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  1. Thanks Minelab!!! Got my coins in the mail today. Very nice! As for a confirmation email or shipping update, I don't recall getting one of those either, but I don't recall getting one of those for other 'promotional items' either.
  2. I think you're asking what "alas" means. If so, the answer is that it means "unfortunately". Or maybe in this case the poster just meant "sorry". (As in, the coin doesn't exist, sorry).
  3. I wouldn't search for 'Turkey' and 'fez'. As I understand it, the wearing the fez has been outlawed in Turkey since it was founded under Ataturk (after the Ottoman Empire). Perhaps Moroocco? But either way, I don't think an icon, or fez coin exists.
  4. Got my coin today! Thanks very much!!!
  5. You know you are a geocoin addict when... You realize it's Pi day and all you can think about is that darn Pi Math coin you don't have, and wonder if someone will make another one in 2015? --Thanks for pointing out my problem drneal. I hadn't even realized it. I think that's step 1 isn't it?
  6. Happy Pi Day! (3.14) Anyone have one of those Pi Math coins they'd trade? Email me if you might. On another note, is anyone planning a coin for Pi day in 3 years when it will be 3.1415? And if you throw in the 92635 for 9:26 am and 35 seconds you get even a few more digits! Just a thought...
  7. Does anyone have a Dala Horse coin they'd be willing to trade? I tried in the math trade, but didn't get it. Thanks! Here's what I have to offer. 1.California Bear Micro 2007 (LE & RE) 2.Colorado 2007 3.Colorado 2008 (Polished Nickel LE) 4.Crake 3 Roses (Midnight Glow) 5.Geocaching Colorado 2007-09 6.Geocaching Colorado 2010 7.Geocoin Club (Nov. 2006) Monopoly 8.Geocoin Club (Dec. 2006) Native American Art 9.Geocoin Club (Jan. 2007) Rangefinder 10.Geocoin Club (Feb. 2007) Retro Psychedelic 11.Geocoin Club (Mar. 2007) Noob Cachers 12.Geocoin Club (Apr. 2007) Event Cache 13.Geocoinfest Multi-Event 2007 (Location = Geocoinfest) 14.I-10 (Gold LE) 15.I-10 (Silver RE) 16.Joe Friday (Gold) 17.Kansas Sunshine Micro (2008) 18.Nordkapp (Nickel) 19.Podcacher 2007 20.Poppy (Veteran's Day) Micro (LE) 21.Red Handed Micro 22.Travel Slug (Gold)
  9. I'm locked out too. It says something about the form being closed.
  10. I think this is a very cool coin! I definitely want to get some of these. The only thing I'd "object" to (ok maybe "clarify" is a better word) is this part: The Smith "Chart" (as it's more commonly called) "is" used by electrical engineers. As an Antenna and RF Engineer I personally use it on a daily basis, as do most of the folks in my line of work. It's a great tool, and even 70 years after its invention, it's still extremely useful. Anyway, Great Job! Looking forward to seeing these!
  11. 1. when, where and what geocoin did you see first? >> It was November, 2004, in Tucson, AZ. I went for a 7.5 mile trail run to rescue a coin that had been there since the 4th of July. What I found was a USA Geocoin (2004, I suspect, but possibly an '03). All I know is that it was the allure of the icon that got me. And the icon back then wasn't even that interesting. It was just a gold coin that said USA (I think) or maybe just had the "cents" sign on it. But I wanted to see what it was all about. 2. when and what geocoin did you first buy? >> I really had no idea where to buy coins for the LONGEST time. I didn't really start looking to buy until the summer of 2006. And the first one I got was the August '06 GCC "Last Cache of the Day" or some name like that. 3. when did you make your first personal coin? N/A if you haven't yet, why not? >> Haven't done it. I have 1 idea that may be unique enough to do, but I just haven't really got the heart to sink the $ into it. And I'm not really keen on doing a partial deal w/ a company. For me it's kind of "all or nothing", so it's been "nothing". 4. when and what did you trade your first geocoin? >> I think it was with Jake of Team AI, but I'm not even sure exactly. I think I traded him for one of the AZ coins, and that was by mail. I later met he and Nero up in Phoenix and did some trading there, too. So that would be my 1st "face-to-face" trades, in case that's a subcategory. 5. did you find the forums first or a geocoin first? >>Finding coins in caches came first by a LONG time. I didn't find the forums until summer '06, or later, after I really started to look to buy coins. Thanks for the cointest! It's been an interesting walk down memory lane for me, and it's been interesting to see what other people found before me!
  12. Interesting coin. I can't tell, are they a "spinner" type coin? If not, it sure seems 'ripe' for that type of coin.
  13. Nice coin. Just thought I'd point out a little typo before you make it. The word "remember" is missing an "m" on your coin. Other than that, it looks good.
  14. Hmm. It seems to me that the Dutch are very serious about their ice skating, (and speed skating in particular, I think) and maybe there will be a skater on the coin, or even 2?
  15. Anyone got an extra Evil Micro Halloween 2009 in the Black Nickel finish they'd be willing to trade for one in a copper finish? Thanks! email me through my profile
  16. Anyone know what finishes were available on these? And how many of each were there? I got a gold, nickel, and copper, but were there other finishes? Thanks!
  17. I'm also curious, was there a 2009 Evil Micro (not the Halloween version)? I can't recall seeing one either, and would be interested in some if there are any. Thanks!
  18. Anyone have some of the previous run of Gerbera Daisy micros that they might want to trade for some of the new ones? If so, drop me an email. Thanks! Chad
  19. I like them! Very nice! Any discounts for 5 or 10 packs? Any LE's coming? Thanks!
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