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  1. What about the Geocaching Skills by Sepp & Berta? Now it's up to 5 coins.
  2. My coin budget is way overdrawn, but I definitely have to get at least 1 of these. A great idea, well executed!
  3. I also have a "free die side" coin that's available if anyone wants. Also, I'm looking for Loggerhead Micro (or Baby). I'm offering a 2007 Evil Micro LE + Reg. Edition.
  4. If the GSA gets tired of all the snow and cold, the weather in Tucson is sunny and 78 degrees today, and probably all week! And if the GSA can only do a quick stop and drop, here's a nice cache by the airport: GCR8A0.
  5. ChadsClan


    So, 3rd or 4th week in March most likely. Excellent!! Thanks for the update!
  6. ChadsClan


    Since production's started, what's your estimate as to how long it will be before you receive them, and then "us"? Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for a Loggerhead Micro. Anyone interested in trading theirs for a LE black nickel 2007 Evil Micro?
  8. Is he related to the Geocoin Secret Agent or maybe even the Geocoin Fairy? It sounds like the same M.O.
  9. For those of us "new" to the forum, and who don't cache much in Georgia, I have a couple questions. 1) Who is/was Johnnie Lacy? 2) Why is his coin worth > $100?
  10. Still looking for the Satin Gold version from USA Geocoins. Have any of the other 3 versions from Coins and pins to trade. Anyone interested, email me. Thanks!
  11. Being from Colorado, originally, I always like the "old" license plate better. The one w/ the green mountains and the white sky. I've never seen a green sky anywhere. Also, I think the Columbine (state flower) would be a nice thing to have on this, if you shrunk the stegosaurus, or something? Just a couple thoughts.
  12. How about "You've got Coins!" for the name? I know that's a derivative of what others have said, but I thought it might work.
  13. Still waiting here, in Tucson, AZ, too. And I paid online on 2/6/07, as well.
  14. I don't have the funds to support 4 of each either! I'm in the "1 for me and maybe 1 for trading" camp. And I may release one of those as a copy. But as for giving someone a coin for a FTF prize, I wouldn't do it. I think that FTF is one of those "bragging rights" sort of thing, and that should be enough.
  15. Any chance you'd trade me one of those Satin Golds for one of the other 3 "normal" finishes of the CR 2007???
  16. Same here! Same here!! Another day gone by, and no CR's.
  17. Still no compass roses for me. AAAAGH!! The suspense is killing me!
  18. Do I send that $25 to your PayPal address? $25 is a HUGE bargain! Have you looked at Ebay? The one that's going to expire tomorrow is up to $79! And with a day to go it will probably just go up! Let me address this one issue... There were never any initial plans to make this LE coin. Now I'm really confused. When I was sent a poll, I was asked about intrest in finishes including the two-tone. If it was never intended for sale on their site, then why did they ask us if we were interested in buying them? If I've misunderstood something just say so and I'll happily retract that, but I responded to the poll specifically because I liked the idea of the two-tone coin. It was the whole reason I wanted to buy a Compass Rose. Is there a difference in the two-tone offered in the poll and the ones you received to raise money for the event? (by the way that was VERY cool of C&P to do for you ) As I see it the antique silver that they did sell is still a 2 tone. It is only 2 tone on the side with the "wheel". the other side is just the silver. On the LE coin it is 2 tone on BOTH sides. Anyway, that's how it looks to me from the pics. Anyone with more info than just pics, please post if you see it differently. Thanks!
  19. ChadsClan


    What a coincidence! I was just thinking of looking for a partner. I'm in!
  20. Email sent about a trade. I can pay cash, if you prefer. Thanks!!
  21. Until a few months ago, I was only into the caching aspect of Geocaching. I knew zero about buying/trading coins. But now, I must admit that I am in more of a "coin" phase of my life than a "cache" phase. This is primarily due to ... (insert sob story here) the arrival of 3 little ones in our household just less than 7 months ago. This makes it quite the expedition to get everyone out of the house! It is MUCH easier to check the computer for the latest coin releases, etc. So, if anyone is looking for a solution to their caching "problem", I'd suggest 3 babies (and a preschooler). Not to mention in the time I've been writing this I've tried to feed one baby and put her to bed, and tickled one preschooler. Whew. Better go.
  22. By the time I saw this thread EVERY Evil Micro was gone. I don't even see the existence of said coins on Geoswag. Too fast for me!
  23. I'll add my name to the list of those seeking the Gold 2007 Compass Rose. I've got the other 3 finishes to trade if someone missed out on those. Thanks!
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