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  1. 3/4 of ours were very small, so I'm not a good judge at "normal" size kiddos. But I hope she's doing well! And I'll guess 7 lbs 11 oz.
  2. Did you want "real names" or caching names. I think you meant caching names, so I'm going with: 007BigE
  3. I'm surprised I haven't seen someone mention it yet, but I think it's the fact that all the coin companies are spending all their time making medals for the Olympics. And hence have a shortage of metals for coins, which they then charge a premium price for. Or maybe not. . .
  4. Seeking: Norway 2008 (anyone buying extras of these???) Offering: Norway 2007 or something else from the list on my profile page Also Seeking: Dutch Micro Tulip Offering: California Grizzly Micro Veteran's Day Poppy Micro or See the list on my profile page Thanks!
  5. Got back from vacation 2 days ago, and got the coin with all of the mail backlog. Very nice!! And the Glow is Good!! BTW - Anyone wanting to trade a Norway 2008 for the Black Nickel of this coin?
  6. Bah. Missed the last hour. Work can get in the way! Oh well, at least I'm in for this hour. Thanks for the Cointest!
  7. Another hour, another post. I wonder who will post the most?
  8. Another post before work! TFT Cointest!
  9. Another post to start the day with!
  10. New Hour. Last post before bed. TFT Cointest!
  11. Better post again before I miss this hour! TFT Cointest!
  12. My story is maybe more "nice" than funny, but anyway, here goes. 2 Christmases ago, our daughter was 2.5 yrs old. Whenever we would get in the car to go anywhere, she would ask me, "Daddy, you got your G-P-S?" with a staccato voice. Then she'd say "I got my G-P-S" and would grab whatever was in the car near her, a toy, a stick, or whatever. It was very cute. So I thought about it a bit and decided to try to get her a GPS of her own. Except of course, I didn't want to get her a "real" one because she might drop/break it, whatever. So I hit upon the idea of calling up Garmin and asking if they had any old GPS "shells" without electronics that I could buy. So, I called them up and told them about my 2.5 year old wanting her own GPS. The guy on the phone was very nice about the whole thing and offered to send me a display case unit for free! I was thrilled. And he sent it over in only a couple days. When it arrived, it had exactly what I'd been hoping for. A GPS "shell" with a pretend screen with an arrow pointing on it. And in addition he sent me a 18" tall inflatable Etrex Legend also used for store displays, etc. It was great! She was, of course, excited when she opened it, and he really enjoyed leading us on the hunt for geocaches after that! So thanks again Garmin! and Thank You Dorkfish for the cointest!
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