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  1. I couldn't find a link to this story in today's super soar-away Sun, Saturday 17 March, Page 45, so for all of you non-Sun reading cachers, here it is, ver batem...


    Treasure Hunt Gun

    "A treasure hunter found a gun and live ammunition in a hollow treet at a beauty spot. The man, who did not want to be named, was geocaching - an outdoor pursuit in which players search for hidden containers using a sat nav [sic]. The weapon was discovered in socks at the Langdon Nature Reserve, Essex. Police were alerted and armed cops rushed to the scene. The man said "I removed the socks and what did I find? A revolver and about 30 live bullets. I almost had a heart attack." Police are carrying out tests on the weapon."


    So, who was the lucky finder..?!! These new trackables are getting more and more dangerous, you know...

  2. Thanks for all of your replies. Seems like it might be a 'go-er' then. I think I might feel a little awkward asking people to re-log their find if they mention an ammo box, so suppose I could leave a note in the cache or log book requesting this? I'm not big on confrontation!

  3. Are they prone to being geomuggled? I really fancy investing in a couple just for a change from the usual larger Tupperware boxes but I'm sure I read somewhere that they were sought after by other so-called cachers, with a few horror stories of the ammo box being taken and replaced with either a Tupperware box or, at worst, a plastic bag!


    I know they're not particularly expensive and if it means I need to chain them down somehow then so be it but if there's a history of these disappearing with alarming regularity I'm not sure if it's worth the effort.


    Any thoughts...?

  4. Thanks to you both for taking the time to reply. I have contemplated both ways of doing it and each way seems to have its own merrits. The latter option is clearly the easier of the two but the first is more appealling. I normally ride at Epping Forest in Essex and usually the same trail from High Beech to Wanstead and back, about 9 miles each way, all off road.


    I'll give the route upload a try and see how it goes.


    Thanks again. Most helpful...


  5. I've searched the forum but couldn't find an answer and wonder if you kind people can help?


    Does cache along a route only work with roads or could I upload an offroad MTB route I follow and search for caches along that route?


    Any pointers would be much appreciated.


    Many thanks.

  6. Yeah, it was almost a rhetorical question really. I'm certainly not the kind to place a cache just because one isn't there or, indeed, within church grounds but was just surprised that I never noticed this one at a lovely historic church and thought it deserves to be visited by those that may not know it's there, only to find there's been a CM there for some time...

  7. I was just wondering if there are any churches left which are still without a micro? I drive past one just off the A127 at Warley, Essex on my way to work and was contemplating hiding one there after not seeing one listed but bugger me, I looked on the maps search page this afternoon, and one has been at this church for a couple of years! Don't know how I managed to miss it. Here's the link GC1HC4V


    It left me wondering, how many churches can there be left now that haven't had a micro deployed in their vicinity...?


  8. Well, I emailed the owners and they very kindly agreed to let me record it as a find, after I sent them a couple of pics of the final cache location that I took on my phone at GZ.


    Turns out the final stage of the cache was removed but they hadn't got round to removing the first part of the multi, so I'm very happy and grateful to the owners, KernowCachers, for letting me chalk this one up!


  9. Well, I'm pleased to report that my week in Port Isaac resulted in my finding all 10 caches. Well, almost. Along The Main to Castle Rock View was disabled/archived between my downloading and finding it. Think I found the final part of the cache and whilst there was nothing there at the end of it, I wonder if I can still claim it as a find?

  10. I'm off on my holibobs to Port Isaac, Cornwall soon and have downloaded a potential 10 caches to try to find while there. We're only there for a week and unless I can convince the missus to come caching with me, I need to make the most of my time allowed out on my own..!


    The caches I've lined up which appeal to me are:

    (sorry, couldn't get hyperlinks to work)


    GC14Y1F - Seagull's Perch

    GCQR73 - A Potty Potter At Port Isaac

    GCYQ34 - Along The Main to Castle Rock View

    GCPQ3K - Cod Liver Oil from Port Quin?

    GC12PYD - Port Isaac Multi

    GC12PZF - Port Bonus

    GCRG7C - Varley Head Anniversary Cache

    GC12PZ4 - Middle of Vickery

    CG1FBRV - Tresungers Point

    GC28D25 - Short Cut Series (1)


    Now, I'm probably not going to be able to fit them all in without jeopardising the wonderful relationship I have with my significant other and would appreciate any guidance from any cachers in the area or those that might have visited and found some or all of them, as to what ones should be definites and which ones could be, very reluctantly, omitted. I like a cache'n'dash as much as the next person (to help with the stats!!) but equally, love a good climb/ramble/precarious overhang - fitness permitting, and of course the effects of maybe one too many Tribute's the night before :drama:


    Any pointers would be most appreciated.


    Many thanks.




  11. I try to always leave a signature poker chip in caches big enough. After I bough my new super-heavy poker chips, I had a glut of old cheaper ones knocking about so thought I might use them as soon as I started caching.


    I know it's not very exciting or that original but I have my caching name on the chip which I did using dry-rub transfer paper and printing an A4 sheet-full of little Buckleberry's.


    It's a bit fiddly due to the font size but at least it marks my visits to your caches...


  12. Where are you?


    I'm in Wickford, Essex. There are plenty of nearby caches including two of my own but as you'll see from any mapping system, woodland is scarce...


    It's not an area I know at all, I'm afraid, but I've just hauled up an OS map of the area and there seem to be several small patches of woodland in or very near the town. Of course, I can't tell if they are private or otherwise unavailable. A bit further out I can see several large areas, including Barleylands, Norsey Woods, Forty Acre, Meepshole Wood and large areas each side of the railway to the West, areas round the Hanningfield Reservoir to the North, Wat Tyler Country Park plus a load of marshes to the South, West Wood, Pound Wood and Great Wood to the South East and and Hockley Woods to the East. Then there's the Crouch Estuary. Again, maybe some of these are unavailable, but they might be worth investigating.


    Rgds, Andy


    Thanks Andy. There are lots of caches already at some of those places and I'm mindful of saturation but I will investigate further. I'd like to try somewhere a bit closer to home. As you said, there are a few places very close to me but lots are private and a couple that aren't are a bit too muggle/hoodie heavy.


    I'll keep surveying but I suppose ultimately it's down to me to make sure the caches aren't found by non-believers!



    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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