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  1. Ok, so i just got my Magellan Triton 400 today and i'm trying to figure out getting the locations from the website to my unit. It was explained to me before but it's not working like i was told. I'm not a premium member just yet so i'm going with the LOC files. When i click on the LOC Waypoint File, it gives me the choice of saving or opening with a program. I have VantagePoint but it doesn't show up in that list. When i click save, it doesn't give me a choice of where to save it. I cannot find the file anywhere on my computer. So what am i doing wrong? Thanks for the help!
  2. Ok, let me explain myself... When i took a week trip to RMNF we were greeted by a few different Colorado natives who were not very kind about us visiting. I should not have said it that way, i did not mean that everyone from Colorado is a jerk, just all i have met. Now on the other side, From what i've noticed, Texans are very open to outsiders... except canadians, hahaha j/k. I love this state... i hate it's terrain.
  3. Sorry for pointing ya'll in the wrong direction then. I'm new to geocaching and did not know you could get hide-a-rocks that cheap in other places. Just been checking out ebay a lot the past few days and that looked like a good deal. Again, sorry... Thanks for correcting me guys. Have a nice day!
  4. Check out ebay. I just got a Magellan Triton 400 for a ridiculously low price. From what i've seen the explorists are going fairly cheap there as well. Hope this helps ya out! -KrazyRaider051685
  5. I'm not sure what's worse... you typing like that knowing you're going to get negative feedback for it, or the fact that i understood every word the first time i read through it. That's gotta be one of those, you know you're a redneck if... you can read previous post. haha
  6. Ebay's daily deal has those hide-a-rocks for $5.00 on sale right now with no shipping costs. Don't know how many they have left but if you want one i'd suggest getting one of those or more quickly! You can get or make a gasket to keep it waterproof.
  7. This might have already been a thread somewhere but i couldn't find one; and as this just happened to me i thought it would be hillarious to see what kinds of things happen to others to make them second guess their hobby. I have been on one hunt, i don't even have my GPSr yet and i had a dream last night that i was walking in a park full of muggles and found a bunch of caches but i couldn't grab them in fear of everyone seeing them. It was torture!!! an entire nights sleep and i didn't get a single cache. I just thought it was funny cause i have just started getting into this but i have sunk deep and gotten way too into it.
  8. Where is it?! I think I smell a geocaching trip... lol... Dallas, Texas. North part. However, most of the terrain here keeps them all at a 2.0 or less. Sucks, i enjoy mountains. I need to get out of texas and back to the Rocky Mountains where i feel like i belong better. But those people from colorado aren't too nice about visitors in their lands. Strange how all that beauty they don't like to share with people who truly appreciate it.
  9. There are two types of businesses. Those that listen to their customers and those that fail. Your idea is a good one. Run a small contest, or even a poll. It might get an indication of what the target audience would like. Or am I just talking insanity here? Business executives doing something that makes sense??? that really IS insanity!!!
  10. Sweet deal. Thanks a million for making that seem easy. Now the trick is actually doing that once my triton gets here Thanks again guys/gals!
  11. So i just won a Magellan Triton 400 on ebay and already paid before selecting the shipping option. Now i've gotta wait 7-10 days for it to get here... grrrrrr. So i've got some time to read all the online manuals and such. Now i've gotta get myself an SD card or two. I'm excited to start some real geocaching!!!
  12. Nevermind, not in the market for a GPSr any longer. Now am the owner (after it ships to me) or a Magellan Triton 400. Thanks a lot guys/gals! -KrazyRaider051685
  13. 5/5 is a great idea since it takes additional equipment to find. The magazine could get retailers to sell crap in the magazine for climbing, scuba, cycling, offroad vehicles.... possibilities are endless
  14. Oh yea or a Magellan eXplorist 210 with usb cords i'd pay up to $60 for one of them puppies. All these prices already include shipping. So you decide how its shipped as it comes out of the price i pay.
  15. I want either a magellan triton 400 or a garmin etrex legend Hcx. I will pay up to $80 for the magellan and $90 for the garmin. If you have the usb cord for the magellan i'll go $90 as well. memory cards are not needed but preferable, we can negotiate more if needed for that. But that's what i want unless you've got a better model of something for the same price (in which case please feel free to contact me or post here) Thanks for reading!
  16. I know what you mean, there's about 500 geocaches in a 5 mile radius of my house. However, not all of them are what you and others might consider to be a good cache. There's a rating system so you know if you'll be able to get to it or if its too easy. I completely agree with you about keeping nature intact. However, you can't really expect caches to remain intact if they weren't placed off the beaten trail a little bit. There's only so many places on trail you'd be able to hide a cache no matter what size especially with all the muggles around to see you. So its kind of a give and take situation imho. I'm a huge supporter of finding your own path while hiking as long as you respect nature and are responsible. Keep trash off the ground and don't destroy the animal homes. As for the general guideline, i've read a few times that people find caches spread out around 0.1 miles apart. I think this is pretty rediculous. I would enjoy going on a 2 mile hike with my dog and finding a few caches along the way. I would respectfully suggest to your local moderator to clean out some of the caches. As far as i understand, he should know where and what all of the caches are and should be able to pick out the ones that are no longer used much or are just bad caches and email the COs to have them removed.
