cross listed on geocaching.com.
  23. Add me to the list of people it's stopped working for on Chrome.
  24. What about http://www.ukgeocachers.co.uk/catalog/Toad-Stool-Geocache.html?osCsid=lvv64kpgpur541komlgsamqvc6 the page says "They are made with a waterproof container, which has a pointed end making it easy to push into the ground" It does seem a one size fits all rule but I'm sure there are other types of container that could be used that wouldn't need pushing into the ground.
  25. Rapid chargers are not good for batteries. Typically they overheat the battery and reduce the number of recharge cycles the battery can withstand. Unless there is a dire need to have the batteries immediately, put them on a slow charger overnight and start off with freshly charged batteries in the morning. You batteries will be much happier if you do this. My first set of batteries lasted well over a year being charged quite often on my charger. With the high capacity batteries I use the old slow charger took 2 days to charge them from near flat. So is the choice is either buying more batteries because they take so long to charge or buying more batteries "if" they don't last as long in a fast charger. I'll carry on using my fast charger I think.
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