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  1. I don't know about anyone else but I have become slightly obsessed with making my own cache containers and have quite a few lined up at the moment. I love thinking up unusual cache's and really enjoy making them but locally to me, potential hiding locations are becoming few and far between for anything other than urban micro's or nano's.


    I'm in no hurry whatsoever to hide and list them but am struggling to find any new, more rural locations for them locally.


    Has anyone else suffered from a lack of hiding places for their caches?

  2. As a relative noob, with 32 found and 3 hidden, I wouldn't dream of digging someone out if I couldn't find their cache. It doesn't mean that their cache is rubbish or badly hidden. Usually, it's the person searching just not looking in the right place, misinterpreting the clues or they expect to be able to find it really easily. Maybe they just get the hump when a cache suddenly vexes them and maybe they feel a little embarrassed?


    I was trying to find a church micro on Friday and spend about an hour searching for it. At first I thought the coords might have been off but there were plenty of other successful logs a couple of days before. Then I thought my GPS might have been inaccurate? No. Got home and checked ALL of the previous logs (which admittedly I hadn't done before I left) to find out there were plently of clues listed.


    I felt stupid for not doing so and realise it was my own fault. I'm now charged with excitment at returning for another go!

  3. Thanks Andy. As the cache will be only a five minute walk from my house I'll be able to keep a regular check on it. Also, I intend to place all of the contents of the cache in a zip lock bag just to make sure.


    I'll give the lock a very light smearing of grease just to keep it all working but might include a small can of WD40 actually in the cache. I just hope people don't think I'm trying to get them to do my maintenance for me tho...!

  4. Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments. Rust is one thing I certainly hadn't considered :)


    I think I'll get this up and running after all, as long as I can find enough cover to hide the final cache - the area seems to be a tad bear in Winter. Unfortunately, the cache is not waterproof but I have bought some waterproof material & glue (not to mention a small sewing machine from my local charity shop!) to make a camo bag so hopefully it will keep dry if I wrap it properly.


    Again, thanks to all of you that kindly commented.


  5. I'm considering creating a multi-cache but would welcome any comments and/or advice before hand.


    Basically, what I want to do is have the first part of the cache to contain a key with the coords on the key fob for the main cache, which is a locked metal container (not padlocked, but an internally fitted lock - similar to a cash box)


    Firstly, is there any rule that outlaws the use of locked containers as a cache? The box itself is not an industrial or security-type box, but a 12"x6"x3" lockable tin box that a limited edition copy of GTA4 (for Xbox 360) came in. It has one small lock, like a on desk drawer - simply turning the key swings the latch inside thought 90 degrees. It would be concealed in a camo bag.


    Secondly, there's the issue of returning of the key. What distance would be considered too far to have to walk back to the first cache to replace the key? The locations I have in mind are only about 200-250 metres apart. Would any of you baulk at the thought of having to back-track? The location of the cache with the key would be placed strategically, almost en route, to the location of the main cache, so people wouldn't be overly going out of their way to return it.


    I would make sure that there were at least 3 keys/fobs on the go at any one time (one in use, one left in case others find it in the interim period, and one spare). I would also conceal a key close the main cache site for my knowledge only and I'd also have a few spares knocked up just in case. I appreciate that the distance doesn't seem that far but I just thought that it could be quite exciting knowing that you have a key to a secret stash.


    I would be glad to hear what people think as, if it looks like a non-starter, I don't want to waste my time setting the whole thing up only to get shot down in flames!


    Many thanks.

  6. I've only been geocaching since January this year and my first find was literally 5 minutes walk from my home - part of a Fire Station series here in Essex. I was sooooo excited. I felt like a spy trying to dodge the muggles to retrieve the cache (an urban micro) and replace it without being spotted.


    After signing that first log I was hooked more than I'd ever imagined and although I'm now up to the dizzying heights of 14 finds, some of which have been remarkable, that first one is still dear to me. I always look out for it whenever I walk by it on my way into town and it still makes my smile just knowing that I know it's there and hundreds of other people don't...

  7. Think i may not be a muggle anymore.

    Is there any advice on looking for caches when muggles are about?


    Hi vizibility green vest, clipboard and a hard hat = Amazing urban camo!! ;)


    I always find that wearing my green wellies seems to keep the M's at bay...

  8. Well, I've tried to set this up on my phone (which is on Virgin, too) but it said the carrier doesn't allow it. I can't really get my head around how to do it and think I'll have to concede defeat. No great shakes as I can just check my email notifications form my tiscali account on my phone. Would have been nice to get a text alert but I just can't work out how to do it despite your kind instructions!





    Hope someone might find it useful!




    That's excellent...it's working for me on Vodafone.

    Thankyou :ph34r:


    I've read through your giude but is there any chance you could expand a bit? Not being into Twitter I'm a bit green about this. I've signed up for a twitter account but do I have to have a gmail account or can my usual email address be used? Also, I can't see anywhere to create a twittermail account and how do you get them to 'follow' the different twitter accounts?


    Sorry to sound dumb but I've never ventured into the realms of Twitter or gmail.


    Many thanks!

  10. for the map you will have to "printscreen" and paste into something like photoshop and then crop the image to show just the map.


    The elevation profile can be right clicked and saved.


    Thanks ever so much for that. I hadn't even considered the old 'print screen' option. Most helpful.


  11. Morning all,


    I wonder if anyone can help me please?


    I've created a route on my Active 10+ converted from a crumb trail and all is fine and dandy but after uploading it to Satmap Route Planner, is there any way of saving the 'print route window' as a .jpg for emailing? I'd like to be able to forward a copy of the map and the elevation data to a friend but I can't see any option to do this from the file menu or right-click menu.


    Any pointers would be most appreciated.


    Many thanks.

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