  17. As the starter of this thread i feel obligated to be the first to post I have only found 1 cache so far, i'm new... give me a break. There were no trinkets inside, just a log sheet to sign. The hunt was quite easy but as my first cache it was lots of fun (did it at night, made it more fun imo). Anyways, I don't think i will enjoy searching for mico/nano caches. My trinket is the size of a poker chip (not a poker chip btw). I am really excited about finding caches with trinkets inside to trade so as the hunt may be easier, whats inside is more mysterious imo. What kinds of trinkets would you fit inside a nano cache? can't hardly fit a log sheet and who carries around nano trinkets just in case? So here's the thing, I think larger caches (altoids can and bigger) are going to be my favorite simply for the fact that i can trade trinkets and keep a cool collection. Anyways, lets hear ya'll's suggestions, opinion, and likes/dislikes about the sport of caching.
  18. Hello all!!! I thought it might be fun to start a thread on what kinds of things you find inside caches, what kinds of caches you prefer to search for (mico, nano, small, etc...) What your signature trinkets are, and what your favorite kinds of hunts are (PnG, riddles, poems, hints, hintless, puzzles, etc...) -Krazyraider051685
  19. I have been researching the past couple days and have my eyes set on a couple different units. My budget is $80 but would prefer to keep it below $60...including shipping. I am watching several (15+) units on ebay in that range that would work for me as a beginner geocacher fresh out of college. If you have a used unit for sale that works well, aesthetic scratches and buffs not a problem, either reply to this or send me a message. I live in Dallas Texas so if you live around here we can do a local pickup to get you more money from the postage. Before puchase i will require pictures and probably try to haggle you down as i am good at researching true value. Hope to hear from you soon. -KrazyRaider051685 krazyraider051685@gmail.com
  20. For the download of east or west. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong but i did not see anyone answer this question yet. Generally when you split the USA in half, the mississippi river is where it's done. So if you're west of the mississippi, then you need the west package. Hope this helps -KrazyRaider051685
  21. i'm not quite sure i understand what your lanyards are doing to keep you from doing it... but IF i understand right, you could probably cut off the safety plastic thingy and make a slip-tie knot in the end. Loop the slip tie through the clip and put the rest of the lanyard through that. If you do it correctly that knot you make on the clip will never give before the material itself gives, or you take the knot out. Or if you're a poor college student, DUCT TAPE!!! haha just kidding, i wouldn't use duct tape. the slip-tie knot should be a great solution to your problem. Happy Caching KrazyRaider051685
  22. Thanks for your reply Cardinal Red. I actually have read up quite a bit on all of the garmin models. I know that the H is high sensitivity, the c is color, and the x allows for external memory cards. I don't care about color and for my first and cheap GPSr i think the 24 MB internal memory is more than enough for the use i'll get out of it. I am actually looking at the magellan explorist 210 also. I initially chose the Garmin etrex legend H because i don't have the budget for hundreds of $$ for the c and x, 24 MB is more than enough for now, and from what i've read, for the money, this unit is my best bet. I am more than willing to listen and read up on other units that you or anyone else might suggest. I don't plan on actually purchasing any unit for a few days so that i can make sure that i get the best one for me... unless i find too good of a deal to pass up. I was unsure if there was any kind of software downloads or something like that for more versatility, thank you for clearing that up for me. I don't care if the unit i end up with is new or used in good condition. I would like to spend less than $75 on one and i haven't found much other than these 2 units for that price. But for kicks, we can turn this thread into a GPSr's for under $100 (most likely used). Thanks again for your reply and to those of you who will reply in the future. -KrazyRaider
  23. OK.... i've posted a few times in here already but at least i have narrowed down my search to the Garmin etrex Legend GPSr. I have searched and read up on it all day today. My problem is this... the garmin website shows that this unit does not have a barometric altimeter, but multiple other sources are saying that it does. Anyone around here use of of these that could tell me whether or not if the Garmin Etrex Legend has a barometric altimeter or not? Doesn't really matter all that much, its just bothering me that i've read different specs on different websites for the exact same unit. Maybe there's additional software that can be installed to get an altimeter or something? I don't know... thanks in advance for your posts. -KrazyRaider
  24. Thanks Sanramonhunter. Just turned down the offer. Didn't realize when i was doing my homework on this unit that it did not connect to a computer. Happy Hunting!
  25. I have the chance to get a brand new in box magellan explorist 100 for fairly cheap. Before i seal the deal i just wanted to see if anyone here has used this one and if so, is it a quality machine for the price? i.e. good reception in forested areas, easy to use, well built, withstand lots of use. I don't care about not having all the bells and whistles. Basically looking for consumer reviews from geocachers instead of just general gpsr users. Thanks! I couldn't find anywhere if this unit is one of the high-sensitivity... anyone know?
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