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  1. Got mine last night! They look good! Thanks so much!
  2. Very nice coins, and a good organization to support! Sent payment for 2. Thanks!!
  3. I have no idea, so I'll just pick some "good" football type #'s. How about 35-17 (Colts winning)
  4. I'm interested in 2 sets, too! Thanks!
  5. Thanks to all for doing this coin, and especially for giving us the idea to get a couple of the original 1951 tokens. They will make a nice "stocking stuffer" gift for a family member with Hawaiian roots, born in 1951. Thanks again!
  6. Looks good! What's the back side going to look like?
  7. Got my coins today as well, and they are great! Thanks!
  8. Got the Geocaching Skills Coin Set from Germany.
  9. I think this is a great idea. I'd love to get a "stamp" and add marks to coins -- with the owner's approval. But even better, I think a specific "chop" coin could be made. Here's my idea: Make a coin that looks like a meat cleaver. and since they usually have a hole in the upper corner, you could use that to attach a tag. Then people could add their "chop" to you tag and not your coin, if you so choose. Anyway, if any of you artistic types out there want to sketch that up, feel free. Or if you feel it's a flop, don't bother.
  10. I'm thinking 70 or 75. Thanks for the contest!
  11. I'm going with the digital compass (which is probably also a watch)
  12. Merry Christmas! It's still Christmas Here for 3.5 hrs. How 'bout the rest of you?
  13. Upper Emerald Pools Trail
  14. Lower Emerald Pools Trail
  15. Middle Emerald Pools Trail
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